Manufacturers Develop New Standard for Recycling Concrete

Manufacturers now have a new set of voluntary standards for recycling returned renewed concrete. According to the ASTM International that inscribed the standard with industry’s input, it will support the progress in sustainable construction practices. The standard covers substantiation, process, and recordkeeping procedure for reprocess.
“Simply, this standard differentiates unused concrete in a fresh form as a probable ingredient for a new concrete batch,” ASTM member Rich Szecsy, president, Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association states. “The recycled fresh concrete can be preserved as a raw-material module just like water, cement and aggregates.”
Before this standard, he says that manufacturers were essentially forced to dispose of such new concrete in landfills. However, a web site demand The Balance utters that there have been some decisions available.
Reclaimed concrete can be used in walkways to offer workable surfaces and to provide gaps for rain water to grasp the soil. By doing this the amount of excess water will also be reduced, resulting in a smaller storm sewer system. Old concrete can be recycled, and turned into aggregates later it has been crushed and processed. Concrete pavements can be ruined in place and used as the base for an asphalt pavement.
“Because of fresh standard, the industry can participate in a more supportable construction practice in which millions of cubic plots of concrete can now be recycled in a way that is safe for end users and offers a more conscious method to environmental stewardship,” Szecsy says with  the concrete association.

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