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Innovation is the essence of what puts a company in the comity of successful ones. It’s the very essence of what makes one company’s products and services better than the other. Keeping this mantra in mind, a group of computer professionals made their foray into business and founded MargCompusoft in 2000 with a drive to challenge the status quo. As it is in their name, “Marg” means “Path” in Sanskrit & “Way” in English is the road to success.
Who They Are
MargCompusoft is specialist in providing solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Customized Software Solutions & IT services. They create technology and drive it as their passion. They even developed much popular software including Pharmaceutical Software (for chemists, C&F, manufacturing companies) for complete Pharmaceutical Trade, Excise & Retail Software, Online Trading & Jeweler Software, Mandi Software. Their determination and hard work is the key of success and they have proved it from the day one they have entered into the market.
From that time MargCompusoft is attaining new heights of success regularly along with grabbing new territories. With each passing moment, Marg Compusoft is exploring new horizons & successfully able to grasp the whole opportunity that drove in its way. They transform their dreams into reality. Today, they have new era everywhere but still they respect their fundamentals and team strength. MargCompusoft has garnered their reputation through a spirit of innovation and hard work. After proving their caliber in software development, now they are marking their presence in Mobile Application Industry.
Adroits behind Marg Compusoft
It was in the year 2000 that the terrific trio squad of Thakur Anup Singh – Chairman & Managing Director, Mahender Singh –Managing Director (Technical) and Mr. Sudhir Singh – Managing Director –Sales & Marketing incorporated Marg Compusoft Pvt. Ltd.
Thakur Anup Singh, Marg’s CMD, is a proactive astute with decades of experience & has an impeccably firm zeal to revamp the entire face of inventory & accounting software market worldwide. Mr. Mahender Singh Marg’s Managing Director (Technical), is an incisive software programmer with qualitative cross-functional experience to win over any technical barrier in a jiffy. Mr. Sudhir Singh, Marg’s Managing Director (Sales & Marketing), is a devotee of technology & employs his business excellence to keep the numbers always on a higher side. United, this profound team of three is bound together to settle for nothing less than ultimate success.
Key Values to Overcome the Challenges
Whenever a group of future leaders come together to ignite a new project, meeting many difficult roadblocks is high on probability; similar was the case when MargCompusoft was to be established. The setting up process saw many financial, social & technical barriers that were unavoidable at the time when technical advancements were not relied upon by common consumers due to high prices & unawareness. MARG bridged this gap with years of steady hard work & never-say-no team spirit. It managed to multiply its success, negating some failures seen in the very budding years, which charged them up instead of making them lose hope. Thakur Anup Singh, Mr. Sudhir Singh & Mr. Mahender Singh proudly narrate their rough experiences that polished them for better & encouraged them to fight back with improved quality & caliber.
Services Offered by MargCompusoft
Marg’s one of the most power-packed software products present in the market today is Marg ERP 9+. This out-of-the-box software is simple to use, easy to implement & fully customized as per the dynamics of different retailers, distributors & manufacturers in multiple industries including SMEs & MSMEs, jewellery, pharmaceuticals, mandi, trading, apparels & footwear, FMCG, automobiles, grocery stores & restaurants.
Marg ERP 9+ is feature-loaded business analytical software product that keeps all the business processes sorted from billing to balance sheet. It has successfully won several prestigious awards & recognitions like Best Software for efficiently serving a big user base of 6 lakh with 5000+ professionals working from over 500 offices. Today MargCompusoft strictly follow their three fundamental approaches namely Customer Centric Approach, Technology Oriented Approach and Regular Innovation Approach though which they covered several milestones.
Customer Centric Approach– With thousands of customers using their products and professional services, Marg’s goal is to establish the better relationship with their customers, faster decisions in a fiercely competitive market. They started thinking from the ground and understand the basic need of customers and suggested an easy way for their needs and converted it into the market demand. Based on their best-of-breed offerings, MargCompusoft continued building new alliances with all the industry leaders and also started winning new customers across a range of major industries.
MargCompusoft is dedicated to provide Sales Force Automation (SFA) software solutions to the mid-market companies. Serving Over 6 lakh users; the company employs innovative Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services technology and delivers end-to-end, industry-specific solutions for Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Distribution And Services that enable companies to improve performance, drive increased efficiency and build competitive advantage.
While empowering enterprises for even greater success tomorrow, Marg’s solutions offer the scalability and flexibility to meet today’s business challenges. With its customer oriented offerings, MargCompusoft provides a comprehensive range of services with its solutions, providing a single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.
Technology Oriented Approach-After understanding the customer’s demand, MargCompusoft shape those demand with advance technology with their talented professionals. The Marg System is sophisticated yet extremely flexible, and each module is fully integrated into the General Ledger. The Application Software modules include: General Ledger, Payroll, Accounts Payable & Receivable Production Accounting.
The application software of MargCompusoft supports a greater number of client entities with multiple divisions, departments and sub-departments. All modules provide excellent management reporting tools that help to run your business efficiently. Marg systems are expandable and easy to customize. They can treat each client entity differently with a view to meet changing business needs & sustain a perennial program of Research Development.
They even ensure that software enhancements are included with annual Application Software Maintenance. Marg’s primary goal is customer satisfaction and building long-term business partnerships with its clients.
Innovation Approach-With the above mentioned two approaches; regular innovation is always required to meet the customer satisfaction. As the time changes, new need arises to cop up with the new requirements. Regular innovations are always required for the same.
MargCompusoft is always committed to assure its regular services with value added support. They always prefer to carry their legacy for the customer benefits and their happiness. They have set up a team for research and development so that their customer can get a rich exposure and experience of their services. Services of MargCompusoft are bound to delight for the customer’s benefits.
Strategies That Make MargCompusoft Different
MARG’s topmost business strategy is constant innovation & technical advancement in its products. After a particular product’s success, some companies keep selling the same product without innovation that doesn’t interest consumers after a certain point of time which leads to their downfall. This is so because market keeps changing and so does its needs.
Every product has to be customized as per these changing requirements to be a part of the market throughout. Here, the distinctive concepts of MARG make its products a game changer. All the Marg products aim at sector-specific industry needs to cater them in the best possible way. Technical experts at MARG employ years of research and modern technologies to better their product day by day, hence penetrating the market most ambitiously.
Client’s Benefits from MargCompusoft
Backed by an exemplary customer-centric approach, MARG has established a remarkable name in the industry for acquiring such a huge & happy clientele. They keep coming up with interactive policies & strategies to keep the customers satisfied. The after sales support is also commendable, as the Customer Support & Care Team instantly recognizes & addresses the customers’ problems.
Unlike other contemporary companies in the market dealing in similar software products, MARG has also gained high favoritism across customers of all industries for bringing its brilliant signature quality packed in surprising cost-effective products. Customers associated with MargCompusoft simply opt for splendid accounting & inventory software products without burning a hole in their pockets.
MargCompusoft’s Future Perspective
Moving ahead uninterruptedly on its path of success, MARG has a lot of plans & products coming up. In the upcoming future, Marg’s Management Team is planning to expand its footprint in the international markets too. MARG academies are also a major reason to let the MarGuns feel contented about their future prospects as they are growing rapidly to fulfill the need of Marg Certified Professionals in numerous companies. It is noteworthy that the entire team of MARG is ready to embrace the tomorrow with exquisite ease & confidence. This organization definitely has a gifted foresight & thus bright future is irrevocable.

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