Marvel Geospatial Solutions: Calibrated Solutions for Data-Driven Decisions

Marvel Geospatial Solutions
Raghu Boyapally | Founder and Managing Director | Marvel Geospatial Solutions

The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it. – Jack Dangermond,

Proving him right, Marvel Geospatial Solutions has its presence in India, the Persian Gulf and as far away as the US. Marvel is headed by young & charismatic Founder and Managing Director, Raghu Boyapally, a Management Professional, who specializes in Marketing & Finance, backed by hands-on industry experience.

It all started in 2008 when Raghu and his 4-member team, then occupying a small apartment in Hyderabad, got down to providing Photogrammetry services as their offering. A decade later everything has expanded for them with competencies adding to many services, which includes Photogrammetric Services/ LIDAR/ BIM-MEP Design/ UAV Imagery Processing/ Geographic Information System/ Surveying Services (UAV, Topographic, Cadastral, Route, Utility & Control Surveys) / Location Based Services. Besides offering services, Marvel also has partnership with HERE Technologies and they are distributor partners of KAARTA & NEXTCORE – LiDAR Products.

Marvel’s infrastructure is spread over 6000 sq. ft. that houses a 100+ team.

Though specialized in all GIS services, their primary focus areas include:

  • Geospatial Solutions through the generation of maps using Photogrammetry, Ortho-photo, LiDAR, 3D Modelling and Surveying techniques
  • Engineering services through Telecom Design, BIM techniques & Pipe Modelling
  • Development & Marketing of software products

Why Marvel

  • To stay afloat in business, you need characteristics that stand out. Factors that have helped Marvel stay ahead in the market include:
  • Use of cutting-edge data-driven technologywith immense focus on innovation and quality that helps clients stay ahead of the competition;
  • Offering end-to-end geospatial servicesright from the stage of capturing data to its final processing;
  • Comprehensive portfolio of servicesmeant for various verticals including Oil & Gas, Mining, Environmental Sector, Land Administration, Emergency Response, Aviation and more;
  • Specialized services including operating LiDAR Scanners (Mobile/ Aerial) in the field of Geospatial Survey;
  • Sole distributor in India & Middle East forLiDAR Scanner:

KAARTA (Stencil Pro, Contour, Stencil-2) of US and NEXTCORE (RN50 & RN100) of Australia;

  • Strict adherence to ISO quality normsof providing High-Quality Service and On-Time Delivery;
  • Dedicated SPOC for every client/ projectto ensure all needs are understood and catered to;
  • Worldwide network of own officesmaking it a truly global organization;
  • Dedicated, immensely skilled personnel known for their experience and technical expertise.

Leading with Passion

Raghu firmly believes, “It’s good to have high-quality competition; it helps drive research forward at a faster pace”, and hence Marvel continues to invest heavily in technology partnerships, To keep up with the latest industry needs, the Company subscribes to the best GIS magazines, newsletters, papers & journals so that the team continues to learn & update themselves with technology. Marvel remains a regular participant at various Geospatial and Engineering Conferences that are being organized in and out of India. Thus, Marvel remains Result-Oriented with a positive outlook and also balances high-quality service with profitability.

Adapting to Changes for Today and Tomorrow

In a field of immense importance where change remains the only constant, there are a few things a GIS operator ought to do like impart regular training to employees on emerging technologies, endeavor to develop new processes to expand and improve existing operations to cope with competition, and fulfill clients’ needs and preferences.Marvel does these as a matter of Absolute Preference.

With so much happening all over the world, and the world itself presenting opportunities, Marvel’s hands do seem full at the moment. As for the future, it would surely include:

  • Partnerships in India, Australia and the US in the field of Mapping Services & Product Sales.
  • Building a commanding presence in India for High Quality & affordable Mobile LiDAR and Drone LiDAR Sensors.
  • Building a formidable presence in North America to cater to clientele in the US and Canada
  • Expansion into Telecom design and development

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