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Suresh Kumar Poddar | Chairman & MD | Mayur Uniquoters Limited | Insights Success
Suresh Kumar Poddar | Chairman & MD | Mayur Uniquoters Limited

IS: Brief us about the journey of your company – origin, inception, early challenges, success stories, major milestones, to name a few.
Answer: Mayur Uniquoters Limited was established in 1994 through financial support from RIICO at Jaitpura Plant with one coating line, Set up coating Line-II @ Jaitpura in 2005,  Got Quality Certification 9001:2000 in 2005, Set up coating  Line-III @ Jaitpura in 2008, Set up coating Line-IV @ Jaitpura in 2011, Start Supply to USA Market for OEM in 2011, Set up of Textile Unit @ Dhodsar in 2012, Set up coating Line-V @ Dhodsar in 2014, Set up coating Line-VI @ Dhodsar, Got TS Certification 16949:2009.
IS: Brief us about the CEO/Founder of your company.
Answer: Mr. Suresh Kumar Poddar, a Science Graduate, and the Chairman and Managing Director of Mayur Uniquoters Limited, is widely recognized for his path breaking and visionary contributions to spearhead Synthetic Leather Industry. His excellent entrepreneurial skills have lead Mayur to climb new heights year after year.
Mr. Suresh Kumar Poddar has started his career as a commission agent, at the age of 22 in year 1968. Mr. Poddar got the distributorship for artificial leather of a renowned manufacturer in 1976. Thereafter, he started new plant and supplying Door Pads to Maruti Suzuki in 1979-80. Established Mayur Uniquoters Limited with financial support from RIICO in the year 1994.
Mr. Poddar conceptualized the unique and innovative business model, leading Mayur from one coating line with a production of just 0.25 million linear meters to six coating lines with an installed capacity of 3.75 million linear meters per month. His visionary efforts and leader lead approach, together with time tested techniques, have enabled Mayur to lead on every front and stay ahead of time
IS: Kindly talk about the exclusive services/products/solutions offered by your company that distinguishes you from your competitors?
Answer: Mayur is the largest manufacturer of artificial leather/ PVC vinyl, using the ‘Release Paper Transfer Coating Technology’ in India. Mayur has come a long way in the past two decades from a meagre production of 0.25 million linear meters per month, to an astonishing 3.75 million linear meters per month, through our 5 Italian and 1 Chinese state of the art coating lines.
Our world-class infrastructure consists of a full range of machinery to fulfill our knitting, processing, heat setting, coating, embossing, and printing, lacquering, sueding, tumbling and laminating needs. We value quality and innovation thus, our Physical, Chemical and Product Development Laboratories are capable of testing predominantly all properties of artificial leather for different segments and applications.
Exclusive Services:

  • DSIR approved Research &Development activities & lab facilities
  • R&D lab capable of producing proto type product with right colour, Grain, Gloss, Touch & Feel.
  • R&D testing lab fully equipped to test 99% of the requirement, to confirm performance, strength and durability.
  • Testing equipments include Xenon, QUV, Environmental FOG, Seam fatigue, Seam Strength, Tensile and Abrasion etc.
  • New analytical capability with FTIR & GCMS.
  • In house Fabric plant capable of developing new backing fabric for new programs at fast pace.

IS: What is the vision and mission of your company?
Answer: Vision: To be the global leader in our industry through a great customer experience
Mission: Our Mission is to Drive Profitable Growth by Providing an Excellent Customer Experience through Consistency, High Quality Products and Services, With Great Stakeholder Relationships, in a Sustainable Manner.
IS: Kindly introduce us to the latest services you are working on or in the pipeline?
Answer: Introduction of PU Vinyl plant is in project stage. We are also working on new product development for German Auto OEMs like Daimler & BMW
IS: What kind of challenges do you face today in the industry?
Answer: Challenges Faced:

  • Competition from local manufacturers.
  • Lack of skilled manpower in PVC Vinyl manufacturing field.
  • In sports shoe segment, Artificial leather is replaced by fabric
  • Penetration of Chinese PU in footwear industries also resulted in sales drop
  • Dependency on import due to non availability of domestic suppliers of Major Raw materials.

IS: How the Plastic industry has evolved in India in the last decade? 

India stands third in polymer consumption globally after China and US. Per capita consumption of plastic in India was low at 9.7 kg in 2012-13 as per Gobal Market Research.  Despite the slowdown in the economy uptil 2014, the polymer industry in India is believed to be finally on track. With an increase in demand the polymer consumption is expected to double by 2020, to about 20 million metric tons.
IS: How has technology and innovations helped the plastic industry to transform from the earlier years? 

  • PVC Industry had innovations in stabilizer system
  • Better plasticizers made with sustainable resources
  • Higher strength requirements to make very chromatic colour products
  • New fillers for increased level with better physical properties
  • Additives with higher performance for UV & safe anti microbial agent

IS: With increased regulations and reforms, how do you portray the future of Indian plastic industry?
Answer: It will create better environment, reduced pollution, re-use of scrap materials, better working conditions, Healthy workers & Good family life
IS: How are you contributing in filling the loop holes and developing the plastic industry?
Answer: Set up the latest technology with higher and better efficiency equipment. Process Automation to avoid the man intervention as much as possible. Developing the substitute for better quality in competitive price.
Key Notes:

  • Major Prominent Clients: Chrysler, Maruti, Mahindra, Ford, Tata Motors, Honda, Veekesy, Paragon,
  • Headquarter in: Jaitpura, Jaipur
  • Founded in Year: 1994
  • Employees Headcount: 1200+
  • Tagline / Quote: A Texture For Every Idea

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