Meet Sukanta Mitra: A Man with Incredible Achievements

Sukanta Mitra
Sukanta Mitra - CEO for ANTS Global Systems and VP, Alpha-Numero Inc.

As an engineer who became a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Mitra has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit

Building and maintaining a successful business requires many hours, little glamour, and significant risk. It is challenging because you are constantly required to swiftly make bet-the-company judgments in a situation with incomplete facts. In this article, we are going to dive into the journey of Sukanta Mitra, a man with incredible achievements.

According to Mr Mitra, building and maintaining a successful business requires many hours, little glamour and significant risk. When considering the factors that contribute significantly to the success of a startup it is hands down the traits exhibited by the Founder and CEO. It is a highly challenging task that demands swift decision-making, Often based on incomplete information, which may trigger anxiety and uncertainty. To overcome the initial growth pains and navigate the daily ups and downs of a startup it requires an exceptional individual. Founders are such individuals who possess differentiated and unique abilities which distinguish them in their journey of entrepreneurial endeavours.

Who is Sukanta Mitra?

Sukanta Mitra is an exceptional leader with a strong business drive and a deep dedication to philanthropy. As the Co-Founder of Alpha-Numero Technology Solutions Inc., Mr. Mitra has demonstrated his exceptional skills in strategic planning, building and managing large business units, financial and operational management, international business ventures, strategic alliance and customer relationship management across various industries. He has successfully expanded the organization’s footprint across diverse verticals such as Aerospace & Defence, automotive, telecom, retail and e-commerce, and BFSI, earning accolades for his remarkable leadership.

Mr. Mitra graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Technology, Durgapur with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering, and has accumulated over two decades of experience in Engineering Services in IT, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, and Telecom sectors.

Prior to Alpha-Numero, Sukanta held key leadership positions at Birla Technical Services, CMC Limited, and Tata Consultancy Services, where he was a member of the Executive Leadership team and drove synergies for better business outcomes. He has also expanded business operations to Europe, North America, and the Middle East, leaving a mark on the global business landscape; establishing him as a true global citizen.

While the client is considered as the sovereign interest by high-performance firms, they frequently ignore the people whose abilities keep their machine running: the employees. “The success of a business heavily depends on the contentment of two equally vital stakeholders: the consumers as well as the staff,” says Sukanta Mitra, CEO for ANTS Global Systems and VP, Alpha-Numero Inc. Mitra contends that the thread holding everything together in order to achieve this contentment is trust, technological aptitude, and third-party ownership.

With this mindset, Mitra and his team at Alpha-Numero, a company that provides product engineering design services, establish a transparent workplace environment where employees take responsibility and accountability and see trust as a key component of developing strong bonds with customers. He aspires to establish his company as one of the most reputable enterprises by introducing groundbreaking innovations into people’s lives while exercising the necessary amount of care and attention to their needs.

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