Mitali Yadav: Resolving and Suggesting Practical Solutions for Legal Issues

Mitali Yadav

Lawyers have the power to inspire and serve the world with their potential. But, the courage to be yourself is what makes a lawyer distinctive. This legal profession demands the power linked with a curated memory with an essence of creativity to make more effective decisions and transform the world for better.
Mitali Yadav has come a long way in overcoming the barriers of the legal profession through her novel ideas. After graduating from the law school, Mitali joined a prestigious firm Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, New Delhi, as an associate with the real estate team. Working for almost three years gave her a vast exposure and opportunity to learn and understand the fine nuances of law and client dealing. This also laid the foundation for the future achievements and success.

In 2014, she joined Spice Group’s New Delhi Offices as the Manager Legal. Combining substantial thoughts and unified efforts, Mitali established her own law firm Alba Law Offices in 2015. Today, her sheer dedication and prominent moves have transformed a rented room of two people into a team of ten expert lawyers with an office at Firozshah road.

Meet the Influential Forerunner
Mitali Yadav is the Founder of Alba Law Offices. Since childhood, Mitali was motivated by her father to gain basic understanding and knowledge of law. He was the first teacher and the pillar of strength, who taught her that achievements and disappointments both play significant roles in shaping up one’s life. This drove her to choose law as a career and be at its forefront.

Mitali is an ambitious person who is hungry for the growth and success.  She says, “I believe that appreciation and understanding of law helps a person on a daily basis, and one is able to rationalize and process things in a far better manner.” She further adds, “Law, to me, is one of those professions wherein the learning never ends.” Mitali believes that being a lawyer empowers her to provide satisfaction regarding contribution towards the society, along with recognition and acknowledgment for the same.
Apart from work, Mitali’s passion for travelling, adventure sports, and working-out has helped her in bonding with the team at Alba. She also consistently promotes work-life balance at the firm.

About Alba Law Offices
Alba Law Offices (‘Alba’), a boutique law firm, based out of Delhi, has been constituted by a team of young lawyers drawn together with the aspiration of providing high quality legal services to the clients with a strong emphasis on ethics. Under the leadership of Mitali, Alba believes in building trusted relationships by developing a deep understanding of the clients’ legal needs in the overall context of their commercial operations. The firm emphasizes in investing time in understanding the clients’ business operations to provide most appropriate and innovative legal solutions to the issues at hand.
Mitali has been the driving force for Alba Law Offices by which it offers wide-ranging services to its clients including:
– Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution
– Civil and Criminal Litigation
– Employment and Industrial & Labor Laws
– Intellectual Property Rights
– Real Estate (including RERA issues)
– Corporate & Transactional Documentation

Some Speed Breakers on the Way
Everything related to this profession was new for Mitali in the initial years. Becoming a professional lawyer was not an easy task as it comes with its own set of challenges. She had to strive hard for what she is today.
The first and major challenge was to decide whether to work as a corporate lawyer or litigation. Mitali outshined this thought by interning under senior advocates as well as law firms like Fox Mandal, AZB & Partners, Amarchand & Mangaldas and Luthra & Luthra. This experience helped her to face a bunch of challenges including client engagements, building up and managing a team, affording an appropriate office and so on.
Another significant challenge that Mitali faced was handling the age factor. “The profession of law, much like doctors, demands a person to look a certain age for the clients to gain confidence to give the first opportunity. I have been trying to tackle the same by working harder on every matter and opportunity that comes my way,” she asserts.

Holding the reins of Alba Law Offices by converting every challenge into opportunity, Mitali further added “I believe that as time passes by, new challenges will come up, but that’s the thrill of it.”

Guiding the Path Seekers
Mitali believes that the most important aspect of an internship is that it gives a glimpse of the work to be performed in the future. It also helps in getting clarity whether to continue with the same or shift to something else. Addressing the students who want to become a lawyer, Mitali states, “I would advise that along with academics and learning theory, one should also intern as much as possible in different areas of law. This helps you learn the basics from ground level, which makes it much easier to work when you finally enter the field as a professional.”
Further, she advices the path seekers to combine hard work and smart work in order to unlock the success doors.

Futuristic Approach
Mitali not only aims to see Alba grow beyond the success horizons, but also to see such growth along with a healthy and conducive work environment at the firm. She takes pride in saying that soon the firm will have its offices in different parts of the country with an efficient work force and good work. Her ultimate goal is to make Alba stand out of the crowd of law firms with respect to the personal growth, and discipline.
Source :-The 10 Powerful Women Lawyers in 2018

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