Mobile Games, the Summum Bonum of the Well Anchored Gaming Dome

Mobile Phones have changed the ethics and lifestyle of people of this generation. From the old black and white display mobile phones to the latest iPhones, not only the appearance of these devices changed, but the functions and features have also changed a lot. Likewise, in older days, games like Snake and Tetris were the ones which reigned over the mobile games world.
Snake, the 1997 arcade classic game by Gremlin Industries, is the first mobile game. The storyboard of the game is too simple and people from any age group could play easily and engagingly. The player needs to move the snake around the screen, eat the prey and move without hitting the walls or its own tail. The level of difficulty increases as the snake eats food, its body length increases and this causes the snake’s body to hit the wall or its own body and the game ends!
Best thing since sliced bread is the vast pool of gaming applications available for the players now. Whenever the Play Store or App Store is opened, a list of novel games appears. The game from King, CandyCrush Saga is one of the most popular games, which has been prevailing in the minds of gamers and so far, it is an addictive game. Nowadays, Pokemon Go is the gamer’s fever, and this one popular game from Nintendo Inc. got the credits due to its fresh storyboard and the incorporation of Augmented Reality into the game, which made it more addictive as well as entertaining.
Everyday Games for an Easy Life
Games are not only intended for entertainment but for brain exercise also. People prefer games like Brain Yoga regardless of their age since such games are a good option for brain storming, which thereby upsurges brain’s productivity. By playing such games for a few days, a person can experience an increase in the cognitive performance in memory, numeracy, spatial ability, vocabulary, and pattern matching. It is especially beneficial for school going children. Parents are now keen in choosing the best expedient games available in the dashboard.
Recent studies also prove the necessity of puzzle games. As ‘competition’ is the driving factor for humans to thrive, parents spend their time on researching and picking up the appropriate games for their growing kids. “Survival of the fittest”, the age old phrase by Charles Darwin stays true still in this century. In contrast, this mentality of humankind is beneficial for the game developers. From their part, they must develop creative, innovative as well as informative games in order to get accepted by the new generation folks. No hard work will go in otiose, if complete dedication is put in.
Everyday activities of a person’s life can be synchronized with a gaming app, which makes everything goes in a harmonized way. Task Hammer, Zombies Run, Epic Win, etc. are some of the examples of such games. FuelGood is another game that helps in monitoring the driving of a vehicle and provides tips on how to reduce the carbon emission from the vehicle. Not limited to these, numerous games have influenced human life in a mind-boggling way. The outburst of the gaming revolution is certainly due to the way in which man has welcomed them.
Serious Games for Human Welfare
Serious Games, also known as Applied Games is the recent trend in the gaming world. Serious games are meant for edutainment, i.e., education with entertainment. Games have crawled into the entrenched educational dome since a long ago and hence it is of utmost importance to access them. These games are generally used in the recruitment processes, emergency response training or practicing of skills ranging from driving to conducting a surgery. Close Combat: Marines, IBM CityOne, Microsoft Flight Simulator, etc. are some of the examples. As sure as eggs is eggs, we can say that the serious games contribute to the human development, maturation, learning new skills, and thereby building up a better tomorrow.
Games are Gifts…
Awe-inspiring games are the gifts from not only gaming giants like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft or Warner Bros., but from smaller companies also. All it requires is ideas and creativity to please the crowd. Indian gaming industry attracts a lot of foreign investors and is playing as the best outsourcing platform. The genetic code that drives Indians to turn whatever things they touch into gold make them the genies in the arena.
Mobile games are the all-time favourite and popular game among Indians. The ease of handheld gaming and portability of the devices are the foremost reasons for the inclination towards mobile games. In a market like India, Android being the leading player, more developers focuses on games that run on Android operating system. On the contrary, surveys reveal that iOS users tend to purchase 2.5x more than the Android users. Although many of the Indians step back when it comes to the case of a paid game, for the ones that are worthy to be bought, they never show any qualms. Besides everything else, we can avow that the mobile games are the present’s and will be the future’s most preferred games.

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