Moksh Events: Making Events Mesmerizing

Gone are those days when CLIENTS had to rush here and there to look after the comfort of the guests. It was all his responsibility to decide the venue, arrange the decorations, and look after the menu and what not. But the situation has changed nowadays, with the powerful entrance of the event management companies in the scenario.
Let it be a function of big companies or lavish weddings, all the charge is taken by the event management companies to make it more exciting. The event management Industry has taken a successful leap in India, too. While exploring newer opportunities the event management companies are helping clients to brand and market their products better.
One such great event management company is Moksh Events Pvt Ltd, which is one of the biggest Events, Celebrity and Artist management agency in Eastern India and one of the leading agencies nationally. Founded in 1999, Moksh Events has its offices in Kolkata, Mumbai and Thailand.
Exclusively managing a wide array of Artists, Singers worldwide for Live shows and Moksh Events has an access to Singers, Performers, Actors, Sportsperson, Comedians, Musicians, Foreign Artists and Special Act performers too. MOKSH is also involved in Special Monument & Building Illumination Projects across the country, a forte of Moksh Events and is unique for any event managing company.
‘Moksh Events pays Personal Attention to Every Single Event’
Be it a small budget event or a Big Budget event, Moksh dedicates personal attention to every single event. Having practical knowledge of events for over 15 years with exclusivity and direct access to max celebrities, artists, singers etc are the key strengths of Moksh Events which helps it to be in a leading position. Seeing the opportunity in sports management in India, Moksh Events has recently broaden their expansion in the field by launching Moksh Sports Ventures.
‘Tech Savvy’
 Moksh has technical and infrastructural association & tie-ups with the top guns of their respective fields coupled with their own in-house facilities for light & sound, thematic stages, décor, camera equipment’s and setups, 100+ Walkie to their own LED Wall installations etc are areas of expertise for the company.
As a preferred Entertainment Consultant, Moksh Events assist their clients, to design the most effective and appropriate entertainment capsule for their target audience. They are having the right ingredient for the right client, let it be a Corporate Event, Theme Based Event, Televised Event, Cultural Event, Fashion Show, Product Launch, Award Ceremony, Wedding, Anniversary or any Private Event, they will make the event successful.
‘Founders’ of Moksh Events
Founded by the Bokadia Brothers, Vijay & Shashi Bokadia from Kolkata, Moksh Event Pvt Ltd, was actually started when events had no future in the East of India or was never taken as a profession and decided to venture and reach new heights. In this scenario, with a vision to take event management to the top level, Vijay Bokadia started Moksh Events.
With a zeal and passion for the events and shows Vijay started the company and in due course was joined by Shashi Bokadia to give the company more strength and take it forward. Instrumental in organizing the biggest shows in the east of India, soon PAN India and International and in due course ventured into exclusive Artist Managing and wedding Planning services too giving the events and glamour business a full 360degree approach.
Mesmerizing Event that change the World for Moksh Events
Recalling the best event of their till now, Vijay elaborates, “Very Difficult to say…. but yes one of our Signature events is   “The Shree Cements Annual Temple Function” at Beawar, Rajasthan which was spread over 40 acres of land and was for 3 days with the best of ambience to entertainment to hospitality to cultural showcase to the infrastructures and caters to approx 20000 plus audiences. It was a visual Treat which one could not expect in such a remote location of India and surprises one and all who is present at that time and is of the highest standard or can be compared to any global or Mighty scale event. We been doing the event now for 10 years in a row and every year we have to compete with our own self to outgrow it with innovation keeping the aesthetics and cultural angle intact.”
Pleasing ‘The Best of Their Own’ In the Industry with ‘The Right Ingredient for the Right Client’
Working with some of ‘the best of their own’ in the industry, Moksh Events is proving their metal by quality delivery to them. There is a long list of big clients of the company, like Shree Cements Ltd, Ultra Tech, Ambuja Cement, Greenply, Concast, Airtel, Cognizant, Vodafone Siddha Group, RDB Group to Television & Media like NDTV, Viacom, E Tv, Dainik Bashkar, Times of India Group, Zee TV,etc to Govt. of Telengana, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, Government of Bihar, and to agencies Wizcraft International, Encompass, Showhouse, Percept, Aura, E blitz, Showtime, Fountainhead, Communique,Cineyug etc to name a few.

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