Ms Rashi Anand Suri: A Prominent Lawyer of the 21st Century

Rashi Anand Suri
Rashi Anand Suri | Upscale Legal

Indian women’s history abounds with the pioneers’ legacy who broke down gender barriers and stereotypes. They succeeded in every field with their passion and courage, whether related to arts, politics, space, or business.

Amongst this, the law is one of the most powerful platforms where women play vital roles in legal practices. Whether it be representing companies, defending clients in court, or making significant rulings, female attorneys continue to fight for justice and set new milestones for women in the field.

One such personality is Ms. Rashi Anand Suri, Managing PartnerUpscale Legal. She has been an integral part of various leading law firms in the country and business houses. Ms Suri has over 20 years of experience and has also assisted the Planning Commission as a Legal Consultant to the Secretariat of Infrastructure.

Excelling in the legal industry, Upscale Legal is a multi-service law business that handles the legal challenges and concerns of numerous corporate houses, financial departments, government entities, and independent individuals. It is a solution-driven law firm committed to providing high-quality legal services.

In an exclusive interview with Insights Success India, Ms Rashi Anand Suri sheds light on the company’s journey, highlighting the current industrial scenario of the legal space and her opinions on the future of Upscale Legal.

Rashi, please brief us about yourself and shed some light on your professional journey.

I have assisted several offshore companies in setting up their businesses in India which includes advice on registration and licensing as well as operational and business matters. During my association as a legal consultant to the National Highways Authority of India on several projects, I have advised in the preparation of bidding documents for highway projects as well as Model concession agreements.

One of my prestigious clients is a major transport company engaged in urban transport and infrastructure development company responsible for building and delivering quality infrastructure in the transportation sector, urban transport planning, project management, engineering design, etc. Several such companies and organizations are associated with us.

I have advised several banking/ financial institutions on financing projects and their documentation and developers, focusing on public-private projects, reviewing project documentation for energy, highways, power, and water, and conducting due diligence reviews.

Please tell us about Upscale Legal in detail. 

Upscale Legal is a legal firm that has members who are highly qualified lawyers committed to providing quality and effective services to its clients. The members possess skills for drafting and vetting all kinds of agreements, deeds, and documents. The attribute which has primarily added to the success of assignments undertaken by the firm is that the members consider no assignment as small and thrive to go to the root analysis of all assignments. The firm specialises in start-up advisory and provides new business houses with the requisite legal assistance.

What made you venture into the legal space?

I had humanities as my stream of choice during my senior secondary and graduated in philosophy. I was always inclined to observe the sociological thread closely, and during my tryst with Greek philosophy, I came across how the legalities are interwoven in our society. I was always extremely interested in the democratic form of government, and the better way to study that will be through legal eyes.

I was intrigued by law also because of my love and interest in human rights, which I have wanted to practice for the longest time. However, liberalisation and a spurt of foreign investments got me interested in the corporate and documentation side, which I enjoyed a lot, and that is how my journey started.

What kind of services do you provide to your clients?

The firm has expertise in handling various issues and concerns faced by corporates in day-to-day business transactions and functions. The firm provides a blend of legal and commercial solutions to the clients when addressing such concerns and issues. The Firm is equipped to handing legal issues on business transactions, commercial contracts, and documents.

We provide services relating to:

  • Start-up advisory
  • Contract management
  • Corporate leasing
  • Corporate, commercial and M&A
  • Tender participation
  • Banking and finance
  • Real estate and hospitality industry
  • Employment and POSH
  • ADR and Litigation
  • Fintech

Our area of specialisation includes:

  • Blockchain and Digital Assets
  • Loans and Finance
  • Electronic Financial Services

What kind of challenges have you faced while entering the legal space?

While I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my journey as a legal practitioner, the challenging part is to adhere to the timelines as a team in cases of multiple investments and financial transactions where every assignment is meant to be time-sensitive and highly complicated.

Coupled with that is the issue of ensuring that no law is violated and no compliance ignored, whether in the cross-border or domestic transaction, as the clients look to you as custodians of all compliances.

This becomes extremely critical in investments from foreign parties. Given the vast array of legal compliances for different businesses in the country, I have mostly come across the fact that most businesses tend to operate without regard to the respective laws. Thus, it is challenging to convince such companies regarding the benefits of incorporating and ensuring all legal compliances in their businesses.

What would you like to advise the young generation of legal enthusiasts?

Multitasking and seeing beyond the problem is what I would advise. It is important to be a problem solver and an enabler on the documentation side. Clients look up to you for solutions, not just for identifying issues and laws.

 We need to look for and curate innovative solutions to maximise commercial gains while complying with laws.

Where do you envision Upscale Legal to be in the long run, and what are your future goals? 

In a short period, Upscale Legal has developed a niche area of hemp, ayurvedic and alternative medicines, and all licensing and compliance-related work in this field. We have developed in-house expertise on regulations under the drugs and cosmetics act, labelling requirements and food licensing. We also have a strong startup advisory and investment practice with robust team for due diligence and operations audit. 

 We have also developed a significant practise area in government tendering and tender management, a specialised field that few law firms work on. Last year Upscale Legal had the opportunity to work with various start-ups and fintech companies as well as sports and gaming technologies. 

 What is the current industrial scenario of the legal space?

From employment laws to data protection and foreign investment, the dynamic and fast-evolving Indian legal market reacts to our day’s global economic and social problems. On the industrial front, transactions in healthcare and technology, particularly in e-commerce, are continuing rapidly.

There is a lot of investment going into and out of India. Private equity and venture capital firms and organisations with money to spend are looking for opportunities in India, partly as there are opportunities where Indian businesses are failing.

In addition, several multinational corporations have been restructuring their activities across the world, especially their Indian subsidiaries. Work in infrastructure and energy, including renewables, creates jobs, particularly in the legal industry.

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