Ms Samprada Nagasubramanian – Managing Director Enlightened ThoughtWorks P Ltd

Samprada Nagasubramanian

Ms Samprada Nagasubramanian is a young and dynamic entrepreneur, an artist with a green approach, creative in making wealth from waste, committed to social causes, and with an in-depth knowledge of Indian ancient literature in healing. She is a qualified Computer Engineer holding a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business from Pune University. She is the Founder-Managing Director of Enlightened Thought Works Pvt Ltd, with her Corporate Office based out of a lush green backdrop in Bangalore and an extended arm of All India/Overseas Operations based out of Pune, headed by a CEO. She is spearheading the operations in Three Business Verticals – Software Projects & Product Development, Software Specialized Learning & Development, Conventional Health Care & Nature’s Friend, and Astrology PR/Media. She has mastered 70+ advanced software technologies, including AI, and imparting the same to leading corporates.

She has received twin awards from Morpheus Media, Mumbai, as “Woman Innovator of the Year”  at Hotel Sterling Mac, Bangalore, and Transformance Media, “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” at a glittering ceremony at Hilton International, Mumbai

In software specialized training in advanced technology, she has clocked more than 15,000 hours of live one-to-one software training at corporate training centers pan India.  Her portfolio of clients is leading global giants, to mention a few, Infosys, Dell, Mercedez Benz, L&T, SAP, HP, Nitor, Siemens, et al. She has written Software E-books for clients and is in the production of technical training videos in her in-house studio.

Her educational Indian-style venture, E-Gurukul  (, launched in Bharat style,  with various software advanced technology training programs on interactive modes coupled with intelligent application of AI, has been a great success in India and overseas where software professionals can learn on line any time 24/7 besides  learners have to undergo post-training mandatorily, appear for examinations as also interim assessments at planned intervals to ensure effectiveness of training and value addition for the organization is thus ensured. She practices Japanese renowned Deming style of training in PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) with continual improvement.

She is also heading Nature’s Friend Vertical, where she has developed number of products in “From Waste to Wealth” and has parted the know-how free-of-charge to rural folks as part of commitment to community.

Besides being a astrologer for number of elites in India and overseas, she is a Bharatanatyam dancer and has done stage performances at Pune with accolades. She is a versatile Veena (musical instrument) player in carnatic music, fond trekker and nature lover.

She is also into philanthropy and has adapted under-privileged children as a CSR activity and taking care of their entire education expenses at Pune.  Besides, every month, she provides provisions to orphanage blind school at Bangalore. All activities, in sum, is being done by her as a social commitment though her enterprise though does not fall in the ambit of regulatory requirements of CSR Rules 2014.

A versatile poet, she has penned number of poetries

Her latest original innovative research in Health Care, titled “Bharat Paddhat” (Ancient Indian Natural Non-Invasive Health Care), where she has combined, with high degree of precision, the ancient proven Astrology with Color, Sound and Breath, for a blissful healthy living, practiced by Rishis in deep Himalayas, erstwhile not attempted by any one and now unearthed in her research work. Here she has blended her expertise of software with ancient Indian-proven health sciences after making intense research through Indian Granthans. Evidential testimonials of her research with an innovative approach in health care (few enclosed), including chronic cases, as reported by number of cured patients, can been viewed  in the following link:

She has decided to dedicate her first-of-its-kind innovative health care practices through her Worshops, On-line Video Training, One-to-One Interaction in chronic cases & Train the Trainer to carry on the legacy of this health care, to folks and people at large globally, as an non-profiteering venture. The Therapy is very safe, through breathing exercises, color and sound, and even if anyone does mistake while practicing, it has no side effects. To have best effect and cure, it should be done with perfection under the guidance of trainers.

The therepy is logically sequenced and interspersed with medically proven evidential glimpses, is after intense research of Indian granthas in Sanskrit. The full book written by Ms Samprada, Mg. Director, Enlightened Thought Works, an ancient Indian research scholar and practioner for proven non-invasive cosmic energy cure combined with color, breath and sound for allied human body ailments, not curable in other medical disciplines, is already on shelf and on-line in Amazon and other portals.

Her innovation in organic “Lip Stick”, which has ayuvedic time-tested ingredients, has been certified and cleared by accredited laboratory (see below), is being negotiated by multi-nationals for transfer of know-how. The lip stick, not only is an ideal replacement of modern chemically-quoted lip stick, also takes care of maintaining lips to its natural colors without wear, tear or side effects and serve as lip guard for any infection, soreness, dryness and cracks. This is expected to have huge export potential, besides meeting make-in-India initiative. She calls it as “Lipbalm” to give an Indianized touch for the benefit of women, as it is safe, edible if accidentally consumed without side effects whatsoever, free from chemicals, enhances lip color and quality naturally.

Sampeada’s Innovtion: “Organic Lipstick”

Ms Samprada received “Woman Innovator of the Year” award from Morpheus Media, Mumbai, at a glittering function at Hotel Sterling Mac, Bangalore.

Ms Samprada in one of the trekking on horse.

Samprada in one of the Bharat Natyam Performances

Profile of Ms Samprada read out before performance on stage.

Ms Samprada in one of the Veena Performance Samprada (centre) with executives of HP, a leading global software giant, in one of the specialized technology training programs.

Samprada is taking care of the full education expenses of two underprivileged children. In the above pix, L to R, Sumit Jawalgi (Std VII, Good Shepard School, Pune), Shilpa Jawalgi(mother, who is a maid servant) & Sanket Jawalgi(Std X, St Ursula School, Pune) – being felicitated on the eve of Mother’s Day

Snapshot of Samprada’s book launched

Few of Video Testimonials (for full video log)

Review by eminent Astrologer from Kerala, Mr Poduval


Flower Vase from Milk Cartoon turned Discarded Cartoon Sponge & ribbons Waste plastic bottles Wallet turned light lamp turned purse.


Rangoli–Indian Flag on 75th Independence Day – Lord Ganesha

Ms Samprada receiving Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Transformance Media, Mumbai, @ Hilton International, Mumbai Airport.

FELICITATION POST-INTERACTIVE SESSION @ Rs 3000-cr RSB Group Headquarters, Pune, by Executive Director, on Bharat Padhat.




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