Multitech Automations: Inventing Futuristic Automated Systems

Multitech Automations
Shoy Andrews, Founder, Multitech Automations, Bengaluru

Innovating the present, automation is revolutionising the future. The post-pandemic world will accelerate the process of automation. It could be seen from the exponential demand growth in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data management, IoT, robotics, and extended reality.

But taking stock of the exact situation is necessary. In Shoy Andrews’s words, “The development of automated systems for the analysis of industrial production has highlighted the need for independent evaluation of the automated devices before they are adopted in the industrial practice.”

Shoy Andrews, the Founder & Managing Partner of Multitech Automation, is a mechanical engineer who, along with a team of resolute engineers, ventured into the field of automation to transform it into a futuristic automated systems industry.

According to Shoy, the evaluation needs to consider the intended use of the systems and determine their accuracy, reliability, and impact on the provision of the service. The introduction of automation may mean developing new ways of working, and the workforce’s role may change.

In addition, new training schemes and quality assurance measures will have to be devised. However, since all automated systems that have been developed require some form of human intervention, the skill and dedication should be enhanced rather than diminished.

Multitech Automations began with some of the smaller and basic PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) with complex architectures that have served in programming and commissioning entire production plants efficiently.

From raw material to finished goods, Multitech Automations has a proven track record as an end-to-end solution provider for all control-related problems faced by its clients.

Therefore, Multitech Automations is Insights Success’ “The Most Innovative Automation Companies to Watch in 2022”.

Astounding Automations

Having kick-started its operations in 2004, Multitech Automations has been working as the system integrator for Schneider Electric Pvt Ltd in industrial automation for more than a decade.

Covering segments like SPM, OEM, process automation, factory automation, power generation and distribution, elevators, security systems, HVAC, and others, Multitech has been delivering innovative technological solutions to a wide range of customers.

Customers like Honeywell, the Solar division of Schneider Electric, IFB, Hindustan Unilever, Ramsons Garments, Keltech, EFD induction and L&T etc., right from process automation to machines incorporating an astounding array of products such as servo motors, switchgear, indication lamps, distinct types of temperature controllers, sensors, and many other innovative technologies.

An Inspiring Venture

Shoy recollects that when he began his career, most industries were manually run by the human workforce, which resulted in less productivity, more expensive, and less efficiency.

Forecasting the wide use of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) can significantly impact the automation industry, as almost every OEM, SPM and others have high expectations for their technical and electromechanical investment in terms of elevated productivity, reduced costs and increased security, workflow, and communication.

Most of the PLC providers in India focus only on providing the solutions without absolute emphasis on the industrial implications. This leads to a stack of PLC product solutions that remains mostly unused and results in reduced efficiency in the organization’s sspoor performance.

Today, Multitech Automations outclasses competition by vesting keen importance on aligning business and PLC implemented products at various levels in the industries while enhancing the PLC automated business value.

Multitech USPs

Shoy says, “Product maturity and flexibility, management of multiple business units, numerous integrations with other software, professional implementation and training, high level of system security and data protection, etc. are few USPs that make us an innovative automation service and solution provider.”

Immersive Benefits of the Multitech Automations

Amidst the highly saturated automation industry, Multitech Automations gets an edge over the others owing to its philosophy of resolving the client organisation’s issues.

Making the right choice by carefully selecting the right controller, automation equipment to design the architecture based on an intensive study about the project. A team of highly experienced experts ensure an efficient and low-maintenance system.

Availing complete service under one roof selection, material procurement, programming, installation, wiring and integration at the shortest timelines possible, Multitech provides a quality, hassle-free experience to the customers, which is designed to last a lifetime.

Multitech Automations ensures customer satisfaction by providing AMCs and quick responses to any breakdowns for industries.

Shoy adds, “We provide our customers with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions based upon the mutual discussion of technicalities and bills of materials.”

Tackling the Challenges

According to Shoy, non-availability of sophisticated equipment, technology and trained workforce, customers’ lack of knowledge about the automation advantages, etc., were the main challenges after venturing into the automation field.

While currently, the non-availability of required equipment, which is mainly imported, are resulting in a delay in the completion of the projects.

Envisioning the Future

Being an experienced leader, Shoy’s opinion on how automation technology is being deployed currently and what advancements can be expected in the future is wishful.

As he says that the Indian industrial automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.6% during 2022-2023. The country is expected to strengthen its manufacturing sector. It is expected to reach 25% to 30% of the GDP by FY 2030.

Advice to the aspirants

Shoy’s advice to the budding entrepreneurs who wish to enter this industry is, “Automation is a combination of mechanical, electrical, and electronic devices. Hence any aspirants in mechanical, electrical and electronics can venture into the field of automation services.”

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