Murtaza Kachwalla: Trustworthy and Prominent Legal Professional

Murtaza Kachwalla
Murtaza Kachwalla

In professional or personal fronts, sometimes things don’t conclude the right way as expected, leading to matters of disputes. Such disputes that fail to meet a mutual settlement are tried in the courts of law for getting justice. This is the exact time when proper knowledgeable, and experienced lawyers are necessary to create a robust base to fight the case.

Honest, professional lawyers who work systematically towards building the case, collecting the data, correlating the same with the applicable laws and gathering the right pieces of evidence can help take the case in the favourable conclusive results, probably winning the case too.

One professional and honest lawyer with 10+ years of skilled hard-practice experience in representing various companies, organizations, and individuals, is Murtaza Kachwalla, Partner in Argus Partners.

Let’s indulge in the journey of a dynamic legal advisor and know more about his professional journey, how he developed and built perfect legal advisory, the challenges faced and his vision for the future.

Exuberance of Excellence

Argus Partners is a leading Indian law firm with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Innovative thought leadership and the ability to build lasting relationships with all stakeholders are the key drivers of Argus.

The firm’s professionals are business lawyers who understand business and financial issues that help identify real risks and provide practical legal solutions to drive the growth of the client’s business.

The Firm is a result of the merger of two firms. In 2012, Argus Partners merged with an existing Mumbai-headquartered firm, Udwadia and Udeshi, that was established in 1997. The merged firm was renamed ‘Udwadia Udeshi and Argus Partners.

In 2015 along with the change in the Firm’s name to ‘Argus Partners’, the Partners adopted the Firm’s immutable core values of integrity, quality, and respect, which stand as the cornerstone of the Firm in all its dealings.

The Firm has built a formidable reputation for its consistent high performance. The Firm, the Partners and associates, have a rich domestic and international experience and have been recognised and awarded by several publications. Presence across India gives the Firm a distinct advantage in serving its clientele, including industry and business leaders in all market segments.

Combining Versatile Solutions with Best Advice

Argus Partners offers industry-leading legal advice across a wide range of practice areas. Its specialist team of lawyers has a reputation for delivering insightful knowledge with a high degree of multidisciplinary expertise and experience.

Argus Partners want to provide only the best of its expertise and services. The lawyers of the organization are equipped to handle numerous domains to deliver the best advice. The service areas spread across Corporate—Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Finance, disputes, corporate restructuring and insolvency, energy and infrastructure, competition, indirect tax, labor and employment, technology, and data privacy. 

Exhibiting Expertise with Profound Intelligence

Murtaza graduated from Government Law College (GLC), Mumbai, in the year 2009 and further went on to perceive a master’s in business laws (MBL) from the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bengaluru. Prior to joining the Firm in 2019, he worked with HSA Advocates, ALMT Legal and Mulla and Mulla and Craigie Blunt and Caroe.

With over ten years of litigation experience, Murtaza has advised and represented some prominent corporations/ individuals on various commercial/property-related litigations to matters involving Constitutional law issues before the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, and tribunals of various States. Murtaza has also represented many clients in high stake domestic and international arbitration proceedings.

Progressing With Technology

International arbitration proceedings’ modern technology has transformed the legal industry like any other. It has increased the efficiency of the legal offices and enhanced the productivity of the clerks. Almost 63% of the work in the legal process is manual and repetitive, prone to human errors too.

Process automation through the application of the word processors and eDiscovery software has streamlined and accelerated the legal processes. The online digital libraries of various courts are ready to access for any time reference reducing the dependability of paper-based hard copies.

Modern systems have guided the lawyers through streamlining the process, thereby offering greater efficiency with reduced errors and faster decision-making.

Surging from Challenges

Insufficient and incomplete information from the clients proved to be one of the initial challenges. Murtaza had to convince the clients to provide complete facts and figures with all relevant details to fortify the case with the proper legal angle. Secondly, the client’s attitude was highly impatient and too desperate to get the case results. He convinced them by explaining the complete legal process and compliance and his professional approach.

The organization’s systematic documentation, follow-ups, and furnishing of all the relevant data and evidence. This alertness and complete control over the case progress have given power and strength to its consistent efforts.

Indulging in the Words of the Wise

“I would always tell young lawyers to develop a learning approach in every case. The secret to your success lies in how hard you work in gathering maximum evidence, details, and all the law references that can make the case strong in court. Winning cases requires tremendous consistency, relentless efforts in building the case, and focused follow-up in taking up of the case,” expresses Murtaza as a pearl of wisdom for the budding aspirants.

“Observe and learn different cases from the court reference archives. Work with experienced lawyers to understand the process of building and formulating cases. Always remember that there are no shortcuts here. You can get a little support from the technology; however, you must work hard on your case, considering it your own responsibility,” he adds. 

Embracing the Future Roadmap

Sharing his opinions about the future of Argus Partners, Murtaza says, “We must work hard. We work as a single unit complementing each other. Working as disciplined professionals, we prepare the case papers with the complete client details, client requirements and a basic conclusion on the present-day scenario.”

“Then we begin with a specific approach to furnishing all sorts of details that could probably support the case. Most of our clients have been impressed by our systematic work and the strong winning possibilities. We have planned to take this professional approach more forth in developing our case process towards efficient and effective case results,” he concludes.

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