Nano Vox: Leveraging Nanotechnology for Innovative Solutions

Gayatri Thakur | Founder & Director | Nano Vox
Gayatri Thakur | Founder & Director | Nano Vox

In the last few years, scientists have been exploring the possibility of using artificial intelligence in Nanotechnology research. The convergence between artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Nanotechnology can pave the way as interdisciplinary sciences for advancements across many fields. For instance, nanotechnology can create small yet highly efficient computer hardware devices. These advanced components can provide more computational power, which can sustain complex ML algorithms.

On the other hand, machine-learning methods can also greatly benefit nanotechnology as nanomaterial properties are much harder to predict than other materials because of quantum effects at such small scales.

“In the future, I can imagine ML and AI supporting nanotechnology by creating nano-robots that can go inside your body and perform operations, deliver medicines to a specific organ, improve the accuracy of medical imaging, or power space shuttles. We cannot fully imagine the marvels of this combination of technologies at this point. It is definitely a futuristic world we see in the superhero movies of the likes of Marvel and DC,” says Gayatri Thakur, Founder, and Director of Ceyone Consultants LLP.

The Initial Steps

It was in 2017 that Gayatri started the venture, Ceyone Consultants LLP. Ceyone has become a key player today in consulting and technology development, helping businesses thrive in today’s fast-evolving, research-driven world. The company has built a strong portfolio of clients across healthcare, education, sanitary ware, orthopaedics, information technology, NGOs, and more.

In 2020, Gayatri collaborated with her spouse, Mr. Rahul Thakur, an ardent researcher and scientist to launch Ceyone’s technology vertical under the brand name NANO-VOX. Through this vertical they launched innovative Nano technology based products that can solve deep consumer problems. While she brings in the strategic and business expertise for the venture through her consulting and marketing experience, Rahul comes from a strong background in technology (gold medalist in nanotechnology and pursuing PhD in Chemistry). Together, they lead NanoVox’s journey of success along with a strong team of scientists and scholars.

Sheer Knowledge
With NanoVox, their vision is to launch several game-changing products that can provide novel and innovative solutions to complex business problems. Nanotechnology – ‘the manipulation of matter at the nanoscale (1-100 nm) for diverse industrial applications’ can help increase the efficiency of energy consumption, reduce manufacturing costs, cleans the environment, and improve productivity.

Through extensive research and a team of capable scientists, Ceyone has launched revolutionary products in the anti-microbial coatings, disinfectants and sanitization, animal hygiene, skincare, thermal conductivity, and medical products. Given the promise of nanotechnology in the future, Ceyone marked its forte in this exciting and novel domain. Some of its products have been innovations in the category. For instance, in 2020, it launched an advanced anti-microbial nano-coating disinfectant called VOX-4 with a powerful formula that helps inactivate 99.1% virus, bactera and fungi from any kind of surface and its single application continuously remain in action without reapplication for upto three months. Another nano-coating that was launched in the same year was to minimize the spread of harmful diseases in poultry farms and hatcheries.

Since bird flu is a recurrent challenge affecting poultry farmers, the team wanted to explore the wonders of nanotechnology to improve their condition. Being a bird and animal lover, Gayatri’s personal endeavour was to curb the spread of bird flu as it results in the loss of many birds’ lives every year.

In the same year the company also launched anti-odour nano-coating spray – VOX-10 that eliminates toilet odour and works for upto seven days and VOX-22, that eliminates pet’s urine and stool odour for upto thirty days without reapplication. The product became a success as the country was in serious need of disinfectants and sanitization products. The team also launched another interesting product called. The coating forms an invisible non-toxic layer that inactivates bacteria and germs.

Blessing in Disguise

When COVID-19 struck lives, it brought along a serious public health concern. Nanotechnology presented itself as a powerful tool in the prevention and risk minimization of COVID transmission. As the pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of the existing healthcare system, there was an unexplored potential in nanotechnology to advance healthcare products. The fact that this was untapped provided the team with a unique opportunity.

In 2020, Nano Vox started its research, and one of the first products it launched was anti-microbial nano-coatings. This coating minimized the risk of viruses, bacteria, and fungi and stayed intact for three months. The team partenered for this product with one of the leading pharmaceutical companies. It even sold its coating for disinfection in hospitals, especially in COVID wards.

Bringing in Good Energy with Sustainability

The pandemic presented a challenging time for everyone in the business. Despite the setbacks, companies started adapting to the challenges and striking back. It was no longer about recovering lost revenues but about creating newer streams of revenue flow. Hence, Nano Vox set out to launch products that solved the challenges posed by the pandemic.

While the team saw great value in its nano-coating products in the pandemic times, there was no demand in the market as customers were not aware of this technology. Therefore, it created its own demand by making the customers, especially hospitals, schools aware of this technology through a strong sales team. These products required limited advertising and hence helped it in cost-cutting.

As far as employee health and safety were concerned, the team wanted to leave no stone unturned. It allowed the team members to work remotely until they were comfortable to resume working from the office. Regular safety protocols like temperature checks, ensuring masks, PPE kits, and effective social distancing norms helped Nano Vox keep its workforce safe. All the office surfaces that are more prone to germs like doorknobs, handrails, tables, etc were coated with VOX-4 which helped heighten the safety in the office premises.

Advice to do the Best

“More and more startups are now venturing into the domain of nanotechnology. However, these startups face several challenges in their initial phases. Entrepreneurs in this domain must realize that the right approach is to solve business problems by finding the right technology for it, rather than the other way around,” says Gayatri.

“Most of the nanotechnology innovations happen in academic labs and institutes, but most of these pioneering technologies developed in labs by research students, scientists, and scholars often fail to reach the market. So as an entrepreneur, keep a tab on the innovations stemming from these labs. You can collaborate with such labs and help them commercialize the technology for business,” adds Gayatri.

“Also, try and build a team that brings the right blend of scientific expertise and business knowledge. Overall, the focus on nanotechnology is fairly low in the country as compared to other technologies. Hence it is also the responsibility of entrepreneurs and business leaders in this domain to create awareness. One must be patient and consistent with their efforts, even though the pace of growth is slow. Even from a talent point of view, businesses face challenges as only a few good colleges offer specialization in this domain,” expresses Gayatri.

Innovative Future

Apart from its antimicrobial coatings, which have helped it foray into animal health, disinfectants, and sanitization, the company also innovated in thermal conductivity.

“Our nano-coating minimizes the loss of heat during a conduction process to almost half the time. In 2022, our focus will be on the use of nanotechnology in drug delivery. To this end, we have collaborated with Mint Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., a healthcare company. Nanotechnology offers potential solutions to many life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart, and nerve diseases.

Our team is focused on research in this field, and we are sure of a breakthrough soon,” concludes Gayatri.

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