Narnolia Financial Advisors Limited: An Honest Approach to Customer-Centric Financial Services

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Krishna N Narnolia | Chairman & Managing Director | Narnolia Group of Companies

The Fin-tech industry has rapidly evolved over the last few years. Innovations happening in this industry have transformed fund management, brokerage services, wealth management, insurance, digital payments and many more in terms of quality, variety, speed, magnitude, and price. These have led both small and large firms to collaborate to improve customer experience immensely.

Innovations in the fin-tech industry have even given rise to various segments and sub-segments of investors within the industry, requiring different levels of human participation alongside disruptive technologies. One popular segment on the rise today is where the investors seek knowledge-based products that can be served in a personalized, localized and customized way with the supporting technology. Few Companies across the industry have adopted this segment to serve their customers. Among them, Narnolia Financial Advisors Limited is a prominent name, which, with its industry-leading investment products, capable advisors and technology-based solutions, aims to cater to this segment of investors.

Over the last two decades, Narnolia has transformed from a leading financial intermediary of Eastern India, to a name to reckon with at the National and Global arena. Its core philosophy is to improve the financial security of its customers – which is ethical and relatively superior to the industry standards.

Its Distinctive Products

With a team of expert researchers along with innovative tech minds, Narnolia has developed some of the finest products in the fintech industry. Where these investors can invest in:

Direct Equity

When it comes to direct equity, Narnolia’s diverse range of research products have helped the traders and investors to create wealth in the long run. It is based on their proprietary research framework and 12 in-house software supported by a personalized delivery mechanism.

Narnolia has developed a robust mobile app for the investing and trading needs of its investors. It allows customers to stay connected with the market and invest from anywhere and at any time. One can get access to Narnolia Stock Research – the in-house comprehensive research on 1600+ stocks; be it their own customer or guest user.

Indirect Equity/ Professionally Managed Investments Solutions

Mutual Funds

Apart from the technology supported for localized, personalized and customized services, Narnolia’s research-based advisory has helped investors to generate superior monetary benefits. Its 3 stage, 13 step filtration research framework identifies fund managers and their performance during various market cycles in the past 40 quarters. It provides fund managers’ capability measured in terms of his allocation and selection decisions.

PMS- Narnolia India 3T Fund

Narnolia India 3T fund is a flagship product. The product has generated highest risk-adjusted return: Absolutely, Relatively and Consistently. It is meant to be a core buy and hold portfolio for the investors who aim to capitalize on the wealth creation opportunity in the Indian economy.

Model Portfolios

The product empowers investors to invest in a diversified and long-term portfolio. It is designed to retain the flexibility of direct ownership for wealth creation. At the same time, Model Portfolios provide the discipline, professional competency and long-term approach similar to that of a mutual fund. These Model Portfolios empower the individual investor with the power of award-winning institutional-grade research.

Leading with Tenaciousness

One of the most sought after speakers and columnists in the field of investment, Mr. Krishna N Narnolia, Chairman & Managing Director, Narnolia Group of Companies has been leading the company with a firm grip. He is respected and known in the industry for his in-depth work on the India Growth Story in general and brokerage industry in particular.

However, his journey wasn’t without any hurdles. In the year 1996, as a member of Magadh Stock Exchange, he attended a training session organized by the exchange where the trainer advocated the benefits of common malpractice, which was then popularly called ‘CAN’. This training had a demoralizing effect on him. However, in the darkest time, he remembered his father’s words – ‘when dishonesty becomes the rule of game, the value of honesty increases manifold because it becomes a scarce commodity’. With this, he decided to give one last shot to the profession and continued to stick to the path of honesty. In a short span of time, he found himself to have risen from the bottom 10% of hundreds of brokers to number one position.

He considers the trust of all stakeholders at large as Narnolia’s biggest achievement. Under his leadership, the company has emerged as one of the fastest-growing and respected brands in the country.

It’s Many Milestones

Narnolia has consistently outperformed all the known diversified PMS schemes since its inception (March 2012) and is generating positive return over the last 2 Years in the backdrop of a sharp broader market correction.

Narnolia has been consistently awarded by Industry Leaders, Nationally and Globally. The following is the list of the awards it has been bestowed upon:

  • India’s Most Promising Brand 2017 in the Broking and Securities category, By WCRC in Thailand
  • Most Consistent Portfolio Manager of the Country 2018 & 2019 by BSE Tefla’s in India
  • Inspirational Leader of the Country 2018 by World Consultancy & Research Corporation in London No. 1 Broker in East, 2019 be NSE
  • No. 1 DP in Growth Rate and New Accounts Opened in 2019 by NSDL

A Promising Future

Narnolia wishes to focus on its core strength area, i.e., fund management and advisory wherein it has been the pioneer and emerged as the leading name in the industry. It plans to increase its PMS and Model advisory business, primarily through the B2B channels, and emerge in this space as the leader over the next three years.

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