Necessity of Facility Management Professional in Various Firms

It has been a long time, when the companies were using the time consuming traditional processes. Years before, heavy loads were managed by several managers, who had big offices. But now, the world has moved forward and many things have changed due to the time being along with the technology that is providing everything in an instant. The technologies have created the need for smart buildings, smart firms, and smart environment. For the next decade, even a more radical change in the environment might take place due to the Facility Management involvement which has currently represents about the 5% of the global GDP.
The facility management can free up the organizations to focus on their core strengths. It can be called as the biggest hidden industry; even though the daily life activities are associated with it. Facility management brings a value by improving efficiency, which is bringing innovations to all the businesses.
Facility management is a profession, not only recognized by the companies, but recently colleges and universities are also recommending it. However, with the increasing importance of cost, risk, strategically it is increasing the importance of facility management profession. This Profession gets involved in all the aspect of an organization and they work across all the levels, whether it is hard technical aspects or softer aspects like customer service. Thus, the Facility Management is creating the modern workplace.
Reasons for need of Facility Management Professional
Facilities are the assets of companies, which has knowledge to maximize value and minimize costs, and represents a significant cost of doing business.
The facilities and the smart, instant type of environment provided by Facilities Management Professionals directly impacts on the productivity of the organization, by understanding the company’s business. The Facility Management Professionals also provides strategic planning and development or leasing guidance to achieve the results of the company needs, to minimize cost & maximize value.
However, sustainability is not good for the company and employees’ environment, so the professionals provide the stewardship required to maintain leadership on the environment.
As the environmental and legislative complexity of owning or leasing facilities represents a huge risk to the company, a facility management professional navigates the requirements and mitigates the risk. This professional make resources work together to maximize value, reduce risk and minimize costs, which requires an entire team of generalists and specialists to provide services. A Facility Management Professional frees up resources by taking the organizations entire burden to focus fully on delivering organizations core business and generating bottom line results.
Where, a Facility Management Professional has training, background and experience in all areas of the complex issues and services, which is required to provide safe, effective stewardship to the companies Facility assets.
A Facility Management Professional has the experience and overall oversight for Facilities issues, enabling them to see patterns, track changes and identify risks that may have a future negative impact. The Facility Management Professional’s knowledge enables them to take corrective action now to reduce your risk and costs.
Ways to Grow Competitiveness in the Facility Management
Here are some ways which will helps to grow competitiveness in the facility management, are—Evolving from passive supplier to proactive strategic partner, Focusing on value creation rather than just cost savings, Creating sustainable solutions, Optimizing the use of space, Leveraging the Technology, empowering the service delivering with data, and Delivering the personalized services.
Future of Facility Management
The Facility Management market is going to transform the market in the coming years. Where as in many parts of the world, Facility Management services are commoditizing, and there is need of innovation and new value proposition. From the survey reports, it is highlighted that the global market revenue will reach to $945 Billion by 2015.
Besides everything, this Facility Management is expanding on some key transformational trends such as Business Productivity, Anything as a Service (Xaas), Sustainability, Energy Management, Performance Contracting, Partnerships & Collaborations, Cloud Services, Selling to the CXO. However, this Facility Management will remain as a growth engine of the market in order to offer opportunities for the first movers to re-define Customer Relationship.
However, the future of Facility Management is a technology that will be enabled with Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data, & Advanced Connectivity. This will be a lead in Energy Savings, Intelligent Buildings, & Reduction of Total Lifecycle Costs. With the change in both workplaces it will lead to a boom in opportunities, by providing business productivity enhancement for customers.

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