The New Era of Indian BPO – Placing New Equations Right!

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The BPO Industry has witnessed noteworthy changes which have been boosting the corporate fraternity for more than two-and-a-half decade. With technology joining the foray, this industry has evolved as a value proposition pulling in major transformations. The new-age tech-enabled advancements like cloud computing, data analytics, social media networks, etc. alongside Govt. reforms playing its part, The Indian BPO landscape is growing by leaps and bounds.
The deliverables of an established BPO eco-system can be truly acknowledged by the words of the Czar of the Indian IT industry – Azim Premji saying, “The important thing about outsourcing or Global outsourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity, and reduce work cycles.”
Here are a few keys which have effectively unlocked the success doors for the business world:

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Cloud Storage
  • Messengers, Social Media Platforms, and Mobile apps
  • Real-time BI and Data Metrics

With companies being consistent in outsourcing at utmost competitiveness, let’s read about the trends which would disrupt the outsourcing industry in 2019:
Strategic Alignment – A thought-provoking vision backed by ample investment is one of the key ways to be ahead in the race and achieve all the desired milestones. This scenario can be attained through corporate strategic alignment – a trend which can take an industry player and a venture to places! Looking forward to this alignment by being on the same page and line of thought is a way towards generating profitable outcomes. Besides, standing tall with the company’s vision and integrating it with the work culture can enhance in-house communication to the next level.
Securing Pivotal Assets – Providing long-term contracting at par expertise fosters the accounting practices, thereby securing assets. It’s not always about the finance; data security is another significant aspect which can be efficaciously taken care of by a BPO. It is a harbinger in protecting client’s information & integrity by embracing technology and using proven systems.
Customer Experience Matters – The established companies, as well as the budding startups, should regularly update its BPO partners about its necessities. This enables the BPOs to roll out predictive insights and prominent processes powered by intuitive technical skills ensuring companies unmatched customer experience.
Leveraging Technology – Investing in cutting-edge technologies is the need of the hour. BPOs play a vital role in passing on solid returns to the client organizations by offering basic AI and advanced Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) tools at a rapid pace.
Going hand-in-hand – The business world & the outsourcing eco-system are going hand-in-hand and making stronger partnerships. This agility can help surpass the market challenges, be it communication and cutting-costs or enhancing productivity and tech abilities.

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