New Way to the Analytics by Mindtree as Decision Moment

Mindtree today announced its new analytics platform, based on Microsoft Azure as a service that helps to modify in response to changes in the market, technology or business needs. It simplifies technology complexity by adopting to fit the requirements of organizations on existing data analytic investments. 
Mindtree is a leading digital data transformation and technology company, has launched Decision Moments, the first data analytic platform that applies progressive learning algorithms to the large data pool, allowing organizational business to produce meaningful and compelling insights that upgrade over time.
Decision moment is a sense –and –responds system that uncovers compelling insights to improve overtime and create more value from their digital transformation. Various business organizations including sales, marketing, human research contribute a large amount of business data from multiple resources. Containing data lakes and self-learning systems, companies can make faster, evidence-based decisions; produce targeted digital solutions and boost ahead of competitors.
Mindtree’s Decision moment gives data analytics platform; organizations need to enforce the insights required for today’s business environments. It gives the right mix of (PaaS) Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to produce the speed and flexibility that companies need to outpace their competitors. Organizations can utilize Decision Moment to create (AaaS) Analytics as a Service for aid of integration with big data ecosystems and consistently create insights from the (IoT) Internet of Things and big data.
This analytic platform is introduced with 20 industry-specific machine learning algorithms based on very deep learning techniques to allow determinative, predictive and prescriptive analytics across business activities. “It offers 25 industry-specific apps in banking, retail and insurance speed decision making with self-propelled business intelligence and visualization features. Data store with 35 pre-built advanced technology components for big data programs provides safe and secure multi- tenant data managements and auditing. Greater than 100 pre-populated data sets easily complied with heterogeneous proprietary and third party data to start analytical capabilities,” as the Company claimed.

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