Not Just Another Number Game, Please

Organizations believe that once they have a vision on track, meeting the company goals ought to be a cakewalk. But what if somewhere along the way, your driving force decides to take a back seat?
Scott Carbonara, a dynamic leader once said “What you believe about employees comes out in how you treat them. And how you treat them ultimately determines how effectively you engage them.” And truly there have been many trends over a period of time.
The more we think about employee engagement, the more we realize that it is no longer a matter of self or choice. If you believe that people run an organization, keeping them engaged is important. Requisitions have come and gone, referrals have been passed to and fro, and recommendations have been sought far and wide. But one aspect we often tend to overlook, Rewards & Recognition. A crucial and defining factor that many organizations till date neglect. It matters a great deal, and organizations must put in more efforts to meet these silent requirements.
Help Make the Routine Fun
Why do you go to work? Why does anybody push themselves out of bed, make efforts to groom, to clean up, and hurry off to work; if they aren’t driven enough? If it’s not the money, then why agree to spend half of your day behind a closed cubicle? Why stick through the monotony where creativity has been asked to take a back seat right from the days of probation?
Regular Rotation Leads to an All Rounder Impact
The human brain prospers when challenged. If and when life becomes a routine, the workplace productivity shouldn’t suffer. Once in a while, a puzzle should be welcomed. Something as simple as re-doing a presentation pitch with a fresh perspective, or even scrounging for a new economical vendor option – Variety should always be the spice of work life! It helps an individual evolve at a personal level and cope with working smart.
What Drives The Driving Force?
Change is an ongoing process. With infinite possibilities and definite results. The ultimate goal is to build a formidable workforce. One that can successfully function without your overshadowing presence. There are certain aspects that can be contemplated while inculcating an amicable work culture – Breaking across stereotypical norms, overcoming geographical barriers, volatile age demographics and even gender biases. A culture that nurtures a sense of accountability amidst its people, will always cut across all organizations.
Instilling A Sense Of Pride
The key to efficient workplace productivity lies in retention with every individual performing his/ her best. It’s not something fancy, but the good old sense of stability. A secure job, the thriving presence of trust, and the flexibility to work. If people are not engaged at work, it brings down your organization’s productivity levels. It’s really that simple. Happier employees are more productive, more engaged and thus, stay longer.
I once came across this powerful quote “Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.”
Consider chalking out an employee engagement strategy, even if you operate as a team of five. Not every organization is the same, and not every team will stay stagnant at five. (If you do, you need a reality check!) It is your internal communication module with the existing people that helps set the pace for the future. And the role that people play links back to how you deal with them on a daily basis.
Imagine the feeling of having to come to work every day, not knowing why you do it! You may have an abusive boss, a salary that barely helps you stay afloat, or worse, the canteen food may be something you detest! Have you ever wondered what is that one thing that makes people want to stick around?
While everybody says it’s a top driven series of micro culture led interventions that should do the trick, in my humble opinion, it is also essential that top-line managers who report to CEO’s, have the ability to let go while interacting with their subordinates. That said, to simply sum it up, there needs to exist transparency within the functioning of an organization.
Identifying the goals of your employees and helping them achieve it, is a best practice that will help align their dedication towards achieving the company’s goals. The best way to tackle a mind block that hinders productivity at the workplace is to indulge in an off-beat, detoxifying activity. Engaging the employee doesn’t always have to be in the form of an offsite.
Raise individuals who ask questions, encourage people who do not conform to the box, support those who refuse to bow down to a regressive environment that doesn’t allow room for innovation. Be a mentor, create a new generation of leaders. Listen to their needs, respect their opinions, give them ample opportunities to learn and explore. It’s always advisable to put your ‘People First’. You take care of them, and they, take care of the work. Simple right?
About the Author
Mr. Asif Upadhye is the Director and Chief Fun Officer at Never Grow Up. He has a work experience in Marketing & Product Management of Financial products; having worked across business lines in companies like HDFC Ltd (Brand Communications), HSBC Bank and Barclays Bank PLC.

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