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NZT Solutions

NZT Solutions is a well-known mobile app development company producing a complete life cycled product and services, for some of the most exciting start¬ups and progressive enterprises worldwide. They don’t settle for good. They shoot for amazing right from the conceptualization of the product, helping their clients to build excellent user experience and back-end with highly scalable architecture. NZT’s core services include: Web and Mobile application development, VOIP Application and Ruby on Rail Application development.
NZT Solutions, is considered as a most trusted technological development company which was formed in 2014 by Tushar Goyal and Divya Goyal. Tushar brings a rich experience of Sales & Marketing in the world of tough competition after working in his father’s company on completion of his Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra. Apart from this he is also responsible for Business Development, Talent Acquisition & crumb of Project Management. As an innovator and visionary entrepreneur, Tushar loves building product experiences.
Divya, CTO and co-founder, of NZT Solution Pvt. Ltd possess a solid background in developing mobile applications. Her support and enthusiasm about mobile app development and excellent project management skills made Tushar establish NZT Solutions. She has delivered amazing products on iOS platform which are highly recognized on Apple store. And this is how the NZT bootstrapped from 2 to 100+ team members.
A Technology Partner
NZT Solutions is a very flexible organization. Irrespective of the size and nature of the client’s requirement NZTians ensure the efficiency in serving the clients. NZT “Think first” and then identifies the business needs and aligns strategies. The company name has propelled to be recognizable with the industrious efforts of NZT’ians. They proved that a plausible impossibility is better than a convincing possibility.
NZT value the power of a smooth two-way communication to cater the client’s diverse needs and business objectives. Tailored to meet client requirements, NZT assures quality. This pushes them to work on cutting edge technologies like Augmented Reality, VoIP etc. The company ensures best work culture to their employees by offering flexible working hours, quarterly merriments, sports tournaments, etc.
Mobility & IT Solutions Provider
NZT Solutions originated as a mobile app development company and then expanded its business verticals to web platforms. Now the company is thinking to gear up for their own product development and exclusive applications for Healthcare, Augmented Reality, OCR and other technologies. Up till now the company has executed successful projects on Social networking, Hospitality, Ecommerce, Business apps, Service base apps, healthcare, etc.
They don’t end up with working everyone, they strive only for Boutique Services, ReadyMade Products and Product Engineering. Their rigorous set of designs and philosophies, does not let the things bend when get tough. Their core strengths are excellent Project Management skills, Agile methodology, Innovative Strategies and Cutting Edge technology. It is remarkable that within a year of its formation, the company has worked with a diverse range of clients from cool startups to iconic global giants. This probably defines NZT Solutions- A Battle Tested Team of Mobile Rock stars!
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