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Gautam Khaitan | Managing Partner | O.P. Khaitan & Co.
Gautam Khaitan | Managing Partner | O.P. Khaitan & Co.

For any given company, the decision to go for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is taken with a focus or target of improved efficiency and market share. In the dynamic nature of the business, it is seen as an effort to stay afloat and relevant and joining forces with like-minded people or companies that share the same competency.

The Indian market which is bustling with start-ups right now, has warmed up to and seen many large as well as small scale M&As in the last few years and the trend is here to stay, say experts. It has been observed that the mid-market ranging between $10 million and $50 million is gradually opening up which serves as an encouragement. Entrepreneurs who seem stuck and are not able to scale well despite having decent equity in the venture look forward to selling early on and make returns.

While the above may make M&A sound like business as usual, the legal aspects of it can be very tricky. The complete process of M&A takes its own sweet time covering every aspect of legality that needs to be agreed upon by all the parties involved. So here again, we need experts who know every aspect of an M&A. And we, at Insights Success, found one in O.P. Khaitan & Co.

Meet the Dealmaker

Gautam Khaitan is the Managing Partner of Firm O.P. Khaitan & Co and heads the Corporate Division. He has, time and again, been recognized as a leading lawyer and dealmaker and is a frequent author and speaker on M&A and corporate laws. His practice focuses on advising clients on M&A and other corporate matters. His clients recognize him as practical and solution-oriented.

In his own words: “M&A is a wonderful mixture of things that I find interesting. It’s a dynamic area of law that has evolved immensely during the years. I like negotiating the terms of the contract – and sometimes litigating – to manoeuvre, compromise, and reach an agreement. Plenty of opportunities to serve and make the difference”.

Since childhood, Gautam Khaitan was motivated by his father, Late Mr. O. P. Khaitan, and learned the nuances of the law. He was the mentor and pillar of strength. The zeal that he has towards the profession has helped Gautam Khaitan to soar high. He is very passionate about his work and believes in never giving up.

Gautam Khaitan has handled various corporate and litigation work for various leading multinational and national companies, banks, and financial institutions all over the world. His expertise includes mergers, demergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, structuring transactions, collaborations, etc. He has regularly acted as a lead negotiator on legal and contract issues for various clients and has coordinated a range of specialist advice as required, working with business and financial advisers and generally as part of a team focused on complex projects. The clients benefit from his diverse experience and expertise, and particularly his commercial approach and problem-solving capabilities. Apart from work, Gautam Khaitan has a passion for travel and playing golf.

Tracing the Growth Trajectory

The firm’s tryst with providing the clients with unparalleled service and legal expertise began in March 1990 when it was founded by Late Mr. O. P. Khaitan. Before setting up the Firm, he had a successful and flourishing practice in Khaitan & Co. Late Mr. O. P. Khaitan brought a wealth of experience in dispute resolution, corporate and commercial laws. His knowledge and support have been fundamental to the firm’s success.

P. Khaitan & Co saw enormous growth over the period from 1990 onwards. The Firm seized the outstanding opportunities that came in the year 1990 with the commencement of the economic liberalization in India. During this time, the country witnessed changes in the investment and corporate environment which provided new avenues of growth to the legal profession. As the activities in India expanded, the number and scope of O. P. Khaitan & Co’s practice areas also grew.

In 1993, Gautam Khaitan took over the reins of the firm and in a short span, he took the firm to its new heights. Over the years, O. P. Khaitan & Co has grown in size by developing highly talented partners and associates capable of expanding and diversifying the firm’s areas of legal practice. Today, the firm offers a full range of legal services across a broad spectrum of practice areas that include, Corporate Advisory, Mergers and Acquisition, Disputes Resolution, Human Resources, and labour laws, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Tax, Banking, and Finance.

Evolving with Time

“Going digital” was once an illusory concept for most counsel and senior management teams. However, the entire judicial system today is adopting a new way of working. There are challenges and opportunities. The firm feels that those who up-skill and adopt a learning-for-life mindset will find opportunity. The e-court platform will make the justice delivery system affordable, transparent, speedy, and accountable by limiting the paper filings. This will certainly help law firms and citizens.

Gautam Khaitan feels that the firm is fully equipped to handle the changes as they have very good lawyers who are willing to work hard. Secondly, the team makes great efforts to keep up with the current ongoings and finally, because they have the experience to know how to approach particular matters with necessary creativity.

As an experienced and eminent personality in his field, Mr. Khaitan advises the young professionals saying, “Work hard, always go that “Extra Mile”, keep current, know your client’s business and give practical advice. Relationship building goes a long way. Clients value that.” 

Hard work and Persistence – Key to a Successful Future

The firm attributes its growth and success to the combined efforts of its team. The Firm’s success has been exemplified by the long list of awards and recognition the firm continues to receive for client service and legal expertise. O. P. Khaitan & Co has kept on evolving and is today a full-service law firm with reliable global connect.

The Firm looks forward to continued growth in its third decade and to carry forward the traditions of the past. “As time passes by, new challenges will come by and that’s the thrill of it. I not only aim to see the firm grow beyond the success horizons but also see such growth along with a healthy and conducive work environment at the firm,” concludes Gautam Khaitan.

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