Ola appoints Pranav Tiwari, Sanjay Kharb to Lead Engineering Departments


Transportation app Ola said, it has fastened in two new executives, Sanjay Kharb and Pranav Tiwari, to reinforce its core technology leadership.

Tiwari, former CTO of Cellworks, has combined Ola as Vice President of Engineering and will work towards optimizing development and profitability by bringing in essential efficiencies in the supply chain function, Ola stated.

An ex-Googler, he has over 35 patents in his name. Under him, the team will aim on building solutions that efficiently optimize the use of vehicles on the platform, decrease deviations in routes and improve customer-driver matching.

Kharb, who was previously VP Production Engineering at InMobi, has merged as Vice President of Engineering Infrastructure and will fortify efficiencies in Ola’s technology infrastructure including site operation-ability, obedience and data systems, the statement said. His order would be to ensure seamless working on critical technology connections that back Ola’s platform.

“Ola has reliably invested in technology, consolidating supply chain and structure a robust technological backbone by carrying on-board world class talent,” Ola CTO and co-founder Ankit Bhati added.

Both Pranav and Sanjay’s roles are critical and vital to steer Ola to its next phase of growth. Ola has been witnessing a slew of changes in its executive team. Besides, Ola fastened in Badri Raghavan as its chief data scientist apart from naming former PepsiCo executive, Vishal Kaul as COO and inspiring Pranay Jivrajka as Founding Partner (from COO).