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Banking Space

With the overall industrial and economic development, banking sector in India is growing faster than ever before. On the other hand, technology is drawing numerous customers for banking related products and services as they became cost effective and customer friendly. Further, banks have been rendering various technology based services such as mobile banking, net banking, telebanking, ATM/credit cards and so on. Therefore, the impact on operation in terms of skill-sets is expected to be significantly growing and that too extremely speedily yet swiftly in this sector.
“Adventure is the life of commerce, but caution is the life of banking.” – Walter Bagehot, author of Lombard Street: A description of the money market.
To bring out the companies which are consistently engaged in helping clients on simplifying their personal finance requirements. We have come up with the edition, “The 10 Most Prominent BFSI Solution Providers In 2018.
In this issue, we have listed out 10 companies which are continuously streamlining the banking space to serve the increasing needs of their customers. The edition begins with ITC Infotech: An Ingenious Leader Providing Business-Friendly Solutions. It is a specialized global full service technology solutions provider, led by Business and Technology Consulting. Under the leadership of its industry stalwart, Sushma Rajagopalan the Managing Director and CEO of ITC Infotech, the organization became one of the prominent and leading technology solution providers. Additionally, the organization is helping its clients improve topline growth, support new business models, optimize their workforce, ensure compliance and mitigate risks with offices in eighteen countries and ten global development centers.
CAGR Funds: A FinTech Company Engaged in End-to-End Wealth Management. CAGR Funds is a financial planning company engaged in helping clients on simplifying their personal finance requirements. Established in 2015, it utilizes the client relationship model to approach and understand each of its client’s requirements.
IBSFINtech: Trusted IT Solution Partner for Treasury and Risk Management. IBSFINtech is an award-winning FinTech software product company, specializing in innovative, integrated and comprehensive solution for Risk, Treasury and Trade Finance Management. The company’s products have been thoughtfully designed and developed, keeping in mind the gaps in the current TMS market.
Marwah Financial Services: A Specialized Independent Advisor in Financial Decision Making. Marwah Financial ® is a customer focused financial services firm offering personalized services in Advisory Broking, Wealth Management and Financial Planning.
Neptune’s Rubikon: Delivering Mission Critical Universal Corebanking Systems. Neptune is an instrumental in creating glorious financial institutions by providing end-to-end financial services to over 60+ institutions across the globe. The company has developed core banking products like Rubikon & Orbit-R, using these the customers can transfer money or pay for goods with just the push of a button.
Processware Systems: Fortifying the BFSI Space with its Ground-Breaking Solutions. Processware is the leading organization which provides software solutions to the BFSI sector. The company is spearheading through its technology initiatives like Data Analytics to predict Non-Performing Assets (NPA), AI-based chat bots for loan origination to name a few.
TrackWizz – A Unique and Self –Enhancing Product Suite of TSS. The company is committed to focus on making new enhancements with different solution for the compliances. It is targeting on building innovative products for financial institutions with the help of its compliance and operations. It is also growing consistently from its inception by serving more than 150 institutions across BFSI with its TrackWizz.
Along with the profiles of such extraordinarily contributing companies, we have also listed Infina Insurance Broking Private Limited, Evolvus Solutions and ECS Fin Inc.
To make the edition more interesting, we have come up with the CXO Standpoints from the views of Industry experts like Rahul Sekar, Co-founder & CTO at Shubh Loans and Prashant Kataria, Partner at Lexygen. Our edition also comes up with some masterly written articles crafted by our in-house editors.
Hope this issue brightens your world and builds the transparency around you.
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent BFSI Solution Providers In 2018

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