Passenger Drone Research Private Limited (PDRL): The Smartest AeroMegh SaaS Tech to Create More Time to Live

Passenger Drone Research Pvt Ltd

You may think that advancing technologies like Drones have increased the complexity of the human future with augmented inflows of continuous data streams from all around to be analyzed and interpreted in real-time. You will find that the case is exactly the opposite when looked beyond and thought untraditionally.

Technology can make our lives the simplesteasiest, and most comfortable if we remain the smartest and the wisest sapiens ever evolving. All we need are futuristically visionary leaders like Passenger Drone Research Private Limited (PDRL) and Ms Kanchan BoradeHead of Product Engineering and AI Strategist at PDRL, to follow. She proves it with an example, “We are developing the simplest technology to Create More Time to Live.”

PDRL, Passenger Research Drone Pvt Ltd started its journey with a simple mission of creating more time to live. The very thought behind this mission was to deliver unique yet simple technology that makes everyone’s life easy, saves time and effort and creates more time to live for real. PDRL has developed a one-stop solution.

AeroMegh: Transforming Drone Data into Actionable Insights

AeroMegh SaaS platform provides various services, from planning and executing drone missions, capturing drone data, processing drone-captured data and performing drone data analytics. The whole platform supports multiple applications like drone agriculture, construction, defence and others. AeroMegh’s simplicity and promptness have made it walk the stairs of success, and we believe this is just the beginning, and there’s a lot to happen regarding advancements and upgrades with technology.

Mostly it is observed that professionals give up when the software becomes too complex to perform their missions. On the other hand, some may spend days and weeks understanding how the software functions. With AeroMegh, any new user can try his hands on and perform hassle-free. It helps the user to focus more on the tasks that matter the most. AeroMegh stands out as the user need not buy multiple software subscriptions and hop from one to another for each task to accomplish.

The Cleverest Leadership

PDRL offers support from onboarding to delivering the services, and for smooth functioning, 7-14 days of online training is being conducted to provide the maximum understanding of the services and features offered. It makes the user more confident in performing the missions efficiently and obtaining maximum outputs.

Kanchan is a highly intellectual and motivated leader. She is the Head of Product Engineering and AI Strategist at PDRL. She is a master’s degree holder in embedded software systems, with a remarkable experience in the software and hardware industry of more than 10+ years combined.

She is deeply rooted in her professional ethics and loves to take up challenges.

She has set a whole innovative level with excellent product development.

Ensuring Seamless and Secured Tech-Integration

Being an experienced leader, Kanchan shares her optimistic opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting the modern drone industry space and how PDRL is adapting to the change. According to her, today’s drones are powered by AI, which adds tremendous value to civilian areas and industries. Utilizing complex AI algorithms has enabled drones to become smarter and more autonomous. Drones can be controlled to capture close-up images from specific angles, enabling structural damage to be detected using AI, making the sprayer on/off at the healthy/unhealthy crop area, continuously monitoring its own battery and making the safe RTL etc.

High-processing neural chips enable drones to carry out deep-learning calculations and image detection locally without being interconnected to the internet. To maximize the use of UAV data collected by humanitarian actors, computer vision tasks based on machine learning algorithms are required.

When processing a large amount of drone-captured data, deep learning and machine learning approach are more efficient than other image processing approaches. It is extremely useful for emergency response missions that require quick decision-making on site and urgently require orthomosaic maps or actionable data. Maps, elevation models, thermal maps, and 3D models can be produced using drone imagery. Here, PDRL plays a significant role.

An Intelligent Learning 

DroneNaksha is used for generating maps, elevation models, 3D and photogrammetry, and PicStork for image classification, object detection, and image segmentation. Using artificial intelligence, PicStork can classify images and videos into one or more predefined categories, annotate the images, train them for specific objects, object detection within a picture etc.

Machine learning algorithms applied to computer vision tasks have improved data analytics on AI models trained to identify a specific object. PicStork automates image analysis, improving the speed and quality of image analysis and utilizing large datasets efficiently. It is necessary to train the AI model to recognize, classify, and identify defects in objects.

The use of dedicated/featured AI algorithms makes automated detection possible. An analysis of drone images, location, and plotting on a map are all key tasks for mapping done by DroneNaksha. Also, DroneNaksha can handle large amounts of data when it comes to data analysis since it can measure areas, volumes, lengths, and perimeters, understand the state of objects, and find and track them.

Fuelled by Challenges

When probed, considering the current industry scenario, what challenges they face and overcome to remain increasingly successful, Kanchan says, “We love challenges. It works as the fuel to us.”

Indian Drone industry is evolving as per the new advancements. PDRL has ensured AeroMegh stands out and is preferred by old and new players in the industry. “Fortunately, our passionate product development team is on the toes to implement new features to stay ahead of the competitors. So, we don’t just overcome challenges. We create a market demand that AeroMegh satiates perfectly,” she adds.

The Third Eye of Future Progress

In her advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the drone industry niche, Kanchan appeal to look around you. So many problems to solve. You always need a third eye to grow yourself and society! The drone could be your third eye!

Raw images, photogrammetry, AI-ML, agriculture, construction, delivery, mining, defence, surveillance, mapping, and pilot hub could be the applications you can try your hands! Be patient. The drone industry is now in its golden age, and its growth promises to be exponential.

On envisioning their operations and offerings in the future, Kanchan reveals that PDRL has recently marked two milestones. “Wherein we have a dedicated product development centre named “Propeller 1” in Maharashtra, and a regional office in Bangalore and soon in Delhi.” PDRL aims to expand its global presence and deliver the simplest technology solutions to Create more time to Live.

Firmly affirming, “Scaling globally by delivering simplest and unique technology solutions is our vision that we will accomplish,” she concludes.

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