Pebbles Pre-School: Helping Children Grow Intellectually and Socially

Kennedy Nesamoney | Founder & CEO | Pebbles preschool Franchise
Kennedy Nesamoney | Founder & CEO | Pebbles preschool Franchise

If you rewind a little and go back in the past, you will notice that there was no concept of pre-schooling. The importance and positive impact of pre-schooling were found a tad bit late in India especially. Parents always found it difficult to send their little ones to school at a young age. But as soon as the concept of pre-schooling started evolving, parents understood the need for their children to attend pre-school.

The early age of children is most sensitive and stimulated. Children can learn the most at this age, and it can be exceptional for their solid future. Pebbles Pre-School is one school that pauses all the parents’ worries by providing an aesthetic infrastructure and experience for children. Mr Kennedy Nesamoney, a visionary man, Founder, and CEO of Pebbles, makes the educational experience incredibly seamless and effortless. With his dynamic vision, he has brought a change in the academic arena.

Innovative Journey

Pebbles Pre-School was founded in the year 2000 in Chennai. It was the first organised play school in Chennai and the first to have air-conditioned classrooms. Its focus was to provide international standards of childcare to parents, emphasizing all aspects of child growth, including Language, Socio-emotional, Creative, and Cognitive areas of development.

Leading the way Exceptionally – Mr Kennedy Nesamoney

Mr Kennedy Nesamoney started his career as a salesman in Eureka Forbes; he then moved on to the cable television industry providing service cable TV to around 1000 households. His other stints were as Managing Director of Tiger Balm India Pvt. Ltd., Joint Managing Director ZigZag call taxi Pvt. Ltd., Managing Director Celestial HR Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., and finally as Founder and CEO of Pebbles Pre-School.

He started franchise operations of Pebbles Pre-School in 2014 as a royalty-free franchise brand owning two registered trademarks (‘Pebbles Pre-School’ and ‘Pebbles’). His target was reaching out to individuals interested in starting a business with low investment, good returns, satisfaction, and early break-even. The initial operations were restricted to Tamil Nadu. Now, he is looking at expanding pan India and international too.

Inspirational Outlook

“Both my parents were teachers by profession and worked in Africa and in different countries from the early ’60s. I did all my schooling in Africa and found the playschool industry very organised. Most of these schools had expats from the UK and other European countries who were running these schools and teaching,” expresses Mr Kennedy Nesamoney.

The formative years for the child are crucial, and it is when children learn quickly, and this is when all their senses have to be stimulated. Mr Kennedy found this lacking in Chennai in 2000, where most of the so-called playschools had children coming in, playing around, eating, and sleeping with no structured curriculum. This motivated him to enter the early learning education space.

Providing the Best

Pebbles is known for its transparency in operations and creating a franchise module that is affordable to all. It is one of the early players that offered a Zero Royalty Franchise option. Royalty can be very taxing on the franchisee. It helps them with options for setting up the franchise in a systematic, phased, and organised manner based on the parents’ area of operation and economic background. Unnecessary material is not dumped on them.

Sustaining the Difficulties

Though Pebbles is one of India’s early players in this industry, it got into franchising very late. Many players have entered this space, and it is a challenge trying to compete with them without compromising quality. The company, therefore, prefers to have a smaller number of franchisees and focus on quality deliverance.

Overcoming the Pandemic

The playschool industry took a big hit during the pandemic as all the schools were closed, and are yet to open. Most playschools run on rented premises, and paying rent without income is a big challenge. Pebbles does not believe in online classes for the age group of children that it caters to.

It designed a method of imparting the curriculum by enabling parents to access its curriculum and materials on the server and teach their wards at their convenience through instructions given daily to the parents by its team. This enabled Pebbles franchisees to continue providing services to the parents and collect the school fees. The school also advised them not to give up hope and try and sustain till the pandemic got over and normal operations resumed.

Expert Advice

“The playschool industry is currently in a phase where there is a major scope for expansion as many playschools have permanently closed down. This will enable those who have sustained and the new entrants to gain as there will be more demand for playschools,” says Mr Kennedy.

Aiming High

Today, pebbles is ranked as one of the top 15 playschool brands in India. “We hope to better this and get into the top five list,” expresses Mr Kennedy.

As already mentioned, there would be a major demand for organised playschools post-pandemic. This will create opportunities for new entrants in the field and opportunities for franchisors to boost their brands.

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