PeopleSide Consulting: Advancing People Development Company in E-Learning Industry

E-learning in India is almost a decade plus old. It is still struggling to gain feet as Corporates, organizations are not able to find right use, effectiveness and cost factor viability. Many large Corporates-organizations made huge investments initially when the e-learning trend started in India & invested heavily into software, infrastructure and LMS. However were not able to see effectiveness and failed in application. Now the trends are changing and thus the rules of game in E Learning industry space, PeopleSide Consulting Pvt Ltd is a training company entered into this space, which offer the excellent and engaging, cost effective eLearning solutions. The idea of E-learning revolves around objective of training, Learner profile, Content with the blend of most modern available technology.
PeopleSide Consulting Pvt Ltd is a fast growing company providing services and business solutions into people management and people development areas.
Evolution of PeopleSide Consulting
The company initiated their program around six years back as a training company and now have gamut of services and innovative products in talent management and people management areas. Today they provide the wide range of most modern solutions.
In People Management vertical they have developed and loaded a baggage of innovative HRMS-and work management cloud based solution called InOffice (inO) InO. They are strategizing to launch their next web based application for People opinions, surveys and assessments called as PeopleSay soon. Under People Management they have payroll outsourcing, HRMS, and assessments.
While they have started as training and consulting company, the organization have been working in this space with various corporates, large organisations particularly in training and developing people capabilities to improve business outcomes. They offer training solutions which impacts business performance.
PeopleSide Consulting have been working across country in multiple sectors like Automobile, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Banking, IT and ITES.  The company has trained over 10 thousand people from rural India in agriculture and farm mechanisation. This gives them pride and happiness as they are able to make this contribution in developing job skills, help organisations with better people engagement and inspiration to work, help people to perform better, earn better and stay employable. Essentially for people staying in rural India.
The company holds two approaches to deliver training solutions, one through facilitator and other with help of technology- E-learning solutions.
Today, PeopleSide Consulting have better edge over their competitors in developing e-Learning Solutions. Their e-learning solutions are very engaging, effective and helps in quick knowledge transformation.
The Man Behind People Side Consulting
Narendra Karale, CEO and Founder of PeopleSide Consulting is a science graduate and MBA in marketing to hold 20 years of experience. He has experience working with different sectors like Consumer durables, Automobile and Retail . His passion for training and developing people, business skills made him quit successful sales career, to get into training and development space. He has worked with large corporates in learning and development department, managing large training and learning projects. In his training career, he has worked with training and consulting companies of international repute. He has interacted and worked with best trainers and coaches of international repute in last one decade.
He has excellent entrepreneurial skills and also works as a business coach for entrepreneurs and startup organizations.
Narendra likes to travel, he is always a bag pack person and this has helped him understand different cultures, languages that he very tactfully uses to connect with his audiences.
He has vision for the organization and is very carefully nurturing PeopleSide Consulting with steady growth and expansion.  His vision is to make PeopleSide Consulting the best Indian organization in consulting and people management – People development space, be a success partner with Global Organizations.
They See Advantages over others
Most e-learning companies have IT background and limited training background, thus they fail to understand the science of training. They would have good technology understanding, but E- Learning is not only about technology alone. The major role is about the content, context and knowing the audiences. Thus the course ware and content plays upper hand role over technology.
PeopleSide Consulting has completely different approach. This advantage is because the company comes from training background and has now developed technical capabilities. The company develops the solution around the Learner and content, while many of the competitors develop solution around the technology; this restricts learning and has gap in knowledge transformation, the reasons why e-learning programmes would fail.
The company proudly holds an excellent ability to design and develop e-learning solutions to suit most modern LMS technology, HTML5 based technology, having engagement tools like gamifications, simulations, Real time content search and FAQs with audio and video content.
Challenges that Overcomed by the Organization
Two major challenges the company had faced, is most of the times client companies are not able to make quick decisions, while the work is in progress companies delay giving their feed backs and do the reviews. This many a times causes delay in delivering entire project.  And on the other hand stakeholders from client companies are not updated with change in technology, like authorizing tools, animation tools, and other production tools. Technology in this sector changes very fast, as this industry is growing globally and at fast space. Thus managing this space is critical from the course ware production point of view and investments.
Major issues for the companies in this field are talent & skilled workforce. We as a country have huge potential to be leader in this segment, and become development partners for course development, content development and learning production for Global markets, which will also create huge employment opportunities in India.
Future Executions of PeopleSide Consulting
The industry has a promising future, many organizations, education sector will have to adapt this change and move to technology based learning. The skill gap and bridging skill gap in limited time frame will force industry to make use of technology. Have right content and right delivery technical platform, being innovative, cost effective will play a key role.
At PeopleSide the staff is highly focused on content development, courseware production and content delivery. The company is working on developing the capabilities to develop courseware that can be easily deployed through any LMS technology or with available open source of LMS.
PeopleSide has fabulous work culture, while the staff is highly committed for the high quality services, the culture that can foster creativity, and build world class solutions. PeopleSide engages excellent and high quality of talent which gives them great advantage.
Source :- The 10 Most Valuable E-learning Solution Providers

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