Perception Management Consulting- PMC: The Future Multi-Specialty Consulting and Coaching Platform

Gaining a brand image with optimum resource management, maximum customer satisfaction and creating added value in the value chain, all at the behest of keeping the society as the main benefactor is what any organization strives for. The pursuit of achieving company’s vision with clear-cut strategies and effective actions is any entrepreneur’s main mission and the managerial strings are pulled to achieve any business goal.
The concept of management consultants was introduced for improving the organizational performance through scientific diagnostics, feasibility analysis and establishing operational excellence of existing organizational challenges impeding growth and preparing them for competition. Consulting firms bridge the gap between information and knowledge using industry’s best practices and create value out of existing resources and talent of company they typically engage with.
Perception Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (PMC), with its successful closure of 200+ cross-industry engagements with private and public sector clients in India and overseas since its inception in year 1998 has emerged today as a leading transnational mid-size consulting brand in the field of management auditing, consulting, training and leadership coaching. PMC is breaking the multispecialty barrier using its unique demand and delivery partnership eco-system model engaging subject matter experts and delivering most challenging multi-faceted engagements. They have emerged as pioneers in strategic management consulting space, capable of delivering multiple business service solutions globally under five functional practices of Strategy, Standards, Sustainability, Safety and Skills.
The Dawn and the Making of a new Prodigy
PMC was formally established way back in 2006 by its Founder & CEO, Vinod K. Pandita, who is a dynamic professional with multi-skill abilities and subject matter expertise. The key perspective of PMC is to work as “Perceptionist”; a word coined by Vinod himself for engaging with clients in their context and has designed and developed engagement models for strengthening their Strategic, Operational, Management and Financial quadrants, hence maximizing their value through these innovative engagement models. The master-stroke of their engagement delivery models is that they not only work as a serious knowledge partners and service providers but engage deeply with clients as quasi-executives, making their engagement lifecycle more beneficial.
PMC was primarily established to assist small and medium businesses for strategic growth and to be their preferred management consulting partner. Quality Assurance became their value creating link between OEMs and supply chain as part of various consulting service models, which gained strength from year on year. Their early days of cluster approach resulted in Indian SMEs accessing world class consulting services at the most affordable fee structure and they still continue to engage with same approach for SME world. Their approach to engage with corporates, large enterprises, institutions of repute and public enterprises is unique and value-adding. They have struck a great balance of service delivery between small, medium and large size clients cutting across multiple industry segments.
Client Focused Services: Providing Values Based on Creativity
Perception Management Consulting is committed to develop and deliver research driven, customized and professional business solutions that meets client requirements for either establishing or improving their strategic vision, business processes, business performance, operational effectiveness, cost reduction initiatives and human competencies. They have always been leading in designing and customizing business solutions to meet very unique client requirements by going beyond just advisory and coaching them throughout the engagement lifecycle to ensure that client achieves engagement objectives and succeed in that endeavor.
PMC has tirelessly demonstrated its capability in designing new engagement Service Level Agreements (SLA) inspired by world-class global consulting firms while developing its own knowledge repository for each industry and service domain.
Perception Management Consulting has also positioned itself as a Business Leadership Coaching company, which advises and trains Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Managers and Supervisors to achieve peak performance and ultimate success. Their PMC Leadership Academy is another one of their strategic moves to bridge gap between academics and industry and has focus on assessment, counseling, coaching and training youth to become industry-ready with one special skill in hand and overall management skills to deal with personal and professional sides of life in the most effective and efficient way.
The Begetter of Perception Management Consulting
Mr. Vinod K. Pandita, Managing Director and CEO for global operations has a major role of providing sales leadership, project management leadership, engagement design and overall drive to achieve business goals. He also acts as Project Director for many engagements with subject matter experts and project managers, who actually lead each engagement.
He specializes in Strategy Development, Business Planning, Feasibility Studies, Human Resource Leadership, Quality Assurance, Lean Management, Sustainability and Skill Development. He is a Business Leadership Coach, Public Speaker, International Trainer and staunch Management Consultant. He is also working on delivering a public discourse in the name of  ‘Maximise Your Life’, which talks about four quadrants of life called ‘2P2S Life Management Model’ and plans to start public seminars soon to motivate and handhold companies and individuals for maximizing personal productivity.
Projects on Front Burner:  Prioritizing First Things First
Perception Management Consulting is currently working on branding itself globally for the year 2017-18 by implementing digital marketing tools to enhance global presence, improving sales activities, engaging global experts, improving strike rate of business realization and much more. They are looking for new opportunities in PAN India and overseas markets especially in Middle East, South Asia and North America to raise business output. Their vision of becoming transnational consulting brand is on anvil and they are heading towards achieving that image in the marketplace.
Projects on Back Burner: Sharpening the Saw
Vinod K. Pandita- led Perception Management Consulting has a well carved out road map for the next 3 years to develop a niche global brand with reinforcing international presence in overseas markets. They are building a unique knowledge portal as a separate business entity and developing an application for MSMEs to work with them as Business Leadership Coach and provide them a knowledge platform, which will act as one-stop shop for business solutions.
The Outcome of the entire tough grind
It was clear enough from the beginning itself that they knew what they wanted to end up as. Through their consistent perseverance, they have been certified to international standards of quality in 2010, won Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award in 2012, achieved Quality Brands India in 2012, certified to DUNS & BRADSTREET rating in 2013, won Outstanding International Entrepreneurs Award in 2013 and have been achieving many more accolades till date.
Inspiration to go the extra mile
According to Vinod, the key to success is to deliver engagements in time with strong project management delivery model and creating more value for clients beyond what is agreed contractually. For an enterprise, keeping abreast of latest events and turning knowledge into successful engagement outcomes is another key to successful management in this knowledge based business.
PMC’s success motto is to inspire organizations and individuals to get trained and skilled to ultimately result in their growth and success.

Source :- The 10 Fastest Growing Management and Strategy companies

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