Pinsoftek: Making Technology work for Business

Pinsoftek, established in 2002, is a Software Products and Digital Marketing Company. At its core, it is developing products that are helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with their day-to-day business activities. In a survey conducted and analyzed about market and Industry for the need of Software Tool which can be used by major part of SMEs the company realized the huge gap in managing SME’s Day to Day Business Accounts. Thereafter it launched many new products focusing on SME that proved to be a great hit.
A Man of Ethics
Prathmesh Shah, a young entrepreneur with expansive vision is the face behind Pinsoftek. His father Pravin Shah, who runs Chemicals Trading House, always motivated him to do something of his interest instead of joining the family business. Encouraged by his words and guided by his ethics of Business, Prathmesh founded Pinsoftek. His vision is to serve SMEs and Corporate Companies in its truest sense.
Exclusive Products & Services
The company’s Software Products and Digital Branding Services include:
Kount – A Business Accounting Software which was launched in the year 2003 which became hugely popular and is still going strong.
KeyByss – This brand of tools includes a Cheque Printing Software, Label Printing Software, Invoice Printing Software, Order Management Software, Bank Book Management Software, Inventory Management Software and Payroll System. The brand was sold to a good mass of SMEs and few Corporate Companies.
Kare – It was launched in 2004 for Digital Branding and the company started to send contents over the mobile phone for branding and advertising. It opened an SMS Gateway where its clients can send Promotional and Integrated Transactional Messages on their customer’s mobile number. It can be integrated with any software or website with any kind of programming language with complete TRAI guidelines. In 2005 company introduced Email Gateway where its tool could send emails at the speed of 50000 emails per hour. They can provide Business Email Solution and Transactional Email solution as per customer need. It also added Automated Voice Call services in the year 2015 and now takes care of Digital Branding Solution for Corporate, Retail Brands, Online Ecom Brands, Mobile Apps, Jewelry Brands, Real Estate and many more. They can provide Cloud Telephony Services to manage their back office calls, Miss Call Services, Short Code Services and customized IVR systems well. Pinsoftek can manage entire solution of Digital Branding based on customers requirements.
Pinsoftek is focused on customer’s benefits so that they can get a good ROI from its Branding Solution and satisfaction by using its software products. It has worked with Intel as its Software Partner and developed numerous Software Tools to sell on Intel Network for its range of users. About his workforce, Prathmesh says, “We have a team of enthusiastic people who have been a pillar to our company and just because of them we have achieved a height of getting good customers on the roll. We have always planned well, analyzed well but only challenge we had faced is fast moving technology to sell our Products and Services to mass.”
A Place of Opportunities
The company believes that Gujarat has developed as a technological hub in India from the last decade. Technology is evolving at a fast pace and people are happy to adopt new technologies. The Government is helping Industry to grow its Policies are supporting companies to move ahead to grow fast.
But these benefits are not without some challenges. The key industrial challenge being faced by them is the fact that budget from customers is always less than the requirement. As far as regulatory challenges are considered, a change in Policy forces companies’ changes technology as well.
Relying on Technology
Speaking about technology, Prathmesh believes that, “Only Technology and Innovations can help the Industry to Transform from the earlier years so when people get ready for new technology adoption they will get the good transformation.” Technology has opened people’s mind to help them grow and really it is a dramatic change from the earlier years. Leveraging technology, Pinsoftek is currently working with Amazon and Flipkart to sell its Software Products. For Digital Branding it is working with IBM India Ltd for their Email Gateway and Online Medical Store PharmEasy for their PAN India Promotion.
While it is growing on the tech-front, Pinsoftek also cares for the environment. Being in Digital Branding and Software Products it is of the view that when industry uses more technology It will help achieve a clean environment.
Focus on Future
Pinsoftek is on a mission is to become a Branding House working for major corporate brands. The advancement which it is very much sure of and finds practical is the use of AI in all the industries. It now aspires to become an AI Solution company in the coming years to provide far better Digital Branding Solution to the Industry.

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