Portfolio Managers: Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Returns

Portfolio Management Service

Portfolio Management Service providers are becoming a necessity as Indians are getting richer. The millionaires are on the rise in India and looking for safe heavens which can grow the valuations of their investment.
Portfolio management services have been in high demand. The number of clients has increased from around 96 thousand to around 1.34 lakhs in past one year.  According to data available with the market regulators, total ‘Assets Under Management’ (AUM) of portfolio managers has increased by almost twelve percent in recent years to almost 15 lakh crore by August end, mainly on account of the growth in the number of clients.
There are many professional advisory firms which provide advice and also undertake actual tasks of investing like creating a suitable portfolio on behalf of a client. They manage the funds of the clients as per their goals and many of them have the reputation of giving very high returns compared to the stock market. Recently, the development of technology platforms has a massive impact on the time spent with clients, business development and ultimately their ability to generate revenue with reduced risk exposure. The business models are undergoing a transformation with advanced technology so as to satisfy the necessities of their clients’ portfolios.

About the Project
We are listing the top portfolio management service providers who are expert in the field and are well known for their customer-centric services. Entitled by “The 10 Most Valuable Portfolio Management Service Providers in 2018” this issue highlights the prominent names from the portfolio management space. This list of portfolio management service providers is short but comprehensive. We have included the information about the founders as well as a variety of products and services offered by them. The project also includes articles from the editorial teams and guest editors on Portfolio management and current industry trends.

The article titled ‘Portfolio Management Services – A Comparative Analysis with Mutual Funds’ is included in this edition. Another article is titled as ‘New Generation Businesses – Creating Wealth through Innovation and Disruptive Strategies’ which is written by Deven Choksey, the Promoter of KRChoksey Group of companies.

We have included the major brands as explained below such as Dynamic Equities Pvt. Ltd. which is a SEBI registered investment advisor and stockbroker, a leading financial services provider in the Equity markets in India, with the membership of NSE, BSE & FPSB India. QED Capital Advisors LLP was included as a Limited Liability Partnership firm and serves as a boutique asset management firm catering to young mass affluent and HNI Clients and provide simple to understand investment products. Equitree Capital Advisors is an investment firm focused on listed small and micro-cap emerging businesses with bright prospects and strong management whose full potential is yet to realize in the market. The Sixth Sense Ventures which is a venture capital firm specializing in growth capital investments in the consumer domain largely in Startups and SMEs. SMC Investments and Advisors Limited provide investment, portfolio and wealth management solutions across a wide range of asset classes in India.

The other financial advisors that are listed include Geojit Financial Management Services which is a leading Investment services company in India with a growing presence in the Middle East. Alchemy Capital Management is currently one of the largest Portfolio Managers in the country and is known for adopting practices that can be classified as best in class. Tamohara Investment Managers creates and invests in benchmark and market cap agnostic equity portfolios, focused on businesses which are most likely to create wealth for investors have a demonstrable track record of outperforming benchmarks. Multy-Act Equity Consultancy specializes in equity research and engages in investment advisory activities for HNIs, domestic UHNI, FII’s, and QFIs. Alankit Assignments is a prominent financial and e-governance service provider dealing with institutional broking services, stock broking and advisory & brokerage services, online trading platforms along with comprehensive risk management solutions.

With markets entering in a turbulent phase, our readers will definitely find this information valuable for them. We wish all investors risk-free and rewarding investments ahead!
Source :-The 10 Most Valuable Portfolio Management Service Providers in 2018

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