QUESS Corp: The Pioneer of Integrated Facility Management Services

The Integrated Facility Management sector (IFMS) is the fastest growing sector in the country which serves the integration of people, systems, places, process, and technology. The Indian government ecosystem believes that there is a significant social benefit linked with the growth of FM services in the country which is taking it to the progressive level. The Indian FM services have tapped 25% of the market space, thereby increasing the outsourcing opportunities for the service providers which will result in the expansion of their roots and generation of more business prospects.


One such company which stands among the top Facility Management (FM) players in the country is, Quess Corp, which was incorporated in 2007 and is headquartered in Bengaluru. It is a leading business service provider company which serves five vital segments such as Industrials, Integrated Facility Management, People Services, Global Technology Solutions and Internet Business. The company is operating efficiently over the globe and has 64 offices across 34 cities in India and also operates in North America, Middle East and South East Asia. The main motive of Quess Corp is to provide a world-class customer experience and work consistently towards creating better lives.

A Compassionate Leader

It is essential for an organization to be led by the professionals who are motivating and have their ears to the ground. Anand Sundar Raj, CEO of IFMG Business of Quess, is one such inspiring and knowledgeable leader who is spearheading the company since 2016 and has a strong industrial experience of over 21 years.

A perfect leader gives his consistent efforts during the highs and lows of the company which makes the foundation rock-solid. Speaking about the challenges the company has faced in the management sector, Anand states, “We embraced various practices which have helped us tremendously in converting informal employment opportunities into formal employment. These employments included services such as statutory benefits, welfare, employee assistance program and salary was provided to the employees through banks.”

While advising his budding entrepreneurs he asserts, “I would urge them to choose their expertise, invest in technology and care for their employees who will in turn take care of the clients.”

Trailblazing Services makes Quess an Epitome of Success

Quess has achieved tremendous success since its inception. One of the reasons behind its success is its mantra of transparency, compliance, and the expertise in the industry.

The company offers wide range of FM services such as House Keeping, Support Services, Technical Services, Pest Control, and Food & Catering. Additionally, it possesses a specialized management group which focuses on Healthcare, Hospitality, and Education sector. Quess delivers its splendid work through its deep-rooted service brands like Avon, Hofincons, Spiffy and Chef on Wheels making it a versatile facility management player. Quess Corp recently launched paperless on-boarding tool, helping solve one of the biggest challenges in terms of employee documentation and verification. This innovative method will now complete the whole on-boarding process in 45mins which earlier took 7days to finish the task.

One of the subsidiaries of Quess is, Avon, which is a premium integrated FM service provider in the sectors of healthcare support, business and industry, and food & hospitality. Being expert in talent management, the subsidiary possesses great strength in the array of fields such as productivity, automation, technology, diagnostic maintenance, and risk sharing.

The coming years will see an astounding growth in the facility management services creating a long lasting impression on the management roost. The IFMS sector has rolled up its sleeves to forecast a double digit growth in the coming years and thus setting its own benchmark among its industry peers. Being an expert in the FM sector, Quess is looking forward to add landscapes to its wide range of services in the areas of Design & Implementation, and Operations & Management. The company is also implementing digital delivery models and also focusing on end-to-end client life cycle management to deliver masterpieces to its customers.

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