Radium Box: A Preferred Choice in the Security Solutions Space

Dr. Ravi S. K. | Founder | Radium Box™
Dr. Ravi S. K. | Founder | Radium Box™

With the rising cyber-attacks and theft of critical data, the demand for global biometric security solutions is projected to increase at a substantial pace. Information security has become a crucial part of every organization’s operational interests.

Investment in security systems is highly important to organizations across diverse sectors, in which safety continues to be the major issue. Some of the major customers of this system include the defence, law enforcement, and government agencies. In addition, the increasing necessity to enhance national security has paved the growth of these systems worldwide.

The biometric service sector can leverage the integration of diverse biometric types as best appropriate measures to the specific business demands and risk levels, in addition to linking disparate information about identity across the company. Radium Box started its quest to promote the knowledge on the usage of biometrics and digital signatures along with benefits of employing them as a security of their identity.

Founder Ravi S Kumar of Radium Box manages the company’s operations. Radium Box believes in achieving excellence through its customer satisfaction. Besides business, it tries to provide a unique solution, which is tailored and meets every part of the customer requirement.

Illustrating Radium Box 

Founded in 2015 by Ravi S Kumar, Radium Box aims to remove fixed costs and reduce operational overheads with user biometrics common usage and Aadhaar based solution. It provides fingerprint-based and facial recognition solutions for better safety. Radium Box aims to become a key supporter of biometrics and digital signatures as an identity management solution for those who are not aware of it after the beginning of the Aadhaar era.

In accordance with the government’s zero-tolerance for fraud, routine access transactions are to be improved and enhanced to improve safety and security while ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Technical support is provided continuously for error resolutions so that even semi-skilled users understand how to use biometrics.

Exemplifying Expertise 

Ravi manages the full resources of the company for optimum use, as well as tries to add multiple verticals to the company to increase the source of revenue. He is also involved in funding and employee welfare.

Due to the effort of Ravi, Radium Box devices have been awarded the certificates from UIDAI, Government of India, for use in Aadhar Enrolments. Ravi is from a medical background and runs a pharma company too. In addition, Ravi launched the Radium Box Foundation (CSR) under the Delhi government license, which runs several online social projects, like the India Online Award, Share the Treasure, and NeuroMantra.

Diversity in Biometrics 

The company understands that there is a huge possibility of identity management after the implementation of UID Aadhaar to minimize the challenges of fake identity. Also, it understands that there will be more and more usage of internet based financial services. During this, the security may be compromised from both ends, i.e., identity theft as well as a failure of document encryption.

The team at Radium Box understands that lack of proper knowledge regarding the new technology will boost the passion regarding the exploration of new verticals of revenue generation.

Organized Offerings

Radium Box began with a clear goal to educate clients on the growing importance of Aadhaar and digital signature for their identity and access management with consistent branding.

Radium Box has developed a support system that considers the variety of India, its multilingual culture, and its inadequate computer skills. The organization offers year-round training and support through social media platforms, calls, remote desks, mobile applications, and so on for both residents and small businesspeople.

First of all, Radium Box offers them the appropriate biometric brand or USB PKI Tokens. Then, if customers are unable to pay at once, it offers them EMI options. Finally, with a readily accessible support crew, it assists them all year round in their language.

In addition, Radium Box also supplies the Unit Trust of India with the free distribution of PAN and DSC Centres – allowing its customers to start their business with zero investment – since it neither charges nor requests deposits in advance. In addition, the firm produces STQL Certified Biometric Devices of all kinds intended for Aadhar registration and authentication. In one spot, it offers all types of biometric and digital signature services.

Multiple Challenges 

There were multiple challenges as this field for India was very new and was a risky venture to choose as there were very few samples were available to learn its marketing. Also, Ravi believes the biggest challenge Radium Box as a company faced was in hiring the right talent in the very beginning. Now the current challenge is to bring in investors so that its services can become more reachable.

Striving through the Pandemic 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Radium Box is confronted with issues connected to prompt delivery. Since many courier firms did not work, delivery of the merchandise to clients was problematic in time. The company had registrations/contracts with various courier providers to tackle these difficulties. Before any shipping, the shipment possibilities were checked online from a single portal, and the products were dispatched accordingly. The location was delivered as fast as possible.

In addition, remote work posed many challenges for the company. However, even before the pandemic, few of its team members worked from home; radium Box easily accepted to remain relevant and competitive in changes. There were many roles and obligations for all employees at home, and the firm guaranteed that the team members were trained with minimal resources to provide the essential expertise. In addition, the Radium Box team was able to keep up with advancements in the digital industry, such as Zoom or Google meetings.

Advice to Follow 

“I advise that entrepreneurs must be persistent (in all aspects of their life) and enjoy the journey putting all their passion into their innovations or whatever they are doing. Results will follow,” says Ravi.

“As practical advice, I have always been a big fan of self-taught learning. It was the vast internet that prepared me for this challenge, in my case at least. I also believe in another powerful concept, never stop learning, and always remain curious – you can learn from everybody. You should invest in yourself and your education, especially from the main references in every field,” adds Ravi.

Thinking Ahead

Radium Box intends to introduce eSigning software with Aadhar OTP authentication software shortly, which may be used easily by ordinary individuals to sign documents like an affidavit and wills. In addition, these tools might be valuable for legal documentation certification. The company seeks to remove false documents and to legalize the will and other documents.

Industry know-how

During the forecasts, the market growth is predicted to be mainly driven by significant reasons. Reasons such as expansion in the e-passport program, backed by the government, and extensive usage of criminal identification. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 is also a growing push for the biometric services sector without contact.

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