Rajat Khatri: Revealing Secrets to Attain Joy with Happy Life Architecture

Rajat Khatri
Rajat Khatri

Our emotions are very complex things. Yet they simply erupt in our hearts. Their sudden outburst spreads afar into the depth of our minds. Like volcanos, they burn the lands of our psyche with the hot molten lava of their feelings.

It is also true that the power of emotions is the only force keeping us lively and vibrant. Emotional connect is the strongest link between us and everything around us. This link keeps our sanity in the face of everything we encounter in our lives.

There are certain times, like the global healthcare crisis, when people’s emotional strength gets tested. In such times, emotionally pressured individuals are in danger of losing faith. The pandemic has been such a period when the entire civilization has been severely affected.

Still, there emerged leaders of the most compassionate calibre with loving hearts and caring minds. Rajat Khatri stands tall in this league. When the world was stuck and was suffering from a deadly COVID outbreak, and being stuck, people had wellness issues. Rajat decided to move into the Mental Wellness space and provide Happiness Coaching to his clients. This is exactly when ‘Happy Life Architecture’ was born in 2020. With the sole aim of providing such tools and techniques to people that are proven by Scientific studies and help improve people’s mental wellness.

Keys to Happiness

Rajat is an MBA from one of the leading B-schools in India and has been in the Corporate World in the field of Data Science and Analytics for the last 17 years.

He is also a Certified Happiness Coach and Author of the Best Selling Book – ‘10 Keys to Attain Happiness – Backed by Data-Based Approach (https://amzn.to/3DgdQY6).’ The summary of the book given is as follows: ‘What are you doing to make your life happier? This book talks about ten principles that must be adopted to live a life full of happiness, well-being, and fulfilment. These ten principles are created based on the research conducted in the field of psychology at the leading universities of the world. Many great researchers, who have conducted many experiments in this field, have suggested various activities that can be converted into habits to sustain a high level of happiness index. This book is all about understanding the basics of happiness and research, so it becomes easier for readers to practice the exercises and develop these as a part of their daily routine. All the exercises are free of cost but require three vital things that are easily available but hard to conduct – a few minutes in a day, consistency and dedication. Remember, happiness is a choice. “Our every decision and action has a deep impact on our life and also affects our happiness. So we need to be very mindful about how we are reacting to the situations, emotions and circumstances.”

Rajat is the Founder of ‘Happy Life Architecture’, where, with an unending passion, he helps Corporate Employees, Students and Teachers in living a Happier Life even in their existing circumstances.

As Rajat had been in the corporate space for a long time and worked across geographies, organizations and sectors, he realized how easily Corporate Employees were losing their Emotional connect. To encounter it, Rajat created his content and courses to guide Corporate Employees, Teachers and Students to stay happier in their existing circumstances.

The Delightful Aspects

According to Rajat, there are three big qualities that are needed in the Coaching Business. First is Empathy. To understand the client and their problems. No two clients have the same issues, challenges or circumstances. Therefore, the same solution doesn’t fit all. Understanding and feeling empathetic about their issues is thus the most important quality to pursue.

The second is Enquiry – asking the right questions to the client to bring their thoughts to the point where they share every critical problem of their lives. On the face of it, it seems they have relations with everyone. But actually, they might be facing a business challenge. It impacts their personal life, and hence issues arise.

Third is Emotional Intelligence. It is vital to make them feel trusted and comfortable. So that they share their personal issues and challenges with you. Without it, it’s tough to provide them with the coaching.

Sharing Happy Life Architecture’s USPs, Rajat says his audience mainly consists of corporate employees, students and teachers who undergo a lot of Stress or Depression or feel a lack of guidance in what they are doing. He adds, “We have observed a lot of corporate employees (including people in senior positions too) earning a lot and feeling lost in what they are doing and hence are unhappy in their life, thus impacting their health, relations and growth in life.” Happy Life Architecture plays a vital role in guiding them through the coaching program. Rajat and his team use the Tools and Techniques that are proven by studies conducted at some leading colleges like Harvard and Stanford in the field of Psychology.

Success Returns on Happiness Investment

The program includes activities and assignments. It’s not a typical ‘Gyan’ session. Therefore, the clients feel involved and engaged. They see an immediate impact on their wellness.

Highlighting Happy Life’s offerings, Rajat reiterates that the firm was formed with a vision of letting the clients go through the program, activities, and assignments using time-tested tools and techniques that are scientifically proven. This makes the clients feel engaged and involved rather than just listening to a typical ‘Gyan’ session.

The daily practical knowledge helps the clients overcome their worries, stress and depression.

Revealing the hurdles in their path, Rajat says the biggest challenge is that people are not yet mature enough to invest in themselves. They think this investment doesn’t have an immediate ROI, unaware that if you are mentally strong, you can achieve anything in life. They don’t consider living a ‘Happy’ life one of the best investments.

He adds, “Our organization helps people understand their biggest problems first in the initial couple of sessions and then gets into the Services as we think understanding the problem itself is half the solution.”

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