Rajesh Desai: A Stellar Performer Representing an Adept Payment Platform

Rajesh Desai| Lyra

As the industry is constantly evolving, the corporate leaders look forward to bring prominent change in this favorable environment. Many successful creative corporate leaders have turned their vision into reality. These leaders are self-ambitious and are determined with their innovative approach to excel in the field of work. With changing times, the leaders cannot simply follow the footsteps of the existing picture. They need to stand-out, have a powerful opinion, and bring new inventions to shine amongst all.
An avid leader envisioning to manifest his goals at every step of the journey is Rajesh Desai, the CEO at Lyra. He collaborated with French professionals – Mr. Alain Lacour and Mr. Christophe Mariette of Lyra Network, France to establish the company which grants utmost service offerings and drives with a mission to bring a revolution. Rajesh is an adroit leader having sheer knowledge about technical product, and above all possessing the ability to work with assorted folks, and maintains a long-term client relationship. His customer centric and performance driven approach has sought after responsibilities of multitasking and rectifying issues efficiently.
Traversing Diversified Routes
Rajesh was always propelled with an approach which made him different amongst all right from his academic days. Having a BE degree followed by MBA, he wanted to discover the world beyond. Having a well-settled job made it a tough decision for him to move to another country. However, this decision turned out to be a turning point for his career.
Sharing his experience Rajesh recalls, “It feels great when those strangers who eventually became close friends still call and thank me for making that vital difference in their life. More than eight years there and India started calling back. It was a tough decision when you are well settled and doing extremely well. Returned back to home soil, gained some much needed local knowledge for a couple of years and then Lyra happened!
Metaphoring Family Principles  
Today I want to be a better person than yesterday.
Rajesh believes that learning is a never ending process and every day is a new journey with great possibilities. He is a go-getter, who takes risks, encounters with challenges and hustles to rise above his ‘comfort-zone’. Rajesh’s family has always been his support system. The primary reason behind his success is the sense of virtues inculcated by his parents. He has successfully incorporated his family virtues to form the culture of his corporate life and the company’s foundation. In the business world, diplomacy is truly sought after, but Rajesh’s father always taught him to maintain integrity as it counts everywhere including at work. His family has been his backbone, he recalls “My father has been my pillar of strength and my mother has been my source of inspiration. My wife stands strong besides me at all times and both my children are the ray of joy and hope of my life.
The Canvas of Life
Rajesh narrates his ambitious self in a poetic manner. His far-fetched journey of success has taught him some earnest life-lessons. He has penned few heartfelt lines expressing his journey of life:
“Live with purpose and passion every day
Be a great husband, father, provider and leader of my family
Foster meaningful relationships with friends and family
Be a wildly successful entrepreneur and businessman
Be healthy, active, fit and take care of my body
Be the most encouraging and uplifting person I know
Always be learning, never give up, and give my absolute best
Live with financial freedom, and be content with that I have”
Company’s Offerings and Honors
Lyra was established in the year 2001 in Toulouse, France by Mr. Alain Lacour. Lyra Connect and Lyra Collect are the two major institutes of the brand Lyra. Lyra Network is recognized as a big wheel in the payment processing industry for banks, brands and maintainers, making it a trusted partner for all types of digital payments. Its detailed analysis of market expectations, technical expertise and the quality it serves to customers has made it successful. Lyra’s innovative payment gateway solutions deliver an ‘all-in-one-solution’ and provide innovative comprehensive service offerings to customers.
The company has successfully been running over a decade in India. It has gained an impetus momentum and showed terrific growth over the years. Leading from the front, it was a one man army which further grew into a team of expert professionals. It has come a long way by operating from a corner shared office to having multiple offices, working with major banks and government projects, tie-ups with major Telco partners across the country, and it has established a full payment gateway. It functions in almost all regions of India even in the distant areas. The team of Lyra was selected as a part of the delegation when French President was visiting India, which definitely showcased Lyra’s competency and expertize in the industry.
Arising above all Odds
Over the years, Lyra has successfully managed to achieve goals and cross over the obstacles which came in-between. Within a month of inception, Rajesh experienced a negative feedback by a seasoned professional who advised that the company wouldn’t exist for more than three months. This was one of the moments which actually motivated Rajesh to be more determined in establishing Lyra as a major player in the digital payment industry. Embracing the best practices and dealing various challenges, today Lyra stands amongst the most preferred partners for the financial establishments. With a strong vision and perseverance to succeed, today Rajesh stands tall against the initial hiccups and challenges which make him more satisfied and accomplished.
Guiding the Path of Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Rajesh is a successful entrepreneur and defines the entrepreneurship as a thrilling ride. He comprehends failures, threats and struggles are a part of the journey but as one moves forward, new opportunities await to conquer. He shares some valuable insights of staying positive, believing in instincts, never forgo good advice, don’t view challenges as hurdles and take calculated risks.
Rajesh advice to budding entrepreneurs is “Perseverance and intelligence are your allies; use them to your advantage keep working toward your goals. Understand that you’re not the first to struggle, and because of that there are many resources available to help you get through your darkest days as an entrepreneur so you can reap the immeasurable rewards that come with building your own successful business”.
CEO’s take on the Existing Picture
Rajesh shared his views on the current times “Fintech is forming the need of hour right now. Present scenario is a like continuum. At one end are upcoming SMEs providing the solutions with Distinctive USP’s and at the other end are the giants providing myriad options and benefits. Therefore, for prospects it is an open choice to catch the best option suitable to their needs.”
The rage of smartphone and affordable data pricing in the country have increased the count of digital consumer’s rapidly. The government is taking initiatives to increase the digital transactions and encourages citizens to embrace a digital payment platform through debit and credit cards or mobile wallets. The act of demonetization and subsequent policy measures has provided further momentum to digital payments. The key actions like expansion of digital payments infrastructure at merchant establishment, expansion into rural areas, incentivizing of digital payments at fuel pumps, toll plazas, insurance portals and launch of Bharat QR codes have further the approval of the technology. With the help of all this, India has a bright future of being the biggest cashless economy of the world.
Keeping Pace with the Upcoming Times
Lyra has a broad vision towards reaching the pan India level. With the key drivers of trust, security, compliance with regulatory guidelines, it has resonated growth to the epitome. The company aims to support the growth of its clients by allowing them to seize new opportunities like multi-acquirer marketplaces or international expansion.

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