Raju and Prasad Chartered Accountants: Committed to Your Financial Efficiency

Sivaram Prasad Moturu | Managing Partner | Raju & Prasad Chartered Accountants
Sivaram Prasad Moturu | Managing Partner | Raju & Prasad Chartered Accountants

In case you are looking for someone’s assistance in handling your accounting and finances, you must be inundated with the services available. There are bookkeepers, part-time financial controllers, CPAs and even accounting consultants. While other services have a clear-cut job definition, it is pretty easy to think about; what does an accounting consultant do?

As we comprehend the fact that every business has its own and unique accounting needs, Since every business has its unique accounting needs, an accounting consultant carefully reviews its financial data to offer business finance consulting services.

They will start working once they determine the company’s financial health and any accounting services currently used through a third-party accounting agency or in-house. After this, the consultant will look into the company’s financial data, measure the current profitability, and then estimate the company’s future financial status.

All the suggestions that an accounting consultant provides; depend upon the factors like what they make of a company’s financial data. The consultant may also suggest changes to the current accounting practices to increase efficiency in the company’s accounting and finances. Certainly, Raju and Prasad empower this efficiency with experienced and dedicated Chartered Accountant Professionals.

Under the leadership of its Managing Partner, Sivaram Prasad Moturu, the firm renders a wide range of services to its clients with commitment, competence, and clarity. In an interview with Insights Success, Mr Moturu sheds light on the significant services that Raju and Prasad provide in the accounting industry.

Mr Moturu, please enlighten our readers about Raju and Prasad and its legacy in the accounting industry.

Raju and Prasad is one of the firms of Chartered Accountants in Hyderabad with experienced and dedicated Chartered Accountant Professionals. The firm has handled a variety of assignments in various sectors. The partners of the firm have experience in specific areas. The firm was established in the year 1979 in Hyderabad and has its branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Jalgaon and Tirupati.

Tell us about the services that Raju and Prasad provide to its clients, highlighting its vision in the accounting industry.

Raju and Prasad was established in the year 1979 in Hyderabad and has spread its services all over the country by having geographical presence through branches in New Delhi in 1989 continued till 2018, Mumbai in 1996, Bangalore in 2001, Jalgaon in 2011, Navi Mumbai in 2013 and Tirupati in 2017.

The firm has expanded its horizons and has grown in size in terms of client base, number of service lines and the quality of professionals with experience in each of their respective fields. ​Our vision is to extend expert-based services all over the country and to get ultimate recognition in providing services across the globe.

Our services include

  • Statutory Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • Special Audits
  • Monitoring Agencies’ jobs on behalf of Financial Institutions
  • SEBI
  • Concurrent Audits
  • Management/Proprietary Audits
  • Tax Audits and GST Audits
  • Central Statutory Audits
  • Branch Audits Revenue Audits
  • Concurrent Audits
  • Stock Audits
  • Expenditure Audits
  • Forensic Audits

Independence and integrity are the foundations for our services. We understand the problems of our clients with empathy and provide solutions with Professional knowledge and experience.

What are the core values upon which Raju and Prasad is built, and what are the fundamentals that make it a reliable accounting and tax consultancy firm?

At Raju and Prasad, we have always believed that the strength of an organization lies in its people. We have been continuously working with young minds and helping them achieve their fullest potential. Our firm provides a rich and unique learning experience with on the job training for qualified CAs and also the students undergoing Articleship Training.

In addition, we conduct monthly learning sessions and annual seminars under our Continuing Education Programme, which makes every individual of the firm a resourceful and knowledgeable professional.

R&P is a member of Leading Edge Alliance, the second-largest International Professional Association of Independently owned accounting and consulting firms. This association enables us to access the knowledge, skills and experience of member firms abroad and helps us to serve Indian clients in a better manner. LEA members have a presence in 110 countries across the world.

Where do you envision Raju and Prasad eventually, and what are your future goals?

We intend to expand our services throughout the country and network with experts in audit, assurance, taxation, and allied services as per the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) guidelines. A member with five years of professional experience can Contact Us Networking in India.

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