Rama Dental Clinic & Implant Centre: Rendering Glittering Smile with its Top-notch Offerings

Dr. Amay Tripathi

Healthcare sector in India is really flourishing as the world class healthcare services are now more accessible to the masses than ever before. The government is also shifting focus and increasing their expenditure on healthcare. Private clinics and physicians are doing their part by catering to majority of the population, including the rural population.
One such private Dental clinic is Rama Dental Clinic & Implant Centre. This modern dental clinic is specialized in advanced diagnostics, and treatment of dental, and oral disorders. It has time and again proven its substantial presence on different platforms, in the field of Dentistry. It offers comprehensive services from all fields of dentistry. RDC in addition to providing high-end dental equipment also offers services that are provided in a comfortable & hygienic environment. At RDC new patients are welcomed with a complimentary oral health consultation.
Situated in the multicultural and heritage capital of Uttar Pradesh,-Lucknow; Rama Dental Clinic offers an overall package of services from Dental tourism to all types of Dental Implants.  Some of its key implant services are Immediate Loading, Delayed Loading, Basal Implants & Cortical Implants, etc. RDC functions around the strong motto to guide their patients along a path of optimal health and wellness, for life.
Talented, Experienced & Meticulous Proprietor of RDC
RDC has achieved bounty of success and served a plethora of patients under the able hands of Dr. Amay Tripathi, who is an internationally trained dental surgeon, experienced in treating patients from different part of the globe. Having completed his BDS, PG Diploma in Forensic Odontology, and PGC in oral Implantology, Amay is a mentor to many dentists, and regularly helps them in their day-to-day practice. He is also the proud achiever of the FMC (Fellowship of Medical Cosmetology) granted by the Greifswald University Germany, and has a Diploma Advance Masters in Oral Implantology from Titu Maiorescu University Romania Europe.
Being a master clinician, Amay is extensively trained and experienced in Dental Implantology. He has expertise in working with various systems namely IMTEC Dental Implants USA, LEONE implants France, ADIN implant systems, ANTHOGYR systems, etc. Trained in conventional implants as well as bicortical implants, CBCT guided implant surgery, Sinus lift (direct & indirect), implant supported dentures, mini implants and especially immediate functioning implants. He maintains two private practices in Lucknow, and works as consultant implantologist in various dental centers across the state.
Dr. Tripathi is trained in internationally acknowledged ADA (American dental association) certified implant courses like smile designing, and ceramic restoration in implant dentistry; implant aesthetics, soft tissue reshaping, and socket preservation, and peri-implantitis. Apart from Implantology he practices Facial Cosmetology like Lasers, Chemical peels, Botox, and Dermal fillers.
RDC: Consistently Delivering World-Class Services
Key features of RDC that help them keep up with the challenges and stay ahead of its competitors, includes services like tailor made smile makeovers, leading edge technology; with focus on health, and safety, and sterilization. Treatments include dental implants, dentures, bridges, crown, composite filling, Root Canal Treatment (RCT), scaling, cleaning, whitening of teeth-bleaching, repairing broken teeth, smile realigning, impaction, teeth color, filling, cast, partial dentures, dental jewelry, and much more.
Special emphasis is laid on dental implants at Rama Dental Clinic. They provide all type of dental implants. Treatments range available from immediate loading and basal implants, to providing implants simultaneously with tooth extraction in selected cases. The clinic has provided full mouth implants surgeries, done within a single day in some special cases.  RDC has tailor-made & selected packages to ease out financial considerations of its patients.
Rama Dental Clinic non-judgmentally delivers the highest possible level of care, with empathy and understanding. It is continually in the pursuit of excellence through continuing education, personal, and team growth, and mastering the leading technologies. At RDC patients are treated as individuals, and partners in their wellness. It delivers first-class & five-star dental care services with utmost respect towards its patient’s time.
Embracing Technology & Innovation
The clinic constantly invests in state-of-the-art, and novel technological innovations. It embraces recent technologies & innovations with open arms and never shies away in investing in latest machinery and equipment. In spite of the rising prices of its inventory, and general inflation RDC constantly tries to fight hard to make these treatments financially viable for its patients.
Rama Dental Clinic uses all latest dental, and surgical equipment like LED headpieces, surgical Physiodispenser, dental bleaching units, international brands dental cements, digital RVG x-ray unit, piezoelectric surgical units, VPS impression system, CAD/CAM crowns, CBCT scans of jaw, CT scan based surgical templates, titanium mesh GTR surgery, etc. These help RDC in delivering more accurate, efficient, painless, and economically viable solutions for its patients.
Proprietor’s Take on Industry
RDC believes that, “the healthcare industry is set for great growth both financially and technologically. With the deeper reach, cover of internet, and telecom domains in people’s lives, it is apparent that healthcare sector would cover the last mile even in remote and rural areas.”
“The compounding impact of such widespread technological advents would require all healthcare providers to be willing, and able to upgrade their services and delivery appropriately,” says Dr. Tripathi.
Source :-The 10 Most Trustworthy Healthcare & Life Science Solution Providers

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