Reliflex Exim Services Pvt. Ltd. – A Trading and End-to-End Facilitator for the Global Market

Adnan Boxwala – Director | Munira Boxwala – CEO | Abbas M - Managing Director || Reliflex Exim Services Pvt. Ltd.
Adnan Boxwala – Director | Munira Boxwala – CEO | Abbas M - Managing Director || Reliflex Exim Services Pvt. Ltd.

Businesses nowadays require a dynamic approach when it comes to import and export. The traditional ways of the supply chain management are simply not filling the gap that clearly exists in the industry, that too, from a very long time. Bridging the gap of sourcing the products to deployment and delivery is crucial and it can be only done when right network is in place.

This is where Reliflex Exim Services Pvt. Ltd. comes into the picture. It is a trading company that operates out of India and China. It is basically a company that was established in 2011 with a vision to be one of the prominent trade facilitators for customers or end users. It envisions to be a facilitator of an environment where the customer should never suffer due to the hassles of supply and procurement of products abroad along with the intricacies that the whole process brings with it. “We believe that the customer should not face sourcing or delivery delays while supplying their products and we are here to eliminate that,” says Adnan Boxwala, Director of Reliflex.

Reliflex focuses on fostering growth by enhancing business connections with its clients. Its team takes immense care in providing logical, deliverable and payment solutions. “We customize commercial methods of import-export and create intensive methodologies for managing domestic as well as international undertakings of various business processes including manufacturing, supplying, delivering, warehousing, and handling custom clearances amongst others,” describes Adnan.

The Trailblazers Leading Reliflex

Mrs. Munira Boxwala, CEO of Reliflex, hand holds the company’s progress and developments. She ensures that all strategies are implemented in such a way that the organization reaches heights of success. She oversees all the operations where company maintains high social responsibility. Munira leaves no stone unturned when it comes to customer service. She makes sure that every customer is extremely satisfied with the services of Reliflex and her team is consistent with the follow ups for deliveries. By doing this, she ensures that the company has 100% satisfied customers.

On the other hand, Mr. Abbas M, heads the company as Managing Director. He takes care of the business by implementing plans that are more comprehensive and effective for the betterment of the company. He helps in maintaining a positive work or corporate environment at Reliflex. He also executes strategic ideas in the business to attain organizational goals.

Distinguished Business Model

The company’s offerings include a plethora of services from sourcing of raw materials to delivering the final product right at the doorstep of its clients. Its process of making things happen is quite simple yet comprehensive in its own way. Let’s consider a scenario where a potential customer seeks assistance from Reliflex for development of its overall product and its life cycle. Initially, what the team at Reliflex does is that it conducts a market research for the said product where they figure out who is the maximum supplier of the existing product, who is the best supplier of the existing product, which design for the product is trending and whether the client’s product is matching the similar criteria or not.

Reliflex also gives its client, reviews from the companies of the top 5 countries that are involved in production and deployment of the existing product exclusively in the market research report to help them understand what the current market scenario is. So, this process provides the customers with an opportunity to compare their products with its competitors out there and assists in making an informed decision about life cycle of their product.

Now, the next thing the team at Reliflex does is that they provide clients with the samples of their product that is going to be deployed in the designated locations as per the client’s outreach and demand. This particular process involves sample reviews and testing where if there are changes required, Reliflex assists its clients by providing different samples with suitable modifications done in the product till it reaches its final stage and is approved by the client.

From this stage, the product deployment phase comes into action wherein Reliflex handles all the supply chain and logistics part very efficiently. This is what the team Reliflex knows and where it excels at. “We secure the customer from end-to-end and provide assurance every step of the way. This helps us in maintaining long term relationship with our customers and build a strong network,” states Adnan.

Dynamics of Reliflex

Reliflex Exports is one of the initiatives that Adnan and his team has taken to help businesses in this pandemic. In this initiative, they pick a product from a small manufacturer who is based out of India and help them place their product in the markets abroad. This is done to promote the ‘Make in India’ initiative launched by the government.

Adnan has a philosophy that has helped Reliflex in building its presence all over the globe. That philosophy is – Grow Together! It has driven Reliflex in achieving great things where the manufacturer is benefitted by the buyer and then the buyer has benefited from the supplier and the supplier has benefitted from the end user in a harmonious way. Reliflex acts as a bridge between this entire channel and ensures that everyone is growing in synchronicity.

He also speaks about how the pandemic has emerged as an opportunity but not a drawback. “Yes, people have lost jobs, businesses, and also their families and it has been a great challenge to survive in these difficult times. But it has also presented us with an opportunity to showcase what we are made of,” shares Adnan. In the future, Reliflex wishes to expand its wings in the maritime industry with its unique approach of collective growth and help businesses have global outreach with a flawless system of product life cycle in place.

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