Revolution in Digital Broadcasting


We are an extremely under publicized market and positively in the following three to five years, we will see an upward progression. The CAGR will be around 12% to 14% according to our computation still, but you have to remember that not all media will be expanding at a similar rate. However, a few sections of print are seeing a much slower development. So it is not an even development but certainly I think that if you take a quick look at a three or five year point of view there will be great development.

Media is now at the place where not only the digitization of TV, rather the integrated users consumption of media is moving to digital media. Expectation of development in digital promotion will witness nearly 25% to  30% of rise in upcoming years. There are a few large scale factors – one of them is the falling of the data costs by Jio due to which contenders also have to bring data costs down. These days smart phones are available for less than Rs.2000 which can also help towards the contribution of digitization. We have only 350 million people in India who are aware of internet that implies that more than 900 million individuals or very nearly a billion people are not on the internet. The extent of development is high in this sphere.

To the extent that the rest of advertising is concerned, for the current year it has been somewhat of a blended pack.

For instance, the entrance levels of Facebook or Google in India, the way things are expanding  demonstrate  that digital advertising will totally surpass all other promotion approach by a factor of perhaps 200% or 250%. Right now, digitization is developing at around 30% while the advertisement showcase is developing within 10% and 12% nearly three times faster.

You don’t need to go anywhere for example: you simply take a glimpse at the user conduct. Looking at youngsters we come across the fact that they are absorbing media only through digital platform, no need of going very far just have a look at the youngsters in your house or neighborhood and you will get the answer, from booking movie tickets to restaurant selection for everything they use internet.

Nowadays 95% of people in India using internet are through their smart phones which is a great change which has happened currently , which means we are becoming mobile friendly market and moving towards development of digitization.

We are amidst this turnover, where the digital broadcasting has grown around 30% which makes me positive that this change will sustain for long term , positive because a couple of years back this change was only 4% – 5% and now it has grown to almost 30% which is also the compounded rate of growth. This is a real revolution in the industry of digital broadcasting.

2017-18 has turned out to be the great year in terms of digital adverting globally  top 10 or 20 markets are almost in digitization, even though India is a developing country we are also heading towards advancement.

We can see there are several players like hotstar, netflix rising towards digital advertisement though there is very less competition as the number of players are very less but the number will definitely increase in upcoming years. Once this competition heats up , growth will be seen for all of digital broadcasting.