RNCOS Business Consultancy Services: “One-Stop-Shop” For Businesses Facilitation

RNCOS is a Management Consulting and Business Facilitation Service provider which offers research solutions to distinguished clientele’ across multi-geographies and industry verticals. The company embarked on its journey in 2002 with an aim of providing multiple services to the companies wishing to engage in any business expansion. RNCOS has offices in India and Dubai, and they have established a global presence in 20 countries and five other cities in India through channel partners. The organization has a broad range of services including but not limited to Financial & Business Assessment, Market Entry/Expansion Strategies, Market & Industry Research, Identification & Selection of Business Partners, Feasibility and Facility Location Studies, which makes RNCOS a “one stop shop”.
“We believe in multi-level client interaction and complete transparency from the project commencement till efficient implementation. RNCOS is considered all stringent when a customer comes to accommodating additional tasks. We consider this to be an effort that would help us to maintain long-term relationships with the clients. In terms of time, costs, and deliverables, we bring the best to the table.”
The organization was established with the unswerving efforts of Mr. Shushmul Maheshwari, Founder & CEO of RNCOS. Shushmul has more than 24 years of experience with 14 years as CEO of RNCOS. He holds a graduate degree in Electronics Engineering and MBA. He has an extensive experience in Indian Market Entry Consulting, expertise in Industrial/Consumer Market Research, Strategy Formulation, Concept Testing, and Pre & Post Product Evaluation. Shushmul has helped many North American and European clients through market research, product strategy building, and creating a go to market strategy for India.
Services Offered
RNCOS services have enabled their clients to make the company as their preferred collaborative partner for an end to end focus, from strategy creation to implementation. They have a broad range of services categorized into three groups- Strategic Consulting; which includes In-depth market assessment, Market Entry Strategies, Concept & Product Testing, Existing Business Optimization, Growth Consulting, etc. SME Business Setup Support; includes Strategies & Planning for Start-ups, Location Analysis, Regulatory Compliance Assistance, and Marketing Plans, and at last Dealer/Distributor Network Setup; under which the company does Dealer Identification, Business Due Diligence, Dealer Performance Assessment & Improvement.
RNCOS’s Values & Strengths
RNCOS’s key values such as Integrity, Accountability, Passion and Quality have not only helped the company to expand from Syndicate Research firm to Consulting Business but has also developed long-lasting relationships with the clients. Their core strength lies in delivering the project on time at competitive prices which is not possible without reliable people in the team who have worked for years. These people make their research segment adamant. Time and cost are the real benefits which their clients get from RNCOS in addition to the ground zero information for their strategic decisions.
Dazzling Future
RNCOS has emerged as a customized research and consulting firm after starting as a syndicate research firm. Considering the market conditions and growing industry requirements, the company aims to be strengthened in terms of market feasibility to end-to-end implementation partner. It is looking to develop its team of CAs to deliver solutions for Financial Viability Modeling, Bankable Reports, Mergers & Acquisitions, etc. Additionally, the organization also aims to expand to be able to handle Medical Device & Drugs Registration and Purchase & Procurement Processes for the international clients.

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