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If you are about to start your own business as a foreign investor in India or as an Indian investor abroad, you should get familiar with the legal and financial situation you may find in the foreign country. Rödl & Partner supports and advises as an integrated professional services firm, which is active at 108 wholly-owned locations in 50 countries. Their clients trust 4,500 colleagues in the service lines audit, legal, management and IT consulting, tax consulting as well as tax declaration/BPO.
Out of their offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune as well as the working points in Chennai and Bangalore, the company provides management services and – together with Indian cooperation partners – professional services, building bridges between India and the specific European business requirements. Rödl & Partner helps organisations from both regions to invest successfully abroad. The Indian team including an India Desk at the German head-office assists their clients in all matters to support their success in India. Since 2007, Rödl in India has grown to a team size of almost 100 professionals who have supported more than 300 companies.
A Perfect Blend of Services 
Rödl & Partner is not just a collection of accountants, auditors, lawyers, management and tax consultants working in parallel. They work together, closely interlinked across all service lines. To ease the process for the clients, each project is allocated to a project coordinator who most importantly ensures the fine-tuning of the transaction process.
It is the combination of Rödl’s interdisciplinary approach, their global reach and the particularly strong presence among German and international family businesses which cannot be found anywhere else.
Leading the Best of Both Worlds 
The history of Rödl & Partner goes back to its foundation as a solo practice in 1977 by Dr. Bernd Rödl in Nuremberg. The aspiration to be on hand wherever the internationally active clients are led to the establishment of own offices all over the world and to rely on close, multidisciplinary and cross-border collaboration among all colleagues. His son Prof. Dr. Christian Rödl took over this responsibility in 2011.
Rahul Oza joined Rödl & Partner Germany in 2008; he is Partner and Head of the Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore offices. In spite of his Indian name, Rahul Oza is a genuine swabian (south west German Region), grown up in Stuttgart. After studying and several years in various firms in Germany, he moved to the country of his ancestors. Through his background, Rahul Oza knows both countries and their differences well. He uses this knowledge positively in favour of the clients.
Steps to be Taken as ERP 
Efficient, short sales channels and storage at all relevant locations and distribution centers can be achieved in cooperation with already established 3PL (third party logistics) companies. In addition, good management software assures inventory, distribution and replenishment. Qualified staff, even at remote production sites, can be ensured by timely planning of the logistics.
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are essential components of the digitisation of business processes. They are used inter alia, for material management, production, sales, controlling, and human resources as well as for finance and accounting. Already during the selection companies should analyse, which business processes are to be covered by the ERP system, which organisational units, employees and external service providers should work with the software, the growth rates of the sectors concerned in the medium and long term and which data the ERP software should access.
Companies should have legal advice directly at the beginning of ERP project planning. A cautiously designed contract must first define project scope and sequence as well as prevent arising problems – such as sprawling costs and disputes about the scope of services.
Anand Khetan, the Driving Force for Indirect Tax Services 
Particularly with regard to the Indirect Tax services of Rödl & Partner, Rahul Oza has brought Anand Khetan on board at an early stage, who is Chartered Accountant and an excellent specialist in the field of indirect taxes. The GST and its effects on the Indian business have been a focus of his work since long. He regularly holds seminars and has written numerous publications on this subject. Anand Khetan is the driving force of the indirect tax practice at Rödl. He is Associate Partner and Head – Indirect Tax Services in the company.
Rödl & Partner has developed a 4-step system for the implementation of the GST in the Indian companies, starting with an analysis of the situation, training of the employees, smooth transition to the new system including monitoring of the adaptation in ERP Systems and controlling of the new compliance processes for the first 3 months.
India being Trendsetter in terms of FDI 
The number of foreign direct investment (FDI) in India is growing, which increases the perception of the country on the international level as an interesting and future-oriented location for new investments and the further expansion of existing enterprises in India. In terms of FDI, India is the trendsetter within the BRICS countries. The sum of FDI grew by 30% between April and September 2016 compared to the previous year to 21.6 billion USD. This development is also due to the successful steps taken by the Indian government to simplify the rules for trade and direct investment by foreign companies.
Rödl & Partner is the Legal & Tax Partner-Germany of “Make in India Mittelstand!” (MIIM), a programme of the Indian government to move international production companies into India which fits into the strategy of many German companies.
Future Prospects 
Looking at the rapidly growing number of FDIs in India, the expansion of markets and locations, Rödl & Partner is constantly working on adapting their services to the needs and optimizing processes, providing their employees with additional expertise and expanding accordingly to the demand.

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