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S.K. Srivastav& Co
Mr. Satish Kumar Srivastav, Advocates & Solicitors, S.K. Srivastav & Co.

Our properties, our work, running and managing a business social connection, whether they are formal or informal, everything is governed by law. Law controls the establishment, administration, enforcement, and even closure of the businesses. Legal assistance is required not only for legal issues but also for execution of Agreements, Legal Contracts, Understandings, Wills& other legal documents in day to day life and business. In any scenario, clever strategic preparation involves collaborating early with a leading Law Firm to ensure that you and your business are safe from future difficulties.

Serving the business realm, our exclusive 2nd Prominent Legal Consultant in India edition is all about that. This story is about a man’s legacy of over three decades.

We are talking about none other than Mr. Satish Kumar Srivastav and his Full-Service Law Firm S.K. Srivastav& Co., Advocates & Solicitors.

Mr. Srivastav had a humble beginning. Starting from a single individual Practitioner, he began to develop steadily, though gradually, and established his Law Firm, a legacy of 35 years. This legacy is now being used to serve people in numerous fields, including, but not limited to Commercial Corporate Arbitration, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual property Real Estate and International subjects.

An Erudite Leader

Mr. Srivastav has been practicing since 1985 at Bombay High Court, Delhi High Court, Supreme Court of India and Supreme Court of England and Wales. He has a Certificate to practice as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of England & Wales and was awarded a Fellowship by the International Bar Association. He has a vast experience in Civil, Corporate Writ, and Commercial matters and has appeared and handled matters in several Courts in India and Abroad. He also acts as an Arbitrator and is an accredited Adjudicator and Mediator of considerable experience.

Mr. Srivastav asserts “To us ‘success’ means our clients can sleep well at night with confidence that they are in the capable hands of our firm”

For the People

The Law Firm has succeeded in delivering personalized solutions to their clients in competition with other rival businesses. It is the Firm’s belief that ‘you must resolve the solution rather than giving advice to people to instigate and litigate in the Court’. The Firm’s endeavor is to pursue a way to establish the successful settlement between the Parties. The Law Firm has so far been able to resolve about 60% of the conflicts, and the strategy for others is also the same. This is what the Firm and Mr. Srivastav stand for; for people to get the most out of the cases, outside the Court.

Mr. Srivastav says “We have the distinction of negotiating and settling more than 60% of the matters and we continuously strive to settle the remaining others”

A Broad Outlook on Digital Law

While talking about how the Legal Industry has been coping with the pandemic, Mr. Srivastav cites that the Legal Industry prominently depended on meeting with clients, negotiations and arguing, filing physical papers and mostly relying on analog methods which has taken a severe hit due to the pandemic.

According to Mr. Srivastav, India has the Digital technology, but the adoption and usage of Digital technology was limited by Legal Industry. In his views, the Legal Industry was not prepared for something like the pandemic and is striving to adopt and use the technology, but it will take considerable time.

The Lawyers were not so used to virtually addressing the Court and are gradually getting used to the new system. Mr. Srivastav strongly advises that the Educational Institutes must stay at the forefront of educating our future generation with usage of Digital technology. Mr. Srivastav is however quite confident that the Legal Industry will get along with the change in technology. He cites the example of computers and smartphones which were used by few but are now the mainstream devices people cannot live without.

Mr. Srivastav asserts “To succeed in the legal profession, a Lawyer should be sincere, hard-working, adaptable and have a passion to learn the law”

Additional Information about the Firm

  1. K. Srivastav& Co. provides tailor-made strategies in Commercial, Corporate, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Rights, Real Estate and International subjects.

The Organization strengthens its foundation by first knowing and then strategizing on the basis of facts and rules and then utilizing enthusiastic lawyers to deliver the right approach. The Firm is serving as a platform for better and more up-to-date views on Indian activities. It has offices in Mumbai and New Delhi with associates in major Indian and worldwide cities.

The Law Firm is part of several International Networks such as:

  • World Link for Law
  • Association of European Lawyers (AEA)
  • International Bar Association (IBA)
  • International Law Association (ILA)
  • International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • International Intellectual Law Property Association (IIPLA)
  • Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF)
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ICADR)
  • Law Asia
  • Shiparrested.Com

The firm has achieved innumerable awards and recognitions, to name a few:

  • Best Arbitration Law Firm in India- The Lawyers Network (TLN), 2014
  • Promising Advocate and Solicitor – Advocate G.M.Shitahatti Memorial Award, 2018
  • Business world Global Legal Summit & India Leaders Award, 2019
  • Civil Litigation Law Firm of the Year- Corporate INTL Global Award, 2020

Words to Live By

Speaking from over three decades of experience, Mr. Srivastav has some strong advice for future generations seeking a law career. He advises that this is a profession that demands hard work and a lifelong learning attitude. He says, “You cannot expect to study four or five years and become a complete Lawyer; you have to continue learning, especially in a country like India where the laws and acts keep changing. To become a successful Lawyer, you must carry a lifelong learning attitude.”

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