SareStates Realty Advisors: Shaping Your Dream Home with Strong, Experienced and Trustworthy Advice

The budding future of real estate lies at the decussating of coped logistics and platform technologies that power data science, artificial intelligence and mobile technology. Real estate truly began its revolution when technology companies focused on cracking information to empower consumers to create more conversant purchase decisions.

Currently, we are getting the first glimpses into Real Estate’s future. The next level is about transformative corporate models that absolutely redefine real estate acquisition and management from the ground up. Driven by technological furtherance in logistics technology, artificial intelligence, and data science, it’s now possible to scale boots-on-the-ground actions with robust back-office systems in real estate and purvey a completely new customer experience to buy or rent real estate.

An organization which is driven by comprehensively proficient experts who are exceptionally passionate about Real Estate and have a very strong belief in the customer-centric approach is SareStates Realty Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Way2Wealth Realty Advisors Pvt. Ltd was a part of Café Coffee Day Group). The company was instigated by Amit Choudhury, who has been cultivating the brand since 2012. With his impeccable experience in Indian Real Estate and Financial Services sector, Amit decided to coup Way2Wealth Realty because he believes that India real estate region is completely fluctuating from unorganized to organized market. Amit along with his pro passionate team of experts and proactive market leaders are confidently heading towards driving SareStates to the Epitome of Success.

The Passionate Leader of SareStates Realty Advisors

Amit Choudhury, MD & CEO of SareStates Realty Advisors is a neoteric, thinker &architect by his virtue and is also one of the most admired individuals in the arena of a multidisciplinary advisory. He is well-known for his influential role in the meadows of Real Estate Broking & Financial Services over 16 years of his vast experience in multidisciplinary advisory and transactions.

He meticulously believes in the maxim stated by A P J Abdul Kalam as, “To succeed in your mission you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.”

Earlier, he worked with Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. wherein he ascended numerous ladders through his attitude towards his work and substantiating his mettle in the every field that he decided to master. Subsequently, he has been a part of Way2Wealth Brokers Pvt. Ltd. for 8 long years wherein again he has been influential to tailor the company at the existing epitome.

Serving the Class of Effectiveness 

From Individuals to Corporates, Investors to Expats, SareStates is expertly specialized in all kinds of real estate requirements pertaining to housing, local market know-how combined with robust processes, a sturdy in-house research team, independent experienced Indian leadership team and healthy relationships with clients and developers alike are the mainstays of the enterprise services.

The variety of services includes:

  • Residential and Commercial Property Advisory,
  • Mortgage Advisory and Debt Restructuring,
  • Real Estate Valuation and Research,
  • Property Management.

Whenever SareStates engages with its clients they put their all great professional excellence and standards for achieving goals of the project they handle. They endeavor to go beyond the potentials of its customers by anticipating, understanding and responding applicable to their requirements. SareStates stands by example and stays accountable for each and every business done through them by any individual. It provides a 360-degree solution to all its clients which make sure that the client doesn’t have to pursue assistance from a number of advisors.

Gaining Clients Trust with Focus and Dedication

SareStates always had a very focused and unbiased approach which gyrates around its core values of driving the Indian Real Estate towards being the most esteemed sector built on pillars of honesty, trust, transparency, quality, affordability and customer gratification.

A numerous regulatory and industry-specific expansions which drove Amit to establish the venture, few of among them is the introduction of  RERA – The Game Changer to their vast Indian Real Estate Market,which will not only create transparency but also protect the interest of all the equity holders in the entire supply chain like developer, buyer and intermediary.

SareStates strongly claims about its services that, “We stand responsible for all our transactions and stay dedicated towards all our clients and partners. Our approach speaks louder than our words; we bridge the gap between our clients and our partners by creating clear, transparent and value deals.”

SareStates assists and guides its clients to form a robust real estate portfolio by assuring that the client makes the best returns on their investment. They offer clients a dedicated consultation packaged with study and analytics done by its unbiased team of extremely experienced, proactive and mastered real estate brains.

With a new set of regulators coming in, everyone faces challenges of adaptability, but for SareStates, they have been following the same right from the inception and have been very successful in winning the awards which they have been viewing for – Trust, Belief &Ownership of its Investors. According to Amit, “challenges are just ladders that help you successfully achieve your dreams. Live and Overcome Them To Succeed!”

Living and Moving for Achieving goals   

“We at SareStates, work day and night towards our common goal and objective which is to become the most profitable leader in the commercial, retail and residential real estate. Our vision is to serve our clients and fulfill their needs by consistently producing and managing developments of lasting value to the community. We recognize the need to be flexible, entrepreneurial, and aggressive, both as individuals and as an organization. We believe in teamwork, innovation, professionalism, and long-term decision-making. We endeavor to preserve and enhance our reputation for integrity through all our actions” and that’s how SareStates strongly perceive its goals. 

Principles that Signifies and Dignifies SareStates

Focus and direction of efforts towards clients by understanding, anticipating, and satisfying all their needs and expectations in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner is the main approach of the company and they are consciously doing it. SareStates encourages and rewards entrepreneurial behavior, leading by example, prudent risk-taking; and seek to evolve an atmosphere of esteem and empowerment for all its employees. 

Development is incomplete without training, by knowing this SareStates encourage and support all its employees to realize their full professional potential by providing training and educational programs to nurture technical, project management, interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills. Also, they seek and share all information necessary and relevant to justify their jobs at the best of their ability.

Future Enrichments

SareStates recognizes the modern state of Real Estate is in the retrieval way and is experiencing an evolution period from unorganized and ungoverned to an extremely organized, governed and controlled sector. The current state will support and transform the same with burdens of transparency pouring in. But at the same time, the need of the hour will be to educate the masses, real estate consultants, developers and government officers on RERA to avoid and erase confusions, misconceptions about RERA. “The faster we do the better will be for our industry,” and like that SareStates works.

The company is functioning towards a goal which is to benefit the community through its ethical and dedicated approach. They are forming momentum by increasing its real estate portfolio, by engaging and associating with more and more ethical and trustworthy developers. Apart from that, SareStates is going to unveil its exclusive mortgage aggregator website, which will make loan process smarter, better and faster.

For future, SareStates is enhancing its clients and investor roots by bringing smiles which give them happiness and peace of mind. They proudly see the vision of getting into the league of the elite and the largest Real Estate broking and consulting firms.

Source :- The 10 Most Powerful Real Estate Companies in 2017