Saurabh Kabra: A Decisive leader Unlocking Doors of Opportunity

Saurabh Kabra | Insights Success

“Change is the only constant thing in the world” a saying that we often came across and which solely true for the electronics industry. With continuously evolving technology, digital televisions are attracting more and more people. People are now attached to their television more than ever. Indian TV market registered a robust growth in 2018.The year marked some remarkable changes in the television market, both in terms of technology and price. In 2019, Television will be all about personalized technology & experience, wherein everyone is connected to a smart TV. – Brands too have focussed on bringing new smart solutions for Smart TV’s. Truvison, a Europe based consumer electronics & Appliances Company comprises of state of the art Televisions, Home Audio, Air Conditioners, and other Appliances.
In interview with insights success, Saurabh Kabra, Director – Business Operations India at Truvison gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by the company in the television industry.
Below are highlights from the interview between Saurabh and Insights Success:

  1. Brief us about you and your entrepreneurial journey since the beginning of your career

I started my professional journey in the early 20’s and I started drawing up plans for potential businesses. With nurturing the brand right from its seeding, I focused a large amount of my time on product development, quest for introducing global technology & innovation in the Indian Market. I was extremely passionate about designing products that have the end user in mind and address their needs to ensure they have an enhanced user experience. Having said that, my first job was my father’s business and after which I started on my own with Truvison in the Year 2016, and since then, have been going steady and strong.

  1. How do you describe yourself in one/two word? Who has been your guide, source of inspiration, support?

Decisive and Confident Person. I believe I get every ounce of my work ethic, drive and entrepreneurial spirit from my father. My father has come from a very humble beginning. He has dedicated his entire life to creating something of value, toiled hard and long, to get that first break. He has committed to hard work and sometimes a “winning at all costs philosophy. Most importantly he has sacrificed a great deal in his personal life to build a platform from which future generations can launch their own careers. Age is a powerful asset, and so is experience. Along with his guidance, support and techniques, we grow each day.

  1. What do you like most about your job? State us about your passions, mission, and goals. What acts as a motivation tool for you?

I love the challenge and the diversity which I have on my table. There’s a lot of responsibility and tons of pressure but I truly thrive on those moments. For me my work is my Passion and not just work. I connect my passion to the work and don’t depend on other people setting the bar. The internal bar becomes the drive. I always state this to my employees “Impress yourself First” and rest will follow.

  1. Kindly describe in brief about your company and its services/products.

We are Europe based consumer electronics & appliances company, entered Indian Markets in the Year 2016. The genesis of Truvison & its technology innovation roots is derived from UK. Truvison product range comprises of state of the art Televisions, Home Audio, Air Conditioners, & other Appliances.
Known for quality and design excellence the brand is credited for its distinctive technology products in India. Truvison is placed on innovation and quality, pioneering the democratization of technology in India – by offering innovations through its product offerings, removing difficulties for large scale implementation of cutting-edge technologies. In a very short span of time the brand has been synonymous with excellence, quality, unmatched reliability and trust.

  1. Share your experience and brief us about the tactics and strategies to win people’s trust.

It is your behavior that demonstrates trust. Trust impacts business results, organizational alignment, innovation, staff- engagement, relationships, and stakeholder confidence. For me the only tactic I follow to WIN people’s trust is to “Bring the best of who you are to your work” You operate from a best of self-core with characteristics like kindness, compassion and integrity…rest shall follow. One such experience was when I wanted to close a Mammoth sized business deal with European counterparts. When I had just begun my Journey. The only element that influenced both the parties to sign the paper was ‘Trust’.

  1. State us about the most memorable and remarkable moments of your life.

The most remarkable moment for us was successfully achieving the 100cr Turnover in a very short span of time. Also, our brand was recognized among several awards & accolades which boosted our confidence too. These priceless moments, become memorable.

  1. What drives you to become an entrepreneur? Kindly highlight your achievements. Please mention your awards and accreditations, which are notable to you.

My passion towards my work drives me to do more. We have been nominated for the several award categories when it comes to our product range. For me, the biggest achievement like I mentioned earlier is the revenue ladder where we were at the Top fastest among the Young Brands.

  1. Kindly tell us about the challenges you took and the risk associated with it and how did you overcome them?

As a startup, we faced dismal lack of recognition. Also, one of the biggest challenges was the renowned competitors. But like they say ‘the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity’. We eventually overcame all these challenges by giving better quality to our customers at affordable prices. We also provided great after sales- service to our customers to win their trust. Intensive marketing was another strategy which helped us narrow the gap.

  1. Share your point of view on the current scenario of the industry and its future
    Television is now digital, and digital is now television, and one thing is for sure: When it comes to TV, the only constant is change. Now, people are more attached to their televisions than ever, in result to which the manufactures, are continuously finding new ways to keep them going. Indian TV market registered a robust growth in 2018.The year marked some remarkable changes in the television market, both in terms of technology and price. The year made a shift from the entry level TVs to Smart TV’s. The Industry overall saw the move towards Smart TV and by the end of next financial year the Smart TV market is predicted to move to 50%. Television 2019 vision will be all about personalized technology & experience, wherein everyone is connected to a smart TV. – Brands too have focussed on bringing new smart solutions for Smart TV’s.
  2. What would you advise to the budding entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, to say the least. It is filled with constant highs and lows; where one should not be carried away by either. To all the budding entrepreneurs, I would suggest you should always have a vision of what you aim to achieve. Having a passionate team is of utmost importance as; Teamwork plays a major role to run a company successfully. Never ignore the complaints/feedbacks or negative comments, try to strategize and work in a manner to overcome them.

  1. Please tell us about your future business plans.

In the near future, I am confident to say we shall be able to compete with China and South East Asian countries, which are known for its Manufacturing. We are focusing on exploring new avenues for growth and shall continue our focus on product development, enhance production processes and after sales-service. Clear focus shall always remain on building latest technologies at most affordable price without compromising on the quality of our products.  With several strategic tie ups and partnership in pipeline, we aim to expand the product line across categories, enriching the lives of the consumers and adding a ‘soul’ to our products. We also plan to introduce more categories under mass premium brand which will help us to expand in tier II & III cities. Recently, we have also associated with the well-renowned and trusted online stores, to maximize the outreach for the audience. Having said that, we aim to be India’s most Trusted Destination for Consumer Durables and probably amongst the top three consumer durable brands.

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