Seven Relationship Tips Which will Help You Create a Non-Toxic Workplace

Relationship Tips

8 Hours a day. 5 Days a week. 4 Weeks a month. 12 Months a year and, 40 Years in one’s life. This figure is humongous, and so is its importance. Believe it or not, this is the quantification of time that we actually spend while working. An average human being spends about 1/3rd of his/her life while working at offices. And, this doesn’t even stop here. Even in the balance 2/3rd portion, significant amount of time is spent either warming-up one-self with preparations before work or cooling-down one-self from exhaustions after work.

Ironically, while we get busy weaving our lives at the workplaces, the other ‘important-stuffs’ like our families, friends & personal relationships helplessly watch us somewhere from their back-seats in which we have forced them into. In our generation, the impact of our work is quite heavy on almost everything else that we have. A single bad day at work has multiple cascading effects on everything that follows, be it our personal life, our social life, even our physical and mental health is not spared. But even after knowing all this, the real conundrum is – One just cannot rid oneself from working. It is the basic source to earn the fundamental necessities of life viz. Food, Water and Shelter. It has become so integral to our lives that imagining a life without work sound ridiculous.

So, it goes without saying that one has to be very careful while choosing the kind of work/career they opt for. Usually, this part is taken well care of. However, the part which often gets neglected is our ‘conduct’ at the workplace. Our conduct determines the environment and the inter-personnel relationships at offices. The relationships that we forge on work-places are quite vital in determining its environment. We are not robots assigned with tasks to perform, and that is why even though sacrifice or neglect many other things in life, relationships, culture and work environment not only maintains the balance of the employees but also creates a direct impact on the productivity of the workspace. Whatever happens around us has serious impressions on our work-life, on our life after work and most importantly on us. Hence, it should never be neglected, and especially not when the existence and relevance of entire 2/3rd portion of our life is dependent on it.

Making workplace more productive and non-toxic is not a rocket-science. The solution is not that far; it lies within us only. Here are some cues which will ensure healthiness in work-place relationships and the associated atmosphere.

  • Acknowledge the Common-Cause

Irrespective of the kind of profession or the type of department we are in, there is one simple goal that never changes, i.e., the aim to bring success for the organisation, firm or business we are working for. A proper understanding of this common-cause strengthens the team-bonding among the co-workers which emboldens the person-to-person relationships at work.

  • Appreciate the Value that Others Bring In

Needless to mention, majority of conflicts in any organisation are caused once the feeling of individual superiority creeps in among the equals. There needs to be a clear understanding that a colleague working in the same rank as yours is in there only because he/she belongs there, rather deserves to be there. There shall absolutely be no scope of egoistic impositions amongst them. No matter what the designation of an employee is the senior management should always give importance and value to the junior empoyees to make them believe that their work, ideas and decisions matter for the organization’s growth. In this way, one can enhance the confidence and trust of the employees belonging to all levels of the hierarchy authority. No matter, how good an architect you are with world-class technique and degrees to boast of; can you build even a simple wall of house without taking help of mason, carpenters and workers? It is apparently not possible.

  • Make the Transition from ‘Me to We’

There is a reason why there is no ‘I’ in a ‘TEAM’. Working in isolation never serves the purpose. No matter how efficient you are, the larger picture of success comes only when the individuals work in unison with a sense of mutual co-operation amongst them. The essence of togetherness energizes the complete work-environment. It rejuvenates the employees and ensures higher level of dedication in their work.

  • Give Personal Space and Find One in Return

Individuals working at offices have a lot of things to deal-with out of office. But most of us tend to overlook it quite often.  Irrespective of how good your bonding is with your colleague, there would obviously be certain areas where your repeated interventions might not be appreciated. Sudden interference in colleague’s life may hamper somebody’s private space and it is always appreciable to respect each and every people’s privacy. So, to maintain a healthy relationship with the person sitting next to you, one should know  ‘when to speak’ and more importantly ‘when not to’.

  • Be Gentle in Suggestions

It is an apparent fact that monetary earning and perks are the things that motivates us to go to work every day. No denial to this fact, after all, we all work to make a living. We get paid for what we do. No denial to this fact too. But, sometimes things are better understood when not said point-blank. It is a general psychological fact that if one points out other’s mistake in a rude note, the person being pointed out might find that offensive. That will eventually lead to demoralization of the employee, the formation of depressive air in the work environment and will ultimately hamper the productivity of the entire team.
Suggestions are always fruitful when delivered with calmness and supported with logic. If some suggests or advices another employee or even points out mistake of that person in  a polite and ethical way, the person will value that and obviously the respect for the person will be enhanced to a new level.

  • Be Affluent in Appreciations

Ever tried calling your office-boy or office-cleaner by name? The smile that’ll appear on their faces upon hearing their names from so-called ‘white collar’ employees like you would be priceless. Same applies to your counter-parts, your colleagues and your sub-ordinates too. Take some time to appreciate the ‘goods’ around you. There would be plenty of those surrounding you every day. Mere few good-words regarding their work, etiquette, sincerity or even dressing sense, works a magic in motivating people at work. No matter who the person is appreciation always play a magical role in building positivity filled with motivation among the employees.

  • Be Happy and Spread Happiness

Happiness is infectious. A simple burst of laughter spreads in a speed faster than light. You must have noticed that the happiest faces at any office are most efficient at work too. They have an aura surrounding them. People feel them to be approachable and easy to communicate. This ‘ease’ is the foundation of healthy relationship between colleagues at work. Nothing is constant in this world except change. You never know when you might have say “Fare-thy-well” to one of your colleagues or vice-a-versa. So, get rid of pity grudges, be polite with all and, have courage to forgive, forget and move-on.

You must be thinking, it’s so simple, chalk-n-cheese! But not really. Even if you have acquired the awareness and you are ready to condition yourself to maintain healthy relationship at work; what is the guarantee that your counter-part at work will reciprocate and follow the same? You can’t just clap by a single hand. Well, nothing comes this easy in our lives. But, as our valuable 2/3rd portion of lives are dependent on it, we must put-in extra some efforts demanded by this relationship. The power of any relationship lies with the one who cares more. Let us be the one who cares. We all know that the change begins with you and within you. Once you start caring, the 1/3rd will set itself free from all kinds of toxicity and, once this liberation is attained, the balance 2/3rd will get-up from their ‘back-seats’ to smile at you and to embrace you with the happiness which you have craved for so long. Wouldn’t the life filled with such moments be beautiful? Even the thought of such life has brought a smile on your face.

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