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Until a decade ago, sports were viewed as just a way to keep kids busy. Parents were more concerned about what grades their kids received, rather than what sports they were interested in. However, with success stories, like those of M. S Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Mithali Raj, P. V Sindhu, and the Phogat Sisters, there came a shift in these perceptions. While there was a change in mindset, the change in the sports industry and its connection with academics was yet to arrive.

The sports industry, as of now, is too large to be brought under one roof and to provide services to masses. Thus, it has split into smaller sections, and the government is working over to keep good control over them, in the best interest of the nation. However, the major issue is, even after the sports industry is too big, the masses are majorly unaware of the benefits of being in this industry. Sports can be a big-time career and a self-owned or self-managed one.

Most of the parents think education as an investment of 20 years and calculate on which profession will reap them their investments for a settled life of their children. The professional growth and what are stored in sports needs to be opened to the masses and so, the development in sports will be sparked.

And this is where Sheetal Tembulkar, a teacher and an entrepreneur, steps in. Through her product Kridaangan, under the banner of Generoot Sports Initiatives P. Ltd. (GSI) she lives by her motive to get sports as culture and as a part of daily living.

Sheetal believes that in this fast lifestyle, the art of being sportive has been lost and so also our health concerns have risen. To combat this, today’s generation who are our tomorrow’s rock stars need to stay fit and healthy. Understanding the need of time and preparing for tomorrow, she came up with the services of Kridaangan.

The company serves to bring the best out of children and make them sportive in various games. Advice on nutrition, upcoming games, sports as a career, mastering game skills, holding championships and winning titles are some of the activities the company works on artistically.

Kridaangan also helps schools with its unique economical proposals to develop Sports Infrastructure and bring out the finest talents in their students to be National & International Players representing the Motherland India.

Sheetal believes that a school is a place where belief system is structured and there is no better way than to support schools to develop the belief in Sports. Hence, they support the schools to weave academics and sports together.

In between, she answers our queries on what keeps her going all the way.

How do you keep yourself motivated? Please tell us about your idols and inspiration.

My students and the children I meet are my inspiration. Every child has a unique character and I believe it is my role to create the path and develop the unique character of each child, I come across. My inspiration is many around and they are an unending source of motivation.

Share with us the highest point, most memorable and remarkable moment of your life, professionally. Also, the lowest phase of your life or the toughest deal to crack.

We have received many ‘NO’ till date and I know we are going to receive some more, and as a start-up, it is disheartening to hear that, but then our students’ achievements boost us to explore more and prove our worthy objectives. We have achieved one such milestone when our student was selected for an International match to France. As when I went through the selection letter of my student, it was one of the most remarkable moments for me and my company. A new milestone was created thereafter, and I with my team are working to achieve it.

Tell us about your passions, aims and goals.

The purpose of my life is to contribute to the all-round development of children by fulfilling the needs through education. That is why I am passionate towards developing skills for creative growth and development, so it can be dance, music, computers, sports or any form of art. I aim to get my students think out of the box and become entrepreneurs, who can lead their lives with a purpose. You see Sports Industry is amongst the one that gives the opportunity and I do not want the children I meet to miss such an opportunity of making unique careers.

State us your major achievements and your company’s achievements under your leadership.

Oh Yes! We have received the Best Startup Award for Sports in 2019. We currently coach around 3000 students and have created 2 International Players, 20 National Level Players and many State Level Players, within 2 years.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout and would like to share?

First thing, Learning never stops and the smallest being on Earth can also teach us during the toughest situation of our life. Thus, never stop learning and explore learning through observation.

Second thing, I believe it is never over with a full stop because everything that ends can again start with new beginnings. We need to just keep working hard try to solve the Why’s in life and we shall surely be successful. So Never, Ever Give Up.

Where do you see yourself in the near future? Tell us about your future goals.

The future plans are to encourage more and more students to practice sports every day. As for now, we are training around 3000 students, our goal currently is to add minimum 1000 students each year in our lot. Train them and make them ready for different careers in Sports.

About Sheetal Tembulkar

Sheetal started her professional life as a teacher in 2007, Discovering new things and searching for whys and hows has always kept her motivated. She believes in doing things differently and creatively and that is how she easily handled her multiple roles till now; teacher, coordinator, supervisor, H. M., Principal and today, CEO. of a school.

She took the plunge to be an Entrepreneur, when she found Sports and other creative subjects were not given due importance in the lives of students and made students’ lives monotonous one. While stepping up over each hurdle, she heard her inner calling to keep up with her purpose of living ‘Every student must get a chance to explore, evaluate and choose his life’s calling.’

She aims to get students see the wonderful opportunity through Sports and wants to inspire as many students to take up Sports and earn a living through it.

She is a wonder woman, who handles several educational businesses and owns titles as… CEO of a School, Proprietor of a Creative Educational Firm and Director of Operations at Kridaangan. She is an active member and advisor to several profitable and non-profitable organizations in Maharashtra and loves to guide new school managements with upcoming academic trends, managing business in difficult times and doing sessions on fine tuning administration in schools.

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