SHOTT Amusement LLP: Your Favorite Destination for all things Fun

Rishi Shah| SHOTT Amusement LLP
Rishi Shah, Founder, SHOTT Amusement

Gujarat always had its share of charms for those with a sense of zest and plenty of energy. These days it’s gone quite a few steps ahead and caters to even those bored doing mundane things. One entity which can partly be attributed for turning the scene in place including Surat, Ahmedabad – SBR and Ahmedabad – Maninagar from year 2014 into the present and all times to come, and which has raised people’s spirit is SHOTT Amusement LLP.

The brainchild of Rishi Shah—the Founder of SHOTT Amusement—a young entrepreneur with a mission to take forward the legacy of his family, has ventured into a sustainable, futuristic, and creative business making it the most iconic, snazzy and energy-infused ever. Energetic being his style and perseverance being one of his USPs, he has led the venture by example and expanded it to be one of the best not only in Gujarat but the whole of India.

In Rishi’s own words, it’s a one-of-a-kind gaming destination for families to extend their entertainment experience at a premium level. By providing a seamless entertainment experience, they aim to elevate the fun quotient in life and enable audiences to take a break from their busy lives, and enter a never-before-experienced super-high energy zone.

Speaking of Shott Amusement, for a start it is a FULL-SCALE GAMING HEAVEN in every sense of the term which brings out the players in all of those who enter its haloed precincts. Games people play. Some smooth, some rough and some play it in the mind. But, play we all do.

Shott Amusement is then for everyone who is a worshipper of games, physical or mental and has its doors open for the better part of the day with their iconic and fearless mascot, Captain Shott welcoming everyone with open arms and a positive “can-do” attitude.

In case you do not know, he is SHOTT Amusement’s icon and India’s action-packed gaming genre’s first fearless superhero who believes it’s everyone right to play be it man, woman, child or elder. For the fit and willing, Captain Shott is there to help become a winner right from the first shot! Most humans from 3 to 70, are players. Leisure games, fun-filled jaunts or adrenalin over-drives, you get a shot at all these at SHOTT Amusement with its loads of fun games, out-door, indoors, board and card games. And after you are through with your instincts to indulge in sports, you can just sit around, relax and….EAT! SHOTT Amusement has some of the biggest and most spread-out of menus to choose from! Mukesh Nayak, one among many of SHOTT Amusement’s satisfied customers has the following to say about Shott Entertainment: A one of its kind gaming zone with over 50 different game options, Shott is perfectly poised as a place for family entertainment and lasting memories birthday parties for kids are also arranged here. Food court inside serves various food items. Kids can easily spend 3 to 4 hours playing their favourite games and have fun!

These days, their most known and admired offerings in gaming and entertainment to denizens of Surat and Ahmedabad include the following:

Go Karting

With an international Go-Karting circuit right in the centre of the most happening place in the country, one can experience the rush of blood right from the time one steps into the best Go-Karts which come customized from the best in the world, SODI karts. They may seem small but once strapped, even the most genteel turn into fearsome racing hotheads ready to go against any competition. Over week-end these are packed to the rafters with people trying to outdo each other on the tracks. A pure adrenalin rush this!

Kumar Abhinav, a regular Go-Karting junkie at Shott Entertainment says: The tracks are well defined and well maintained. The racefacer app which logs in your race timings lapwise is a great way to analyse your timing and progressions. It even has all your previous racetimes so you can always compare it with your friends. The go-karts are well maintained and properly equipped. A real go-to place overall!


The best equipment from Brunswick of the US are to be found only at SHOTT Amusement! With music going full blast, it’s time for the player to pin down competition by hitting every pin on the other side. Adding to the environment besides the music are the UV-Lit Bowling Alley with matching bowling balls that really light up the spirts and lighten the mood!

Rope Course

If you think monkey business is easy, try your luck here. Despite the protective gears and pleasant environment with all the encouraging responses from the staff, you would know in time how tough it is to haul yourself against gravity even on a carefully laid out stretch! But once you reach the top, know for a fact that most climbers come right back for more! The feeling of being there and doing it, is something you get only at SHOTT Amusement!

360 Cricket

India doesn’t need to be told about cricket! We play it all the time. And, we enjoy it immensely! That’s till you hit 360 Cricket at Shott Amusement! Players who have played here say it surpasses playing cricket on the ground the normal way. Its’s USP? You get to bat with bowling by cricket legends like Sachin, Malinga, Murali, Akhtar and many more. They throw their best and you ought to hit them right to score more. Ready?

Kids City

Cities cramp our kids’ playing styles! They also need the right setting to play and learn in a safe environment meant especially for them. In Surat and Ahmedabad, you get those only at Shott Amusements which has special play areas for small children to have unlimited fun. These are clean, safe, colorful and climate-controlled for the little champs to enjoy their favourite games. Coming here, you get to listen to their giggly laughter as it fills the air.

Customized party packages

From teenagers wanting to celebrate their birthdays or outings or simply play and enjoy in their own groups to ladies wanting something special from their kitty parties to corporates looking for special settings for training and team building exercises, each of these and more are possible at SHOTT Amusement. With specially trained staff to handle each such settings in order to give it the best while making it most entertaining and fruitful, you get what you pay for in a safe and sanitized setting. Besides the ambience which remain authentic and true to form, the food and beverages, as expected is the best in class!

SHOTT Amusement has shot the concept of amusement and entertainment right through the sky! What it means is that besides the usual, there are still others such as

  • Laser Wars
  • Gaming Arcade
  • Kids City
  • Zipline
  • Rope Course

Life and entertainment go hand-in-hand. In fact, there’s no life worth speaking of without entertainment which the Covid 19 pandemic has laid bare before us, couped-up at home as we are. Yes, Shott Entertainment was indeed hit by the pandemic given that social-distancing norms and the scare in general has seen business take a hit. But with things slowly opening and the vaccine likely to be released in the foreseeable future, Shott Amusement justifiably expects things to look up shortly with patrons and all well-wishers expectedly coming back to play games and indulge in their favourite games and sports.

With things looking good, which they will, it can be expected of Shott Amusement with a fair sense of certainty to cater to majority of the gaming markets’ needs with over 12 more centres coming up all over India! Year 2025, their time like today, would be a decisive year!

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