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SIDSOFT Technologies is a fintech digital solutions provider serving more than 300+ financial institutions. SIDSOFT offers a wide range of Banking Products, Framework based Solutions and Specialized Services. They have over 20 years of experience in serving a cross-section of financial enterprises – Retail Banking, Co-Operative Banking, Credit Co-Operative Societies, Asset Management, Wealth Management, and Payment Services.
The breadth of SIDSOFT product offering and services portfolio brings the unique convergence of domain and technology. Their processes & execution methodology have evolved to align with different customer segments, ranging from tier 1 banks to mid-sized financial services organizations, small community or rural banks.
SIDSOFT’s new age initiatives – Mobility Solutions, Business Analytics and Digital Banking Solutions cater to the evolving need for speed, reach and predictability. They are one of the first few organizations that have successfully designed and launched SRS model and Customer Interface for the solution suite. Now, it has 35+ banks of various sizes on Data Centre Model for core banking solution with Various Payment and Delivery Solutions, 150+ Credit Societies on TBA Module which serves all the needs.
Contributor to Technology
Pruthvi Shankar S is the founder of SIDSOFT Technologies. He has done his Post Graduation from IIT Chennai. Since 1996, he dreamt of expanding and providing technology to rural banking/financial sector to enable them to compete with the main league. He has formed a team which consists of highly skilled, qualified, internationally certified and experienced I.T. professionals who have provided solutions to clients of international repute. As an organization, they have an experience of more than 10 years in implementing these solutions.
Reaching to Unreachable Places
Since SIDSOFT’s main focus was to uplift and provide solutions to rural/semi urban banking/financial sector, the main challenge was and will always be infrastructure and training. Even today, the company has installations where they don’t have proper internet and electricity. Hence, they decided to develop RDP Based client connectivity module which can connect to remote places where bandwidth of Line Speed is very less.
Post Demonetization Challenges
After demonetization, Delivery Channels have become an absolute necessity to Urban/ Rural Banking Sector and the business has been increased by many folds. Implementation of the same has many challenges starting from RBI Norms for Co-Operative Banks (Net worth Restrictions), Infrastructure to Cost Effective Solutions for Small Banks.
Marketing Strategies
SIDSOFT believes in Customer Satisfaction and word of mouth as the best Marketing Strategy till date. They are IT Company, based in India, with 20 years of experience in delivering high quality cost effective solutions and long term partnerships with the clients.
SIDSOFT, IT partners with many clients with strong multi years continuing partnerships. From the patrons, they have had the pleasure and privilege of great & enjoyable business associations, high appreciation & great testimonials about the quality of their work and consistent delivery timelines.
Along with the technical proficiency, their applications have features that makes them stand apart which are: In-depth analysis of environment, Focus on the user perspective, Friendly user interface, Usage of latest technology, Scalable solutions for future requirements, Economical solutions providing good return on investment.
Values that Fulfill Customer Requirement
The innate values that drive them to success are: Recognition for Client’s requirements, Discipline & Punctuality, Sincerity & Honesty, Technical Excellence, Regard for Systems & Balance, Pride in everything that they do, Valuing Time, Money & Efforts, Mature Outlook.
SIDSOFT has extensive experience of taking concepts to delivery, executing on challenging transitions and growing mature products to the next level of quality and capability. They have a dynamic & energetic team of Integral, Capable, Mature, Experienced & Methodical software professionals offering bespoke web, mobile and software solutions at great value propositions to its customers globally across various industries.
To be a trailblazer in BFSI
As a Start-Up or Existing organization BFSI Industry is very lucrative but at the same time it requires an enormous amount of technical/ functional knowledge along with infrastructure and 100% uptime and support.
Setting Targets
SIDSOFT is well-known for being the most reliable solution provider till date with all the statutory and regulatory reports updated as per RBI and other statutory authorities. Banking/Financial Institution Market is very huge but at the same time requires lot of customization from client to client, state to state, depending upon the rules and regulations. No vendor can provide one package that could meet all the needs. This is endless market and will remain for many years to come.
SIDSOFT’s ultimate aim is to be a world class player in providing large & mature software solutions to the most complex requirements of the customers with the highest levels of integrity, professionalism & technological capabilities.

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