SMUR Agro Ventures: Transforming the Agricultural Space by Promoting Organic Farming

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Agriculture plays a vital role in building a person and at the same time, building a nation. But, due to overuse of harmful chemicals and pesticides, people’s health, as well as the soil, is getting affected. For a few years, there has been a positive response from common people for the use of organic products. Though, the common people understood its significance, promoting organic farming at the farming community level was quite a challenge. However, SMUR Agro Ventures took this challenge and is marching towards promoting scientific organic farming all over the country.

SMUR Agro Ventures is a pioneer in promoting scientific organic farming in India. It has partnered with the latest organic innovators, agronomists and enablers from around the world and developed scientific organic products for crops grown in all soil types and climates. Its NPOP certified products are gaining huge popularity in India and abroad as they are giving fabulous results in crop growth and pest disease management. It is also an International associate of iFOAM, the international umbrella body of organic farming, based in Germany. It has technology tie-ups and associations with leading organic research and products companies across the world and it manufactures products in India with advanced nano organic technology for consistent results.

SMUR Agro Ventures’ product range includes products right from seed treatment to ripening. Its current portfolio of 13 products ensures that all aspects of growing food are looked after organically. In order to achieve high output in the first crop cycle itself, a lot of innovative ideas and approaches were tested, trialled and implemented.

Udayan Arya, the Founder and CEO shares the amazing journey of SMUR Agro Ventures with us.

  1. Tell us about the services you provide through SMUR Agro Ventures.

We offer a complete range of organic products and solutions for commercial agriculture and domestic garden segments. In commercial agriculture space, we provide comprehensive support services. These include on-site technical assessments, application assistance and customised schedules. We provide a cost-benefit analysis and crop growing schedule for every crop to the farmer where he gets complete information about new crop cultivation and cost of cultivation of the crop and expected outcome. We also help the farmers obtain organic certification so that he gets a better price of his yields.  We also provide advert and market intelligence support of our channel partners. Recently we have launched a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform through our website as well.

  1. How does SMUR Agro Ventures intend to give back to the society?

Our core vision of making a one degree change towards organic farming globally gives back to society enormously. I reckon, If we could help change the chemical agriculture ratio to organic agriculture by 1 degree, the social impact on health, environment and ecology would be enormous.

  1. Share with us one latest development in agricultural technology that will play a major role in helping the Indian farmers and tackling the growing food demand.

I think the food processing developments at unit level would play a significant role, specially in India. This would reduce almost 84000 crores of annual produce (pre and post harvest) and enhance farming income.

  1. Brief us about the future of the company or the goal it has set to mark its exceptionalism in future.

Our ultimate aim is towards making a rapid global presence as a complete range of organic products and solutions for commercial agriculture and domestic garden segments. Soon, we would announce tie ups with significant global players. We are looking for ways of changing the perception of organic farming through involvement of global influencers and stakeholders.

Our focus would be on continued innovation and promotion of healthy and solid organic products and practices. We would continue to partner with best minds across the globe and strive for easy and economical reach of such best organic products and support systems.

  1. One piece of advice for the budding entrepreneurs who are trying to embark in the same field

Agriculture has vast scope and space for new entrepreneurship. Buddying entrepreneurs must identify how their idea can help a farmer in real terms. If entrepreneurship is built around that, there are a plethora of business opportunities with a lot of real contentment.

About the Leader

Udayan Arya started conceptualising an organic farming venture when he was abroad. After three years of extensive global research, SMUR Agro Ventures Private Limited was founded in April 2017. The company has four founder directors, friends and equity holders. Their name initials constitute the name of the venture name as well: S – Shalu Shani, M- Meghna Arya, U-Udayan Arya, R- Rakesh Sahni. All of the members have had extensive corporate experience with multinationals in various management, strategic and consultative fields. This helped them shape the solutions and to start SMUR after spending over 3 years of research in agriculture in general and organic farming in particular.

Udayan looks after overall operations and spearheads developments and partnerships. He has over 22 years of extensive experience in Business Strategy, Communication, Marketing, Re-engineering and Advisory. He has worked with over 80 clients of international and national repute and has earned the repute of an astute strategist, advisor, and orator. He has also written a paper on the re-engineering process called ABM.

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