Sneh Parikh: Personification of the Legal Charisma

Sneh Parikh | J Sagar Associates
Sneh Parikh | J Sagar Associates

Serious professional disagreements between individuals or companies might often lead to disputes that become difficult to be resolved mutually. In such cases, people seek resolution through the legal process. It becomes essential to get a knowledgeable and effective lawyer who can take up the issue in a court of law and help get that resolution.

The ideal lawyer is expected to understand the customer’s point of debate, represent the matter in the form of a case through the proper legal process, and the expectations from the judiciary in getting justice. Smart, experienced lawyers put up the case effectively in the most appropriate format to get the most effective resolution for their clients.

Sneh Parikh is fast emerging as that eminent lawyer whom business professionals can entirely rely upon. Also, a partner in JSA, Mumbai, Sneh, is a hardcore professional and skilled advocate capable of handling numerous types of cases from numerous fields in the court.

Sneh Parikh has been a passionate learner and logical practitioner who has also developed her expertise in handling domestic and international arbitrations. In a brief interview with Insights Success, Sneh revealed her professional journey through numerous challenges faced, how she has reached her current position and her vision ahead.

Tell us about your firm JSA.

JSA is a leading national law firm in India with over 350+ professionals operating in seven offices located in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi. Their practice is organized along service lines and sector specialization.

The firm provides legal services to top Indian corporates, Fortune 500 companies, multinational banks and financial institutions, governmental and statutory authorities and multilateral and bilateral institutions. It is also one of the best law firms to work with, providing a positive and supportive work environment to all its professionals.

What inspired you to venture into the legal space?

I have always been a headstrong person with firm views on what is right and wrong. Growing up, this was what first drew me to the field of law, which I saw as a manifestation of my personality. As a law student, I worked in various sectors in law, be it corporate law, capital markets, dispute resolution both in law firms and counsel practice apart from assisting non-governmental organizations. All this gave me the exposure I needed as a student and by the time I entered the profession, I was sure that litigation is where I see myself practicing and what a journey it has been! I hope someday I achieve that position from where I am able to set the rights from the wrongs, which was what had originally inspired me to enter the legal space.

What kind of challenges have you faced while entering the legal space, and what are the challenges now?

The most arduous challenge I faced while entering the legal space was creating an identity for myself in a very competitive line of work. Being a first-generation lawyer, the only way for me to move forward was through hard work and keeping up with the dynamics in court practice.  Long hours, client demands and changing laws were some of the rudimentary challenges I kept in mind while plunging into the field of law. Legal Space is a very demanding line of work where an advocate or a lawyer will quite frequently have to put their clients’ needs above theirs.

Although now, being a partner in one of the leading law firms in the country, the challenges I face hold immense consequence. The responsibility to be better than yesterday and provide the best every day can be said to be one of the biggest challenges I face currently. I consider myself lucky as I had some of the best mentors to work with and JSA is an incredible firm to be associated with.

Kindly brief us about the various specialized legal offerings, solutions, or services you provide to your clientele.

I focus on dispute resolution, and my strength is the ability to take up matters in all forums, including all types of civil, commercial, aviation, banking, consumer, testamentary and real estate litigations before the Supreme Court of India, Bombay High Court, NCDRC, Civil Courts (Bombay and Goa), Sessions Court, and Co-operative Court.

Apart from these, I am also handling domestic and international arbitrations. I specialize in corporate, commercial litigation and arbitration and appear regularly for banks and business houses before the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) and the National Company Law Tribunal as well. I have handled dispute matters for Banks and business houses in Delhi, Chennai, Goa, and Lucknow as well.

I have also represented the Central Government in international commercial arbitrations in proceedings before the Supreme Court of India. I have acted for several international and Indian clients in many diverse litigation and arbitration proceedings, apart from regularly providing legal opinions.

What is the impact of technological advancements in the Law space?

New technology has and will always have a significant impact on every working industry, and the field of law is no exception to the list. Technology has removed physical footprints, which has helped in the flexibility to work across borders, travel and save significant infrastructure and maintenance costs.

While some might always question whether the impact of technology has been a boon or bane to the law field. I personally think that technological advancements have played a vital role in the flourishment of the legal space.

New Tech has also given rise to a new area of work, including cyberlaw, cryptocurrency regulations, and data privacy laws, which will keep the legal industry occupied. The traditional firms that do not adapt and flex with the ongoing trends in technology and digitalization are likely to be side-lined by the newer tech-savvy firms. I am proud to say that JSA has been tech savvy in its approach and as a firm, was fully prepared to handle work and clients smoothly, even during the peak of the lockdowns on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the specialties/factors that make you stand out as an influential personality in your field?

My ability to take up matters in all forums, withstand any challenge thrown my way and do my best to win, helps me stand apart from most lawyers who are restricted in their approach to taking up matters.

I have the vision to see that JSA is ‘a one-stop-shop, for all matters legal,’ be it disputes, real estate transaction work, banking and securitization, or mergers, acquisitions and other corporate work. I am doing my bit to contribute to the disputes practice and am confident that this vision is already seeing the light of the day.

What would you like to advise the aspiring legal enthusiasts who are willing to step into the legal space today?

I would like to remind all aspiring legal enthusiasts that every senior advocate they see was once a naïve young lawyer, and the story of every lawyer started as a student. You are the charter of your own course and so long as you are determined and keep working towards your goal, every mountain is surmountable. Every budding law student should put in hard work and observe and emulate what is being taught.

Be willing to pivot and take risks in your career while giving your 100% to your work, clients and your seniors in the profession.

What is the current scenario of the Indian Legal Space according to you?

Legal Space has and will always be a field which behests hard work and utmost diligence to be well-informed and updated with the latest developments in the social, political and legal arena, especially in a country like India, which has one of the most diverse sets of Laws which keep evolving.

The attractive corporate salaries from huge firms are a prominent paradigm in motivating young lawyers to pursue their careers in that trajectory. Moreover, the exceedingly high demand for young lawyers has also altered the primordial way the hierarchal system worked, where the senior lawyers were known as knowledgeable.

The Client’s Advocate

Sneh has been assessed as one of the most sincere, hardworking lawyers dedicating her top-most priority to her client’s interests. She has been very efficient in handling legal matters and has ensured that the right advice is provided at the right time.

Discipline and a high standard of ethics are of utmost priority, which is demonstrated through her thorough work and comprehensive and solution-oriented advice to clients who insist that she be involved in all their matters.

Sneh has also completed the Company Secretary Course offered by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and is also mentoring and guiding younger associates in the team.

Sneh has also assisted the Former Solicitor General of India, Mr Ranjit Kumar, and has represented the Government of India in the arbitration proceedings initiated by Reliance Industries Limited before the Supreme Court of India. In addition to that, she has also handled commercial litigations for banks and corporate houses before the Courts in Singapore and Zambia.

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