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Sujin Simson

Becoming a successful person is an exciting process within itself. From challenging the monotonous mindset of society to competing with the competitors, there are numerous hurdles that should be tackled with caution. On the route to success, there are times when everything seems to be working against you, but that’s also when your true potential is tested. 

Sujin Jekash Simson started his first company Medryte Healthcare Solutions Private Limited, at the age of 31 in the year 2012. Medryte specializes in USA based medical billing and coding. He started the company with four medical coding trainees and currently has over 200 employees. Medryte has extensive experience in handling end-end medical billing services starting from provider credentialing, eligibility verification, charge entry, payment posting, multi-specialty coding, account receivables, and provider contract renegotiation. 

Over the years, Sujin started various companies in different domains. In 2013, he came up with an interesting idea—Breezen Technologies. Breezen Technologies specializes in providing software-related services to multiple clients from diverse industry backgrounds. Speaking about its specialty, Breezen has been providing exceptional service to numerous educational institutions. Through its specific application, educational institutions can connect parents and teachers to monitor the progression of each student continuously. 

After a huge success of these two ventures, Sujin started his third company, Total Activation Private Limited, in 2017. It is skincare and nutritional supplement product sales company. The Total Activation products are manufactured in the USA and sold in India, UK, USA, UAE, and Germany. 

Overcoming the Obstacles 

After completing his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from Dr MGR Medical University, Sujin went on to found Medryte Healthcare Solutions Private Limited. While starting his first venture in 2012, most of the peoples discouraged him. A few relatives and friends were working in the USA as Doctors. Sujin sought their help; however, no one helped him in getting projects or referring him to prospective clients. Later on, due to his continuous efforts, the USA based medical billing industry started recognizing his efforts and the quality services offered by Medryte. 

Working on his next venture was another milestone that had many hurdles. In 2013, Breezen Technologies introduced MySchoolMylogin, which is an ERP and SMS service for schools. He traveled across Tamil Nadu with his team of marketing experts and visited hundreds of schools. While he was visiting a school in Kanyakumari district, the school correspondent behaved in an unpleasant manner as he had not taken the appointment. Nevertheless, the exciting part is that later that school accepted the MySchoolMylogin services, and they have been one of Sujin’s happy clients since 2014.  

Journey to Success 

Sujin started Medryte as a Medical coding training company. At the time of the inception of Medryte, there was no awareness in Kanyakumari district about the career opportunities in medical billing and coding. He started giving advertisements in various leading newspapers for medical coding training. However, there was no positive outcome to it. Then, Sujin visited colleges and took sessions of the final year college students to create awareness about USA based medical billing and coding. Slowly, this created a perception in the Kanyakumari district about medical coding jobs. At the end of 2012 Medryte started to work on an HCC coding project, and currently, the company has offices in two locations Nagercoil and Tirunelveli, with over 200 employees.  

Later, Breezen Technologies introduced a new recruitment platform named ‘eCollaegeue’ in 2018. Sujin conducted free eColleague job fairs in Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts. Over the time, 3634 job seekers got placements in leading companies by this free job fairs.

In 2019, Breezen Technologies introduced a new pedagogy concept of teaching and learning using advanced technology. Sujin named the product as “Smart Learn” which is expected to be a successful product across the nation in the next 2 years. Over 100 schoolteachers are working from home as a part-time job in creating advanced lesion planners, which are then digitalized by the developers at Breezen Technologies.  

Future Roadmap 

Sujin says that today, our companies continue to grow with customer satisfaction and quality as our top priority. Medryte has been providing outstanding medical billing and coding service at an affordable cost. We are continually strengthening competitiveness in the quality of our services. We do not just do medical billing and coding; we look beyond, analyze, and help clients to minimize their workload and expenses while maximizing their revenue. Our goal is to help the clients keep on growing so that we build with them. My target is to expand our business in the field of USA based healthcare services and have over 2000 employees in the next five years. 

Breezen Technologies will continue to find ways to develop innovative solutions in the field of education. Sujin, along with his proficient team, scans the market and the industry to understand the latest technological trends. They continually evaluate use cases to consider any technologies’ implementation. Sujin also believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will play a crucial role in educational technology. Sujin says that he looks forward to promoting his new product Smart Learn nationwide, and the target is to grow the company to serve a minimum of 1 million students in 2022. 

In 2020, Total Activation Private Limited has decided to introduce a new line of products in India based on the research conducted by their team of business analytic experts.

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