Supreet Batra: Giving You the Gift of Magically Portable Friends Forever via Eminent Publications

Supreet Batra
Supreet Batra

As Ernest Hemingway says about books, “There is no friend as loyal as a book,” or Stephen King says, “Books are a uniquely portable magic,” books are indeed really, literally, and magically portable friends forever. You can learn not only your letters but everything about yourself, your life, the universe, and everything in it by reading the hearts of these loyal companions.

I know, in the sands of time, somewhere down the line, in the scorching heat of hectic modern lifestyle, when everything looks swifter than the moment passing by, reading a book seems like a premium leisurely royalty available to fortunate few, your book-loving heart craves to get lost in the enchanting charm of a wonderful book that will not only give you hope to look forward but also provide you with solutions to all your immediate problems and help you navigate the turbulent waters of your life to guide you to the shore of desired success. A candidly flowing thought like a flowing river, indeed.

You might think that you won’t find such books nowadays. How wrong you are. Breaking all your naysaying thoughts and giving you renewed hope, Supreet Batra, the CEO and Founder of Eminent Publications – – is on a mission to bring back your love for reading books and engaging in booklores.

The Boundless Love of Writing Enthusiasm 

As an author, his writing style makes perfect sense and is based on his phenomenon that an ordinary person with determination and dedication can rise to the heights of success which one requires for a highly successful business. Love and enthusiasm for writing are boundless in his books. It is a testament to his revolutionary approach that in the very first year (2021), Supreet became Amazon Best Selling Author for one of his books – “Network Marketing: Slow Start to Super Success; Tips & Strategies to Attain Success, by Mr Bhupendra Pal.”

THE BOOK LAUNCHED RECENTLY ‘HOW TO MAKE 6 FIGURE INCOME FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE’ for Priyanka Bhatia has been ranked as top 100 Indian books to read recently. The best part is book being featured with the top books by Chetan Bhagat, Sudha Murty, Kumar Vishwas , Gaur Gopal Das and many more.

Let’s hear what the readers say about his book.

One reader, Himanshu Chaudhry, who is an Architect, says, “I have read books by Supreet Batra on Network Marketing thoroughly. They are full of motivation, personal thoughts and experiences which give practical knowledge, essential to attain success in life.”

Another reader, Isha, who is a Tour & Travel agent, says, “Out of box thinking, dedication to work, tips & strategies are really helpful to get betterment in life.”

While yet another reader, Vishal Bagla, the GM of Operation at Havells, says, “This book is really amazing and proved to be a guideline and real source of inspiration to me.”

In his gratitude, Priyanka Bhatia, who is one of the first digital network marketer says, “I am thankful to Supreet sir that he gave his valuable time and helped me to complete this book.”

Glowing Like a Star to Illuminate the Horizon

As an orator, Supreet speaks at educational institutions, corporate agencies, volunteer agencies, etc. His writing style, enthusiasm, and out-of-the-box thinking make him an eloquent speaker to share his thoughts and experiences on motivation, building self-esteem, effective leadership, teamwork, work ethics and achieving goals. Quoting Priyanka bhatia, Supreet says, “As Priyanka says if you want to give light to others, you have to glow yourself.” Motivational speeches by Supreet give a new direction to Students by enhancing all the fields like academics and sports. He is also an architect and designer, along with being a motivational speaker and writer.

Sharing his incredibly professional saga since its inception, Supreet says his writing and publishing journey started in 2021. “I am on the journey of creating books and video books by collaborating with the experts in the industry so that on so that people get a Great Learning Experience through Book cum Video Books,” he shares.

Fostering an Interactive, Interesting, and Immersive Reading Experience 

His inspiration behind starting creating and publishing books cum Video books was that books should not be something boring to read, so he thought to make book reading very interactive and interesting by adding worksheets, Videos, and presentations in QR code after every chapter. So that people can scan and watch the video presentation of the chapter in Hindi and English for better understanding.

When probed what the initial challenges that he had to surmount to ensure his business’s success rate reached greater heights were, Supreet revealed that he faced challenges like time issues as he was collaborating with the top industry experts, so there were times when they were travelling for business tours. But thanks to platforms like Zoom, google meet and Skype, which allowed him to complete the book cum video books with them without meeting them personally.

Extremely Talented Leadership Personality

He says there are several professional values and qualities he thinks his clients value in him and his company, Eminent Publications, the most. His clients appreciate his behaviour and say, “Supreet, you are an extremely soft-spoken person.” Also, they value his dedication and also how he uses technology to make traditional books a modern learning experience. Talent and technology are a superb combination.

Further sharing the USPs that highlight brand Eminent Publications’ uniqueness in the industry, he says, “The biggest USP of our brand is not only the technology, but we are time bound. Industry experts say, “Supreet, you fulfilled my dream of writing a book in just three months.”

Fulfilling Your Dream of Accomplishing Success

Another USP is his books. A person not only gets easy-to-read words but also gets Video presentations and worksheets which make them understand the topic better. So his self-help books are like a video course.

As an experienced professional, in his advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world, Supreet says that in this competitive world, you all must come up with innovations. You can’t be successful by just traditional ways of job or business. You need to think out of the box and come up with ideas which can boom the world.

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