Sustainable and Inclusive Health Innovations of 2017

From clinical decision support software and fitness trackers to mobile applications, innovative digital technologies have the power to transform healthcare in many ways such as empowering consumers to make more and better decisions every day about their own health, monitor and manage chronic health conditions. It has also enabled better and more efficient clinical practice and decision making through decision support software and technologies.
A Smart Bracelet that Combats Sleep Apnoea
A common but serious sleep disorder where the breathing is briefly interrupted is when the person is asleep it is sleep apnoea. If the person is suffering from sleep apnoea, he is probably not aware of short breathing pauses that occur hundreds of times in a night, jolting him out of his natural sleep rhythm. All the person knows is that he doesn’t feel as energetic, mentally sharp, or productive during the day as he should do.
The Motio HW bracelet collects the biometric data such as heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation and sends it to an app on your smartphone. Then, its smart algorithms process the data to assess your sleeping profile. When it detects a variation in this established pattern, it lets the user know immediately, potentially saving the user from dying in your sleep.
Thermometers being a Thing of Past
The hassle of checking someone’s temperature might soon be a thing of the past. TempTraq is the first wireless continuous temperature monitor in the form of a soft, comfortable, disposable patch. It can significantly improve the way temperature is measured in the clinical environment and provide clinicians a quicker, easier, and more effective way to measure temperature. The clinical benefits that TempTraq provides is earlier fever detection remote, patient monitoring infection control.
When a parent or any other authorized person is within Bluetooth range (about 40 feet) of the person wearing the patch, temperatures are continuously sent to the mobile device. When the person is beyond the Bluetooth range, authorized people can access the data via the cloud, and then view the same data on the app as if they were in the same room as the patient.
Strap to monitor Heart’s Health
Worn as a chest strap, QardioCore effortlessly records continuous ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, respiratory rate and activity data. Free of wires and patches, QardioCore gives you maximum comfort and medical accuracy. This wireless Bluetooth ECG monitor is splash and rain-resistant, perfect for everyday use. It allows users to proactively look after their heart health. The cardiovascular health is the biggest health challenge in the developed world, and with QardioCore it is easier, better and more cost-effective for everyone.
This app should only be used in conjunction with professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and not as a substitute, or a replacement for it. The device is not intended for pediatric use.
Fitness Tracking isn’t only About Counting Steps
PAI is Personal Activity Intelligence application introduced by MIO Slice. PAI’s revolutionary algorithm is designed in such a way that it can sense personal heart rate, giving the user a simple number that shows how much activity you need to live a longer, healthier life. The only product that supports PAI in the watch unit, as well as the application, is the Mio Slice. It has a built-in heart rate tracker, and the idea is to aim for a PAI score of 100 which is simple to understand and removes the frustrating obsession with steps that don’t always work for everyone and replaces it with an actual everyday target to effectively boost health and fitness.
Visual Interpreter for the Blind
It is wearable smart glasses with an embedded video camera paired with a smartphone, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, and a network of live certified agents who assist the user remotely in real-time. The trained agents who guide their customers see the world through the smart glass worn by the customer and describe the view. They respond to requests for information from the user, working at a specially-designed dashboard that efficiently connects to information via the video camera, GPS, and other sources of data. The result is an augmented reality experience in which users can access helpful information in a friendly, efficient manner to improve their mobility and independence.
Was that a Contraction?
A smart pregnancy tracker- Bloomlife automatically detects, times, and tracks your contractions to deliver peace of mind and help you easily communicate with the care team. As its 100% passive which means it doesn’t send energy into the body, Bloomlife is safe for continuous use day or night. It records and sees contraction patterns, frequency, and duration. It is small, lightweight, and comfortable, sticks to the belly, no straps or belts. The technology has potential to sense early labor in high-risk mothers since it can detect contractions that the woman sometimes can’t even feel.
Sleep Easily Induced
2breathe is a smart device that helps the user sleep better by reducing the pre-sleep tension, the main cause for falling asleep and mid-night wake ups issues. Neural sympathetic activity is reduced relaxing your mind & body towards sleep. 2breathe enables anyone to perform highly effective, mesmerizing breathing exercises without prior training or conscious effort using patented device-guided breathing tones technology.
2breathe transforms your breathing into sleep-inducing tones. These tones, which are composed in real time, gradually guide the user to prolonged exhalation and slow breathing.
Rings to be Smarter
A waterproof and resistant ring wrapped in titanium shell is a smarter wearable device to track fitness and sleep. There’s no need to be tethered to phone if the user wants to work out. Motiv Ring has two days of onboard memory storage without syncing.  It detects the heart rate from user’s finger. As fingers tend to have less hair and rarer tattoos than the wrists, this device gets the advantage to wrist-based devices in collecting quality heart rate data. This device syncs with the user phone periodically in the background with minimal impact on both users phone and the ring’s battery.
Skin Analyzer
A portable skin care device, S-Skin comes with a biodegradable micro-needle patch to identify and prevent skin problems.  The condition of skin like the redness, hydration, and melanin of the skin is saved in the accompanying application using LED lights. The device utilizes the power of micro and nanotechnology, and it uses it to provide the user with high-quality, accurate, and effective personalized skincare. The biodegradable patch has two different patches- eye patches and spot patches. Both patches work to repair issues such as wrinkles, firming, lifting, and troubles. The S-Skin also verifies users skin type and management habits based upon the range of information that it collects. The patches and LED light are designed to clear away issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dark spots.
Hearable Health Tracker
Bodytrak is a hearable solution that combines traditional audio functionality with biometric monitoring utilizes real-time data and analytics and machine-learning to automate health and safety performance. For example, for firefighters, they are able to provide real-time monitoring of heat injury (or heat stress), levels of fatigue for long distance drivers that not only look at for body positions but also provide real-time biometrics and communication channels to understand key issues and provide appropriate assistance. It has sensors which help the user record every information regarding their health. This smart device has a battery of 100 mAh and also has voice prompts that notify the user of significant progress being made during the workout.

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